Monday, December 31, 2012

Cutie Gadget »ViSi Mobile monitor

When medical world, fiction offers far than life reasons. Well, perhaps truth fiction (with some miles left , ) introduction ViSi Mobile monitor display signs patient. The ViSi Mobile monitor brainchild good people over Wireless Diego, California, where t sensor pack -and-tested Wi-Fi technology, where enable doctors who get around tablet able monitor patient vital signs without sacrificing, so much so said intensive care unit.

The ViSi Mobile monitor was designed around of “monitoring,” where made several units made , water-resistant plastic. These a wrist un monitor readout, chest sensors, a blood pressure cuff monitor thumb sensor. All hooked hospital data infrastructure via Wi-Fi, where alongside WPA2 encryption.

The plethora made available doctors monitor vitals such oxygen levels, blood pressure, heart rate, electrocardiogram readings temperature, being intensive care unit, while enabling patients hospital rooms move around. All readouts from accessible from ViSi Mobile’s wrist monitor’s touchscreen, PC, tablet routes. All wrist monitor’s readouts via authorization codes, meaning off limits patient reasons.

Whoever said medical realm “gadgety” enough? Doctors seem a new “toy” on-the-go instead beeper them hospital emergency.

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[ ViSi Mobile monitor ]

Cutie Gadget »What Santa Did Not Deliver

Do wonder what lists super-rich entail during ? When accounts like Bill Gates Ellison much yours, I’m sure.  Wired decided back year’s most stupefying products in “Overhyped, Overpriced: 2012′s Insanely Expensive Gear.” I’m guessing these things probably their lists.

The most expensive bunch $3 billion (yes billion) Rolls Royce 102EX Phantom. T version Phantom released sort test -friendly interests aficionados. No, ’t cost $3B but develop. Then was canned.

Other favorites Wired list include a $2 million prototype camera lens built Sheikh foot tall, $250,000 concert speakers complete karat gold accents. That lens ought some seriously good pictures. If those expensive just stick $100,000 two person submarine jump like a whale. Check out insanely expensive creations what things might super wealthy.
[ What Santa Did Not Deliver ]

Cutie Gadget »Facebook Clothing – Sort Of

As comes end focus contemplate improving -worth. , join fit. Start a book club stimulation.  Plan a vacation away. Get clothes “liked” . Wha? Clothes?

Some smart MIT students created Like-A-Hug, a wearable social media vest. As people Like , status updates, photos inflates sort . If love – – back just squeeze it. T clothing certainly won’t cut out interaction.  But media taking larger portion lives sort feeling could be a nice touch. Who knows what could be next. A glove fives?
[ Facebook Clothing – Sort Of ]

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cutie Gadget »Hyundai Connectivity Concept turns smartphones into car keys

Now here novel idea – since “there app”, why Hyundai Connectivity Concept? Imagine doubling ’s key, would make one less thing wherever , don’t so? After all, vehicle manufacturers moving direction where content from sent vehicle, a smartphone, able navigation, music, text messaging phone functions from and/or passenger seat. With Connectivity Concept, Korean vehicle manufacturer intends things another level, allowing transfer all phone’s content car’s touchscreen display wirelessly wireless functions .

Hyundai Connectivity Concept, being a “technology study” a dream reaching production within three years. In fact, Hyundai equipped system New Generation i30 demonstration purposes. The Connectivity Concept hardware off before enter . Instead hard key, Connectivity Concept -field communications (NFC) vehicle open, all over tag door, prepared .

When planted end comfortable seat, slide in wireless dock located center console, where slew content, ranging from music contacts, settings among others streamed car’s 7-inch touchscreen. The car’s infotainment system phone’s touchscreen, wireless charger thrown in mix. T commercialized.


[ Hyundai Connectivity Concept turns smartphones in keys ]

Cutie Gadget »Bluetooth Hybrid Vacuum Tube Amplifier

A vacuum tube amplifier audio playback who hold music close heart, $399.95 Bluetooth Hybrid Vacuum Tube Amplifier which merges new. Basically, t vacuum tube amplifier able any Bluetooth music device superior audio performance. Vacuum tube amplifiers, apart from generating warmer tones, said tones compared -based models lim when overloaded, resulting signal-to-noise ratio.

A trio amplifier 28 watts per channel -free signal pair . Of course, need yourself, able quite a fair b punch bit-rate MP3s, Apple Lossless,-quality audio played wirelessly from, iPad, touch. Not, deliver robust bass response acoustic qualities harmonics sound coloration. There switch located amplifier’s front choose between a Bluetooth audio source pairs inputs.

[ Bluetooth Hybrid Vacuum Tube Amplifier ]

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cutie Gadget »Roboy could be a robot for the future

Do future robots mankind, such found science fiction movie I, Robot? How about droids around-owned Star Wars, those would definitely come problem between different language groups, wouldn’t it? Sad , current technology far from achieving such high standards, but perhaps something like good start.

Folks over University ’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AI Lab) working a robot toddler “Roboy.” The implementation of “soft robotics” technology which body 1.2 meter (3 ft, 11 in) tall humanoid robot a solution down hopefully make people feel presence when -to-day situations.

Granted, from being thing market moment, resembles far a cyborg skeleton compared charming child whom like , but bear t still a work. The laboratory’s final goal would be Roboy from scratch matter months, find time required compared a baby cute.

Work began last June, where 15 project partners than 40 engineers came together, intend means, such space robot, while hiring functions when completed.

Roboy remains a research project than enterprise point, team their eyes new technologies while engaging scalable production using CAD printing so takes a matter roll out a robot.

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[ Roboy could be a robot future ]

Cutie Gadget »Dally the Singalongz Duck

Do a rubber ducky use during times? That something cute, harkens back pleasant childhood moments, no? Well, all grown kind income some stuff want having whether there left over family, perhaps time the £26.49 Dally Duck.

T part award-winning interactive soft toy range, where Singalongz able , sing using a special microphone. Whenever in microphone, mimic what , although do so humorously own inimitable voice. All h awaken it, entertained. There animals from, such , Me-me , .

[ Dally Duck ]

Friday, December 28, 2012

Cutie Gadget »G-cluster delivers cloud gaming to the masses

Don’t old days when certain words had meanings so far removed from today?, ‘gay’ meant happy a care world, and ‘cloud’ was a noun used those fluffy white things sky, closely enough, be able angels strumming their harps while humming a soothing tune. Well, fast forward 21st century, ‘cloud’ entirely different meaning, where accepted computing world platform where processing done remotely, via cloud. way files stored cloud, need about folks stealing some crucial files when move. Since topic services, how about moving from something serious like work activity like gaming?

G-cluster inviting IPTV operators publishers aboard bandwagon, especially 2013 happening Vegas early next year. Basically, G-cluster described a fully-featured white label service deployments, sporting deployed catalog games, fully intend their Game Machine platform so premium games TV, all done without having a gaming console living room first place.without gaming console.

still need -cluster Game Machine intermediary, however, where plug in HDMI port-equipped televisions while connecting home Wi-Fi network . then use a wireless receiver,, TV, where choose solo friends, where they devices such, smartphones,.

[ G-cluster delivers cloud gaming masses ]

Cutie Gadget »Orbiting Rings Watch

I am a firm believer person should least one timepiece proud wear around their wrist. Of course, if in high end world , Piaget , burn just a huge hole pocket, be wearing a car wrist, cash . With the $199.95 Orbiting Rings Watch, t one timepiece make a serious fashion statement without ending serious debt.

also add intellectual look, considering how time via a couple rings. There hour, minute, hands, a numerical dial back on, but thankfully, learning how puppy too difficult, a little b practice, end second nature . A pair rings -changing pattern gradient color progresses, entire timepiece features a mineral crystal face bezel hour. The outer ring while ring displays , where edge advance clockwise motion . enclosed 316L stainless steel case water resistance down ′.

[ Orbiting Rings Watch ]

Cutie Gadget »Blimp iPhone Fan

For folks living where there seasons, isn’t heat turns when summer arrives? As who live climates, worse, desert areas, then seasons – hot, . Which accessory such $12.99 Blimp iPhone Fan , in when shoots unbearably hot, miserly boss does air conditioner’s speed while lowering , citing operational costs affecting ’s bottomline.

Fret not, iPhone Fan rescue, where plug in data port iPhone, iPad a nice gust . Being tiny , able about anywhere , even when it. Turning off iPhone Fan snap, all single push button, fan operates internal battery, so when dead, draws juice from . be able half a dozen hours from iPhone Fan full charge.

[ Blimp iPhone Fan ]

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cutie Gadget »Secom flying surveillance robots offers peace of mind

Secom flying surveillance robot that, when working pack tandem another, would be able added peace . Considering how out a place day, perfect sense whatever kind possible securing where . Just how does Secom’s autonomous flying surveillance robots work?, whenever there unauthorized person a parking lot facilities, manufacturing plant, site storehouse, sites where , said person, followed photos . T come forces a suspicious looking vehicle, where there surveillance cameras which far away a decent shot recording.

Of course, make one wonder whether someone intent would just shoot down these robots, be smart enough evasive maneuvers? Perhaps, might just be getting my imagination ahead . Still, t greatly assist security forces around buildings a check area, Secom’s flying robots go about their business quietly, these mechanical automatons might just be stealthy enough a robbery.

The robot a laser sensor, camera, communication device, computer, lamps among others, measuring around 80cm while tipping .6kg. a battery reserve fly non-stop 15 minutes, do wonder what kind sensor t boy , all places going well lighted, there a flash function built-in?

[ Secom flying surveillance robots offers peace ]

Cutie Gadget »LG Hecto Laser TV system

LG announced 100-inch class (100-inch diagonal) Laser TV deliver Smart TV, but Digital TV capabilities. Touted home cinema system, -inch class LG “HECTO” Laser TV made a special screen external Ultra Short Throw (UST) projection unit. T unique system demonstrated first time 2013 happening a fortnight’s time Vegas, Nevada, where deliver Full HD 1080p resolution incredible contrast, all thanks ’s advanced laser-based illumination system.

Hav , President LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company, said, “LG’s 100-inch class Laser TV takes projection technology suitable living room. In year, LG innovative TV products productivity experience customers.”

Apart from its picture quality screen, LG’s 100-inch class Laser TV theater-like experience, although through difficult installation projector-based systems require. Neither do space considerable distance from a large image like a standard projector system,’s Laser TV lets a mere 22 inches (approximately 56 centimeters) from , about that? option floor flexibility.

Other hardware specifications LG Laser TV include 1080p Full HD resolution ,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, a digital tuner, two 10W built-in speakers embedded projection unit, three HDMI inputs, audio output, RS-232 interface. Expect run 25,000 hours without replacement, making approximately five times longer than mercury-based lamps. Any takers?

[ LG Hec TV system ]

Cutie Gadget »All Your Bartending Tools in One


During busy times friends become master bartenders. No one ever seems drink, so a mixologist. lemons, limes, oranges, spices involved. The bar resembles a hoarders home. And arsenal drinks.

Arm yourself holidays days where yourself playing master bar. The Bar10der provides a 10-in-1 bar tool about anyone’s needs – “ at-home bartending tool” refer .  Think Swiss Army Knife bar. First off some used tools: a muddler things, reamer freshly squeezed juice in mix, channel knife twists, zester citrus. Also included common devices: a jigger ½ ounce pours, expandable stirring tool, 4” knife, corkscrew, bottle opener . With all 10 tools there should be no drink book conquer. T runs $49.99 at  available colors. The site also feature some fun drink ideas .
[ All Your Bartending Tools ]

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cutie Gadget »Star Wars Death Star Planetarium

I know world fiction, things work differently where . Still, something Death Star Star Wars trilogy ( one before Jar Jar Binks was introduced dismay universe) would passed design school , considering how one could leave a crucial weakness structure exposed flight path photon torpedo, let alone after enough leeway starfighter through core it. Well, about engineering structures today, but rather, would want opportunity space thanks £24.99 Star Wars Death Star Planetarium.

With Wars Death Star Planetarium, be able a darkened room in Star Wars galaxy, where t-in-1 tabletop Death Star reveal a planetary projector which lights displays either Wars galaxy names should wild, project Earth’s night sky. Switching between cinch, while cover ensures room returns fits over planetarium. The Star Wars Death Star Planetarium powered core reactor, but rather, just a trio batteries, destructive power planets, so fret not. I wonder if Kamino system …

[ Star Wars Death Star Planetarium ]

Cutie Gadget »I-MEGO announces ZTONE in-ear earphones

Wearing a pair might be something take, am quite sure br swear upon, put line effectiveness tracks brain, be keep “” when , tide a difficult moment life. Well, if particular about own, then perhaps be able in-ear earphones from I-MEGO?

The ZTONE in-ear earphones patent-pending design meant a professional monitor-like fit, -molded ear gels which individual’s unique ear cavity so secure, comfortable fit. I suppose t work well across listeners ages, from a quartet sized gels out match so fill tunes. say ZTONE in-ear earphones specially created hardcore music fan, professional DJs, , harmonizing easily about any music.

Pronounced as “stone,” in-ear earphones clearly built clarity pair speaker drivers, 20-20,000 Hz frequency, 16 ohms impedance, ± 5dB. The use cables made from genuine silver impeccable audio studio-tuned monitors also work great prevention, additional silicone fittings, stereo adapters, durable metal carrying case, compelling purchase.

be able out in-ear earphones happening a fortnight’s time, picked gong 2013 CES Innovations Honoree. At $99.99 a pop, t seem be a pretty decent purchase, even present year right note.

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[ I-MEGO announces ZTONE in-ear earphones ]

Cutie Gadget »Toshiba Ultrabook gets Harman Kardon speakers

What’s name, really? , a name would convey , especially so when name a trusted one long, long time. I guess t why branding important, well known companies synergizing (in their opinion, anyways, report it) . I am referring Kardon speakers exceptional audio bass Toshiba Widescreen Ultrabook, starting U845W model.

Basically, if market Windows 8 powered workhorse multimedia laptop exceptional sound, tingle (if ) tunes thin Toshiba Satellite U845W Ultrabook which far than what like glance. Sporting a couple Kardon speakers alongside Odyssey3 drivers, U845W crisp, robust sound bass which compared comparably sized laptop market moment.

Sachin Lawande, executive vice president -president Lifestyle , said, “T Ultrabook’t require external speakers a movie, MP3 audio. The Harman Kardon speakers were custom-designed Satellite Ultrabook out music files. The Satellite Ultrabook was built sound.”

The Satellite U845W one from Toshiba Harman Kardon speakers, but mark a new era, being models so. be interesting how reacts a model ( models pipeline), audio quality big deal breaker. Expect Toshiba Satellite U845W Kardon sound from $929.99 upwards, depending configuration .
[ Toshiba Ultrabook gets Harman Kardon speakers ]

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Cutie Gadget »LG Magic Remote announced

LG Electronics announced releasing-new Magic Remote range 3D Smart TVs before CES 2013 kicks off Vegas fortnight’s time. T device language recognition capabilities which make executing commands a cinch, natural, interactive experience. Not, t new design continue a quartet options convenience – where they, gesture, point, , t be complete universal remote.

Hav, President LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company, said, “LG innovative home entertainment solutions Magic Remote key pillar CINEMA 3D Smart TV user experience. Building already impressive feature set, version boasts accurate lan-guage recognition gesture, wheel control options makes Remote st amongst its competition truly intuitive device.”

The LG Magic Remote voice control technology issuing a verbal comm simple but effective. With new Natural Language Recognition software, sending out voice commands easy regular speech, where talk manner.

There momentarily between title,, just say “Show me Gangnam Style video” new Magic Remote right away (no idea t because Gangnam Style secret keyword, due being South Korean ).

The LG Magic Remote couple functional models, where one ’s premium Cinema 3D Smart TVs, while standard Cinema 3D Smart TV models. Anyone looking forward some “magic”?
[ LG Magic Remote announced ]

Cutie Gadget »Edifier e1100 Predator speaker system

Any computer user who loves using their desktop machine down after a particularly hard day (be gaming movies) would definitely know value speaker system, so many different kinds systems around, just which one would for? Well, want out the Edifier e1100 Predator speaker system slightly off path., e1100 Predator downward firing 5-inch subwoofer couple satellite speakers, where them a 2-inch front firing full-range driver -inch passive radiator. Needless , might be Predator, but all Alien instead, judging xenomorph-inspired chassis.

Thanks Edifier e1100 Predator’s angled satellites, they sound projection, passive radiators throwing range. The subwoofer works great deep, even bass adjustable tastes. hook e1100 Predator audio device using .5mm auxiliary input, does seem e1100 Predator ideal companion rigs, office, functioning home entertainment system. pick Edifier e1100 Predator for $79.99 a pop.
[ Edifier e1100 Predator speaker system ]

Cutie Gadget »Tweeting Bird Bike Light & Horn

So like cycling, healthy way , being low impact , works out power . If bicycle, there different kinds from, but there a way things, $24.99 Tweeting Bird Bike Light & Horn does seem one unorthodox manner wheeler horn other pedestrians users actually exist.

Experience outdoors, a mountain trail a road, adequately illuminated thanks cute looking faux feathered friend. Surely kids around would be able whenever they see , considering unique attachment. Sporting 9 bright LEDs , t, water resistant device features a steady light function, alongside a loud twitter warning horn. The handlebar mounting system makes bird off, a mobile flashlight, about that? Just make sure a trio AAA batteries replacement when batch .

[ Tweeting Bird Bike Light & Horn ]

Monday, December 24, 2012

Cutie Gadget »Hands Free Wine Aerator

When about a hands-free device, most time, our minds would drift towards something like a Bluetooth headset. After all, know just how dangerous be , but road users if one h hold wheel, other . Well, here hands-free device might want home, especially when some wine meals – the $79.95 Hands Free Wine Aerator would certainly be worth calling upon.

The Hands Free Wine Aerator decanter adapter which a bottle been inverted aerate wine, while leaving a hands-free situation. be different from traditional aerating methods which take better part hours, decanter begin while enhancing notes. Thanks broad, flask-like base, deliver a large, enclosed surface area which gently releases a vintage’s subtle character wine runs down ’s interior. Made from lead-free mouth-blown crystal, hold 1 1/2 liters .

[ Hands Free Wine Aerator ]

Cutie Gadget »LG has two new Google TV models at CES 2013

CES 2013 looks set a blast, all other editions past. What kind technology a fortnight’s time goes in swing Vegas?, know Electronics introducing Google TV range, where models known GA7900 , bad boys intuitive user experience size everyone, while meeting ’ expectations than ever before.

Sporting Google’s latest platform’s redesigned Magic Remote Qwerty, they work together Search PrimeTime quick guide. With updated Smart Home, said add user experience convenient, streamlined access (Video), YouTube apps. be able exciting new content from pool available Google TV way easier than ever before. Not, model ’s advanced Cinema Screen design undeniably sleek finish.

If gamer, be stoked Google TV app pre-installed, where turn in incredible gaming platform without a separate console. I still think kind work regular dedicated console, but hey, hundreds quality video games available instantly from . With CINEMA 3D TV functionality, Google TV uses FPR technology keep movie buffs happy a great 3D effect without flicker. Any takers?


[ LG new Google TV models 2013 ]

Cutie Gadget »Samsung Galaxy Grand smartphone announced

’s plan br devices no sign down, latest announcement Samsung Galaxy Grand. said South Korean conglomerate positioned Galaxy Gr be smartphone who live fast-paced mobile lifestyles far their smartphone compared standard user. Let us dig in what Galaxy Gr deliver, shall we?

For starters, Galaxy Gr be powered Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system, which should be good enough room complaints. If device 4.2 Jelly Bean, well, Galaxy Gr isn’t. Not, Gr also feature a vivid 5.0’’ display (no Full HD resolution here unlike other high end devices market like Droid DNA Find 5) viewing experience, letting messaging, multimedia content color .

Despite packing quite a generous display, Gr modest design, being slim, ergonomic . Thanks Multi Window feature, able true multitasking ability while running multiple apps all without screens.

There dual-core 1.2GHz processor underneath everything running just fine, fastest kid block, still be able some apps market without missing a beat. The camera one point out for, boasting zero shutter-lag -quick camera start-up. Thanks backside illumination sensor, pave shots even conditions, Full HD video recording capability.

No idea, but Galaxy Gr keep happy thanks Dual SIM capability. Are one up?

[ Samsung Galaxy Gr announced ]