Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cutie Gadget »A True “Cool” Gadget

A majority devices about f a breadbox. Which optimum size gadget. Yet gadgetry should limited – so say all manufacturers giants like Samsung. Gadgetry should improve enjoy. Like our fridge!

Welcome Samsung calls the “home entertainer’s ultimate refrigerator” – . Though like a Cyberdyne Systems creation, t hurt a fly. T-door refrigerator screen does way just chilling . Why four compartments? To accommodate everything.5 cu ft. Put kid’s stuff lower space. Maybe food party – go own place. Or maybe one dedicated beverage space. . Compartments left freeze. Compartments right chill – unless a chill. The lower right compartment converts freezer space.  Commercial grade humidity levels designated fresh food zones via two compressors evaporators. And there ! The LCD screen features apps variety tasks. Evernote allows share photos, videos . Keep track happenings calendar before home. Yep, do T9000. Expected first half , t cooling companion for $3999. So if , like step techie fridge.
[ A True “Cool” Gadget ]

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