Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Amiigo Bluetooth low-energy fitness device

Do trouble trying out made when struck midnight 31st last year? Right now, already last day first month , already broken Year’s resolution(s), take heart, there 11 amends past failures. Assuming workout sessions, perhaps be good if some kind here. Utah-based entrepreneurs, Amiigo, what they call Bluetooth low-energy fitness device, where touted workout experience next level.

To put a nutshell, a sweat-pro bracelet (as be, considering would end whenever vigorous exercise session), where accompanied shoe-clip, “smart” enough just being performed moment, ’s physiological response. Having picked than required a reality-funding site Indiegogo, a pre-order Amiigo.

Dave Scott, co-founder , said, “Athletes working their workout experience. We wanted -to-use device people personalize their workouts, share data, compete. Our fitness bracelet -clip does , ’re confident you’ll work out better . Push yourself great.”

I find Amiigo between running treadmill , thanks sensors within which correlate body exercises located shoe-clip, focuses lower body. These will “talk” iOS device via Bluetooth, Amiigo be able heart rate, blood oxygen levels, skin temperature burned. Shipping Amiigo commences sometime t.

[ Amiigo Bluetooth low-energy fitness device ]

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