Saturday, December 28, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Panasonic “Cut Out the Darkness” project launched

panasonic-darknessPanasonic, giant done its b make sure parts poorest regions world, the “Cut Out ” project which lanterns which been contributed non-electrified regions. In fact, Panasonic worldwide involved very project, all hoping aware various issues regions .

At , around 1.32 billion people worldwide still do access , which take, actually. In fact, many homes regions still fall back lamps purposes, goes without saying kerosene lamps do pose serious fire threat. Being unable a sufficient amount , further restricts them they . With less electric lighting, sectors, economy.

Solar lanterns could be here, these during , saving all power secondary battery, which be able called upon, which its b solve social issues-electrified regions while making sure risks, mention lamps.

If “Cut Out ” project, its website own application which lets a cutout while checking out a virtual shade image on-screen work design. After , subm online popular . The top 100 popular designs chosen before being sent over far flung places need such a basic infrastructure.

[ Panasonic “Cut Out ” project launched ]

Cutie Gadget »Panono throwable panoramic ball camera surpasses 100-megapixels mark


Just how creative get? Apparently, reached, kinds churned out every single day. Having said that, throwable panoramic ball camera its fair share ever since was introduced masses, team behind working final development. Their efforts been, since they ended camera modules optics resolution which able from 72 megapixels, giving distinction consumer camera 100 megapixels.

Here little b background history who want what about. size grapefruit, obviously ball-shaped, while sporting three dozen (that’s a whopping 36!) camera modules been embedded all around it. These camera modules able away simultaneously when thrown in air, allowing capture everything direction° X 360°, delivering fully spherical panoramic images.

With optics resolution, consumers zoom see even greater detail when they view their Panono panoramic images computer devices. Checking out a panorama mobile device snap, thanks free Panono App which a fully immersive experience able through act down, , inside itself. Those who Panono over Indiegogo project page.

[ Panono throwable panoramic ball camera surpasses 100-megapixels mark ]

Cutie Gadget »Verbal Music Request Speaker – speak and make it so!

verbal-music-requestWireless speakers new these days, a particular model home, be quite a challenge considering out there market. Well, here $399.95 Verbal Music Request Speaker just make different way. As its name suggests, t a wireless speaker which able music verbally request – regardless point.

Just how possible? Well, rely free Apple app, where-winning voice recognition software in, letting down songs want simply in smartphone. The app go through smartphone, music library computer, radio stations results, album, so snap desired track. Once done, just touch screen stream speaker. The speaker itself sports a single subwoofer, a pair , two tweeters, class-D amps’ audio.
[ Verbal Music Request Speaker – speak ! ]

Friday, December 27, 2013

Cutie Gadget »The Stainless Steel Travel Cup water, water, every where, and now you can drink it!

Stainless Steel Travel Cup

Some people tad picky about what they drink. be anything from , container in. Maybe be wiped before lips dare it, than that, might be from a certain area world , through process before being worthy enough consumed. In all honesty, most don’t care about what , quenches our immediate thirst. The things beverage, cup .

If a tad particular about , then like Steel Travel Cup. It’s large,’t really being marketed commuter crowd. Rather, t meant beverage when you’re, but don’t want any chance foul. Not, but ’t be using a disposable cup end a landfill somewhere.

T collapsible cup, 5.75x5cm when fully extended,.5x5cm when mode. sunrise top, a pill case if ’t know what . T cost you $18, nothing else, be a way cup.

Available on izola, found via bookofjoe
[ The Stainless Steel Travel Cup water, water, every where, drink it! ]

Cutie Gadget »The iMpulse will make gaming and playing music on your phone much easier


We use our phones about everything. They play calls , but , games, answering emails, surfing , . our whole lives hiding inside, us (if ). The face, our screens controls phone small. That’s why many people .

If all you’re really concerned about games , then having a little controller’t be too cumbersome around might be nice. The iMpulse ’s smallest gaming controller, f keyring. a D-pad buttons front, buttons back.

T a 100 foot range, making volume from afar. There SDK available so turn t you’d like. rechargeable batteries, be juiced microUSB. The buttons feature white backlighting, if you’ve lost it, but within range. That would be quite exquisite sure ’t lose every morning. Bluetooth version 2.1, be used devices. T cost of $40, but seems like be worth run.

Available on ThinkGeek
[ The iMpulse gaming music phone much easier ]

Cutie Gadget »The Snow2 will help you slowly become a cyborg

Snow2 HUD

When you’re taking a trip new location, often than sort device . The best way t HUD so ’t be terribly distracted from . Those who enjoy winter sports same sort , but reasons.

The Snow2 excellent example, about , connect 3rd party cameras, heart rate sensors, also pair smartphone when call. a dual core CPU, Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, onboard gyroscope, accelerometer, altimeter, . If also, ’t be hard out where they .

For those concerned about t terribly close face, . Utilizing mirror technology, t make all information appear about 5ft away. There information screens be top field , all control through a Bluetooth remote low energy. It’s waterpro, oversized buttons almost necessary’ll likely be wearing gloves when using it. Purchasing t goggles $400, SDK .

Available on reconinstruments, found via ohgizmo
[ The Snow2 become a cyborg ]

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Ostrich Pillow Light will let you power nap anywhere

Ostrich Pillow Light

What thing all want , but have? If out ‘time’ rest world, then go ahead yourself a pat back. We’re all flying through life seat pants, becoming faster paced. Of course,’t mean we’re becoming healthier, but a lot getting done. While could use a nap then, finding a good spot so pretty difficult task.

If just doze off moment’s notice, then like Ostrich Pillow Light. It’s predecessor Ostrich Pillow, but just too big a little lighter day basis. T version enough sensory deprivation need off peacefully.

It’s extremely lightweight , just like a scarf would. It’s made Viscose/Elastomer blend bunch polystyrene beads inside. These handcrafted, opening so through. ’t be able t wash, ’s recommended spot clean soap . T cost $55, certainly a step -shaped neck pillows fail their job correctly.

Available on Firebox
[ Ostrich Pillow Light nap anywhere ]

Cutie Gadget »The iPad Paintbrush brings some artistic flare to digital painting

iPad Paintbrush

While we’ve all toyed around Paint once lives, there who make a living off digital paintings. They artisans just other branch , but they use a mouse different brush strokes . out there consider switching from medium digital one, be a giant shift. Of course, also be nice buy .

If one such person, digital painting a try, then Paintbrush might be just what you’re looking for. T a common paintbrush, but hair tip brush properties. The other end brush stylus so don’t need two separate tools same device. The brush realistic strokes, which a human touch .

T cost $50, which standard sort . While be tool artist, also be a way little ones play without causing a mess. While t have ‘iPad’ name, work touchscreen tablet.

Available on Hammacher
[ The iPad Paintbrush brings some artistic flare painting ]

Cutie Gadget »Verifi Premium Fingerprint Reader – for your eyes only


While it’s highly unlikely computer while you’re , there’s always a chance. The information computers possessions nowadays, would do well it. However, who keep a rather lengthy password, locking a major annoyance out every number, letter, every day like a waste .

If one such person, then something like Premium Fingerprint Scanner would do good. T allow simply swipe , ’ll access digital goods. 7, 8, .1, so apologies XP users out there.

T likely useful office setting. know who could be trying in personal files while away minutes. While t save time in computer ( various apps), spend $55 . It’s a trade off time working money product save while you’re working. also be useful home office if you’re tired logging on computer working on.

Available on Amazon, found via Redferret
[ Verifi Premium Fingerprint Reader – eyes only ]

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cutie Gadget »NES Controller Vaporizer gives new purpose to old gaming accessories

LittUP Ecig Mods

The ingenuity astounding. We beautiful things out would otherwise be viewed, after thousands upon thousands , we’re still coming brand-new ideas. If you’re a fan games, enjoy puffing a b smoke out face, then like what two fellows came.

Their business Litt Up Custom Ecigs, all sorts ’t see much use any more, them in. While they a huge variety Facebook page, one grabs moment (actually it’s out , but it’s one listed online store) modified NES Controller. The connection end controller, which B button.

The wattage ranges from 7-20, adjustable down through -pad down buttons. Where there was once start buttons, there display which shows “a battery charge graph, middle coil, voltage . On wattage ”. The battery 1000mAh which charges via micro USB. These you $145, but, they rather than a random one if you’d like. They also had talk Gamcube Hookah interested.

Available on LittUpCustomMods, found via Kotaku
[ NES Controller Vaporizer gives new purpose gaming accessories ]

Cutie Gadget »TokyoFlash Kisai Spider Acetate is a weaver of time


Spiders helpful . While they may be tiny, most people them they 20 feet a single bite (thanks Hollywood!). However, one thing almost all spiders share they create something really beautiful, would be a web. You’ll see them all over . While supposed a deathtrap unsuspecting victims, nice at.

If all glory spider web without having about its creator coming , then enjoy Kisai Spider Acetate watch. a tad chunky side, but see-through face where . T was made time air. As often watches, t difficult until explained. The two outermost rings hour indicators, two innermost minutes.

At night, there lights which see time. The wrist strap , but , red, green,. T cost $109 should market new watch. Keep white, be very hard clean.

Available on TokyoFlash
[ TokyoFlash Kisai Spider Acetate weaver ]

Cutie Gadget »Intoxicase – iPhone Protection, Bottle Opener and Beer Counter in One


I keep scouring unique little presents few friends h gag gifts. , you’ve been friends forever, but did do gift exchange. I say expect a little b from me, whole coolest gadgets thing. I think I found a winner t.

Check out , name suggests its a delightful mash-up durable iPhone case, drinking app. Made sturdy polycarbonate, protects 5, but also incorporates a collapsible bottle opener located back unit, specifically bottle popping pleasure.

The wonders Intoxicase don’t end there, associated app -openings tabs many brews you’ve thrown back, posts ale slugging achievements social networking sites, even call cab should things get out .

The Intoxicase comes, 5 (with 4 versions available) them at around 13 bucks. So, get one, six pack favorite malt beverage, ’ve got party hands. Cheers!
[ Intoxicase – iPhone Protection, Bottle Opener Counter ]

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gifts for the SciFi Fanatic

Face it. SciFi fans loooooooove anything in their life that expresses their hunger for the futuristic and imaginative. Bring the SciFi to the present with these unique gizmos and let their alternative worlds continue to soak into their real one.

[ Gifts for the SciFi Fanatic copyright by Coolest Gadgets ]

Cutie Gadget »The Maze Mug – Those who win get to spill coffee in their lap

Maze Mug

During months, ’t get frostbite. Depending , t either be less challenge. The hard part aspect. All plant life , there’s hardly any snow pretty outside. T a great time movies , but what about when out?

We all need things keep our minds occupied, Maze Mug perfect example that. T a double wall insulated travel mug so happens maze outside . You’ll be able metal ball from point A B. Just make sure’s nothing still cup when moving around. Otherwise going off so well.

T comes, green, (which looks like black ), but ’t get which color . While ’t mention how much liquid capable , make easily f equivalent mugs . One cost $7, dry cleaning if ’t careful.

Available on aliexpress
[ The Maze Mug – Those who win get coffee lap ]

Cutie Gadget »PowerSnorkel will let you explore the ocean blue without an air tank

Power Dive

The idea under water than 5 minutes seems kind . Drowning common fear, even who equipped diving. Having tank being life line might be a b overwhelming. There who prefer snorkeling, but wish could stay under a b.

In those cases, might a bad idea. Well, it’s called Snorkel Hookah, which sounds a b. While I know what a hookah is, Wikipedia defines “a single-stemmed instrument flavored tobacco called shisha through a water basin ‒ often glass-based ‒ before inhalation”. Now, t , but stems from which be inhaling.

T allow dive down 6 meters friend from 50-70 minutes off charge.  The pump both float water, so everyone able where . ’t need any fancy training t go, time 2-3 minutes. If one , cost somewhere around $2,800. T get compressor unit, snorkel, 2 regulators harnesses, a battery lead, Y-piece, carrying bag. Going off , t likely do best waters.

Available on powerdive, found via thisiswhyimbroke
[ PowerSnorkel blue without tank ]