Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Holograms Coming to the Toy Deparment

What was impression when Leia hologram Wars? Seemed pretty crazy time. How world (errr galaxy far far away) did they get a 3D video played from a droid? quite 35 years later. Hologram technology (a.k.a. holography) currently gets used (currency, drivers licenses), art, data storage other areas. Now even involved. Yes, games!

John Adams, experienced UK toy supplier, recently unveiled a hologram “game” 2013 London Toy Fair. HolograFX ‘interactive entertainment show’. Download pre-recorded projection holograms through app. Images generated out smart phone. Yes, what R2D2 did Wars able revolutionary game. Details sketchy exactly the ‘game’ of. sort . Also, early indicators somehow be able image in hologram. See above demo. HolograFX launches US later t price announced. Whatever may be probably be cheaper than making R2D2 holograms though.
[ Holograms Coming Toy Deparment ]

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