Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gifts for the SciFi Fanatic

Face it. SciFi fans loooooooove anything in their life that expresses their hunger for the futuristic and imaginative. Bring the SciFi to the present with these unique gizmos and let their alternative worlds continue to soak into their real one.

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Cutie Gadget »The Maze Mug – Those who win get to spill coffee in their lap

Maze Mug

During months, ’t get frostbite. Depending , t either be less challenge. The hard part aspect. All plant life , there’s hardly any snow pretty outside. T a great time movies , but what about when out?

We all need things keep our minds occupied, Maze Mug perfect example that. T a double wall insulated travel mug so happens maze outside . You’ll be able metal ball from point A B. Just make sure’s nothing still cup when moving around. Otherwise going off so well.

T comes, green, (which looks like black ), but ’t get which color . While ’t mention how much liquid capable , make easily f equivalent mugs . One cost $7, dry cleaning if ’t careful.

Available on aliexpress
[ The Maze Mug – Those who win get coffee lap ]

Cutie Gadget »PowerSnorkel will let you explore the ocean blue without an air tank

Power Dive

The idea under water than 5 minutes seems kind . Drowning common fear, even who equipped diving. Having tank being life line might be a b overwhelming. There who prefer snorkeling, but wish could stay under a b.

In those cases, might a bad idea. Well, it’s called Snorkel Hookah, which sounds a b. While I know what a hookah is, Wikipedia defines “a single-stemmed instrument flavored tobacco called shisha through a water basin ‒ often glass-based ‒ before inhalation”. Now, t , but stems from which be inhaling.

T allow dive down 6 meters friend from 50-70 minutes off charge.  The pump both float water, so everyone able where . ’t need any fancy training t go, time 2-3 minutes. If one , cost somewhere around $2,800. T get compressor unit, snorkel, 2 regulators harnesses, a battery lead, Y-piece, carrying bag. Going off , t likely do best waters.

Available on powerdive, found via thisiswhyimbroke
[ PowerSnorkel blue without tank ]

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cutie Gadget »20 Cool iGifts to Suit all Pockets

Give accessories Apple lover world. Whether phone – they suited gadgetry their device continue their world.

[ 20 Cool iGifts all Pockets ]

Cutie Gadget »Kano is all-ages computer and coding kit

Kano Computer Kit

While age where technology -changing, many people left dust. Computers without much insight what’s, representatives them right direction. Everyone from down, expected things out own. There , classes, walk what makes everything tick, but they’re fun, usually targeted specific age bracket.

seems funny current generation know how technology better than their parents, but difference ’t accessible when young. If learn about computers, then Kano excellent first step. Rather than teaching how they work, t a k one. 8GB SD card, a DIY speaker, keyboard, custom case, Raspberry Pi Model B, HDMI USB cables, a smart power plug, power-up.

Of course, there, but everything way similar . Once everything booted up, you’ll be able about coding, simple games. One full k cost you $99, in $199, a k a child somewhere world. Seeing idea was prompted 7-year-old boy who wanted building a computer , I’d say t be a great learning tool.

Available through Kickstarter, found via Technabob
[ Kano -ages computer kit ]

Cutie Gadget »The Jet Capsule will launch out onto the ocean


We all dream perfect vacation. come climates , but one thing ; own space own time schedule. If , cruise ships foreign country. However, if amount , buy boat wherever you’d like.

The Jet Capsule in great wilds ocean. Depending preferences, either be bunch , long . It’s large, measuring feet long maximum width . While be spacious, ’t want 9 people.

There different layouts, ranging from shell taxi house. Of course, if you’re able out extra money, I’m sure be made custom much anything. go around 57miles per hour, but probably looks like go in 1 if you’re drivers seat. You’ll be looking $250,000 if you’re interested () enough. T be a neat minimalistic home who would prefer , but I doubt st well storm.

Available on JetCapsule, found via Technabob

[ The Jet Capsule out on ocean ]

Friday, November 22, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Stiltz Home Lift Elevator – easier than sliding down a pole to the BatCave

hiome Elevator

There comes a time when plodding down becomes too difficult. If you’re living two-story house joints, do. get a motorized chair over-top slowly glide , but if you’re capable , t be a b a blow pride. Wouldn’t awesome if instead own, personal elevator?

Sounds pretty pricey right? Well be! The Stiltz Home Lift elevator systems from one floor next people wheelchair inside. While they cost anywhere from over $12,000-14,000, definitely make a secret BatCave house. Who knows, Adam West may one installed along years.

There models from, depending need preference. There Duo, which two passengers down within thirty seconds, , which clear polycarbonate so ’t clash decorum, Trio Lift, which three people wheelchair. As electric motor top lift, ’t be burdened noises coming from on. toss money its surroundings, but really, it’s all dependent , much extra money lying around.

Available via Stiltz
[ Stiltz Home Lift Elevator – easier than sliding down a pole BatCave ]

Cutie Gadget »Frustr8tor Pocket Brain Teaser – Can you muster the patience?

Frustr8tor Brain Game

We feel we’re missing out. Maybe some mannerisms still held -day, some fashions had out . Of course, if went back few pleasantries, be met onslaught issues.

However, some things enough . There’s a lot , art, come from ye olden days, games. We’re talking about hopscotch though. The Frust8tor Pocket Brain Teaser modern version old brain-buster from 1848. While might be a b, , while simple, tangled good minute.

a puzzle queens chess board. They can’t be allowed , which means able horizontally, vertically,. There aren’t any small pieces, so ’t need about dropping anything other than itself. To play, simply slide . If difficult, toss red markers which take queen, a spot used. It’s $10, be a better alternative Birds while you’re transit.

Available on ThinkGeek
[ Frustr8tor Pocket Brain Teaser – Can ? ]

Cutie Gadget »Brother’s ScanNCut Machine – the Cricut Killer?


It’s again. The holidays us, least house, thoughts cards, presents taking. It’s t I usually drag out my Cricut cutting machine some flair cards, make some decorative gift boxes , scrapbooking. But there’s a new cutting machine, doesn’t require any creativity-hindering cartridges Cricut does…

Check out Brother’s ScanNCut Machine, a br personal cutting machine actually turn any scanned images in cutting designs , ’t need special software, pesky cartridges. Now create unique one-of-a-kind crafts, being !

The magic happens inclusion 300 DPI scanner. T  s anything – a sketch, a magazine clipping, personal photos, , allowing create virtually endless cut designs ScanNCut’s memory. And, even use machine home scanner , , them home computer.

The ScanNCut machine models – CM550DX. Both machines cutting capabilities but have different package options cater individual crafters needs. The machines start 400 bucks, me, if a crafter hobbyist, find t indispensable tremendous number projects. Since accessories vary, please visit details, or  go ahead yourself one.
[ Brother’s ScanNCut Machine – Killer? ]

Monday, November 18, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Star Wars Mood Lights add some atmosphere to your room

vader-mood-light, there very good reason a “mood light”, simply because overall mood room. From there, be able different themes. Of course, science fiction fans who drawn Star Wars universe would definitely s notice £14.99 Star Wars mood lights, where choose from Vader, Lord Sith himself, humble Stormtrooper who cannot shoot down a single Rebel , despite having undergone years .

Bear Darth Vader Stormtrooper, they licensed products from Lucasfilm Ltd., their fair b light dark side bedroom. Not, no wires in mix, making sure able room through ‘Force’. Illuminated energy-efficient LEDs, they actually run power (, didn’t you?).
[ Star Wars Mood Lights add some atmosphere room ]