Friday, November 30, 2012

Cutie Gadget »Perfect Gift for the Racer in your life: Go faster with Race Capture Pro!

Autosport Labs : The makers Megajolt Ignition System just launched their latest project: Race Capture Pro! Learn faster- Race Capture provides pro-level race car data -time telemetry breakthrough price.

Packing over 25 channels data t data system also features user-customizable outputs fans, lights, active aero . Unique market, -source Labs allows what they want desire. With 10Hz GPS, precision accelerometer sensor built in, support -time telemetry affordable option, allowing users racing exploits live web soon launched site. All compact, rugged enclosure you’d be proud off.

Check out their Indiegogo project!

[ Perfect Gift Racer life: Go faster Capture Pro! ]

Cutie Gadget »iBattz announces Mojo Hi5 Powerbank Case

Have before? If ’t, here quick skinny situation. They a company out intelligent power solutions, latest addition line be Hi5 Powerbank Case. T marks their first foray in protective battery case market, especially’s latest iPhone 5. To put a nutshell, Hi5 Powerbank Case two-part protective case which a detachable 2500mAh aluminum battery users . T battery , also lightweight complement 5’s minimalistic design. Of course, powering iPhone all do, also offers USB devices.

Functionality were components when development Mojo Hi5. tell from looking outer case flawlessly slim form iPhone 5. As 5’s owner, option just protect thin yet protective case. Thanks rather beefy 2500mAh battery case effortlessly device go, also be easily removed USB enabled devices.

With Hi5 Powerbank case 2500mAh battery also comes matte black white cases, a USB USB charging cable, a Velcro strap short flex USB cable 5 when connected Apple Lightning USB adapter. Of course, who iPhone 5 contract would figure out out another $79.90 just smartphone case might be painful bank account, but think those moments when mile fail last minute.

[ iBattz announces Mojo Hi5 Powerbank Case ]

Cutie Gadget »Geneva WorldRadio announced

They say does alone, folks correct. After all, what point if there music? Long before there were movies folks en masse, there radio. I guess say programs equivalent , especially when those require make use imagination. Movies form worth watching, but ( effects team these days) tend all “thinking” behalf, so much so imagination less remains dormant manner. Well, if back world , perhaps do so WorldRadio from Geneva?

Yes sir, WorldRadio contemporary take classic world receiver, where receiver a radio which had capability all available radio stations simply technologies particular era, such, long, waves. Fast forward , popular local radio stations broadcast over FM, while select European countries decide digital radio route, course, how leave out Internet radio stations?

say new Geneva WorldRadio would be a converging point mentioned, since a single device, able complete offering ’s radio stations, world receiver did prior. Just what does WorldRadio pack? Of course, powerful audio system, a digital color display controls, a digital FM tuner, Bluetooth capability wireless if home, alarm clock, all crammed in elegant, streamlined chass aluminum handle controls.

pick Geneva WorldRadio from next month onwards, red, metallic finishes for $299.95 a pop.

Company Page
[ Geneva WorldRadio announced ]

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cutie Gadget »Customizable, Sustainable and Stylish 7” Cases

Tablet cases these days.  Then again tablets a mainstay. They common they become . So becomes how do match . Unique design . And a US based company seems found a perfect solution a statement tablet case.

Treegloo, a design group making cases 7, iPad Mini (gen 2-4), caters desire their tablet case reflect them troika . First they take their inspiration from architecture – sleek artistic yet functional . Sure they standard built-in st access /connections but much look. A second unique feature Treegloo their cases Certified -friendly materials.  Yep, everything from materials. The third factor making Treegloo product st fact customized. Finishes, cover colors be made they h.  Choose from 8 wooden frame finishes, 10 cover colors, 4 latch types, 2 liner types 20 liner colors.  Two styles too – design slimmer Streamliner. design case at  for as $29.95 7 and $34.95 mini. Note production queue full holiday season – but still build one delivery. In a world where strive unique – let friend help express eco-friendly case!


Thanks: PC Mag
[ Customizable, Sustainable 7” Cases ]

Cutie Gadget »Hot Gift Alert: Magic Geek Ball


The Coolest Gadgets Gift Picker continues what based our users select. One latest hot products upcoming office elephant party. The Magic Geek Ball harkens back magic 8 ball. Simply ask questions one geeky answers like “Fail, ” “Meh” and  ”LOL.”

Want -y () gifts list? Vis Gift Picker us point gift direction.


[ Hot Gift Alert: Magic Geek Ball ]

Cutie Gadget »Stream Instagram Pics For All to See

Instagram how photos. I’ll bet thought photos kids far away could be so easy. And, Twitter integration pics shared beyond our inner circle. But what about those people so web savvy? Or what if them from ?

Silicon Valley-based D2M, Design , saw t a solution. The Instacube enables actively stream feed. Seems simple, but . Simply connect .5” square device -fi account via cube. Photos start streaming from . A toggle button enables switch feeds. Instacube contains a rechargeable lithium battery so truly take .

Think applications. Keep one office a constant stream photos. Send one her tuned . Or party guests push party photos. Or how about letting customers post their photos product? No better way a prospective customer than-time positive feedback.

After raising funds (248% ) D2M in . Backers should see their shipments. Official launch Q3 2012. Based Kickstarter page I imagine retail about $149.  Instagram fans, keep whole new way.
[ Stream Instagram Pics ]

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cutie Gadget »D3O iPhone 5 Impact Band

So gotten yourself a spanking new iPhone 5, want best way possible. Well, logical accessory would be the £19.99 D3O iPhone 5 Impact Band, don’t so? Coming designs, be sure D3O iPhone 5 Impact B be able its darndest best smartphone from Cupertino 4” Retina Display condition long.

The D3O iPhone 5 Impact B very different from a regular case, where a particular protective b around iPhone 5, , incredible impact protection. Specially developed science labs bunkers (just sayin’, a factory lab somewhere), 5 Impact B technology, which means soft under normal conditions, but rigid strong event impact.

[ D3O iPhone 5 Impact Band ]

Cutie Gadget »Teach Yourself Like the Pros Do

Challenges always exist when improving game. Take a lesson from a pro different than guy did. Invest new driver, said distance, realize talent it. Heck, even tour pros. Eyeline Golf creates training tools golfers ability. Their product lineup helps golfers focus from aids been featured Digest, Golf Magazine Golf Channel among others.  Here couple could help – someone shopping list.

Getting putting stroke down a massive difference. Those bogeys turn …or even birdies when sync. The Edge Putting Rail, $59.95,  provides a 70° lie angle – most putters – memory. Line ball , follow backswing through plane strike . Check markings Edge too. Claimed as “… popular plane angle…” let help setup, path whether practicing indoors.

Another Eyeline device out 360° Mirror. Place gadget number positions yourself instant feedback. Put front stroke, from club head top backswing. Put beneath stance. Or combine view . Any golfer wanting setup should 360° Mirror, also $59.95.

So whether life, help without giving advice! Get Eyeline aids scores down thank yourself.
[ Teach Yourself Like Do ]

Cutie Gadget »Future LEGO Clock?

If a frequent visitor odds tinkered life. Maybe ’s frying pan in flying saucer. Or maybe a robot take hamper. Not all tinkering succeeds. But our minds keep trying!

Meet Hans Andersson, a Swedish gentlemen who bought a LEGO® Mindstorm k few years back. They did kit, but Hans did, some new robots. A few years later – after creating a Rubik’s Cube solver solver – he tried a LEGO clock. He revised Twister a Time Twister 2. sort LCD looking clock made entirely . Watch below action, but envision dig connected chain. The start chain must keep spinning – direction – until segment place. Why? Only one motor per digit. Digits using LEGO Mindstorms NXT Intelligent Bricks. Time Twister 2 looks much original. So perhaps Hans some attention go around. Maybe be able one creations someday. But if nothing else, let’s applaud Mr. Andersson mastery appreciate – tinkering.

Via: Technabob
[ Future LEGO Clock? ]

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cutie Gadget »Let Your Phone Bunjee

Klutzy Alison coming. I’m always dropping something. Unfortunately whole klutziness thing. Yep, be expensive. So any device prevent () investment worth it. But I still need quick access a call a picture.

Some inventive folks UK decided jumping was a good inspiration phone tether. Makes sense. myBunjee® adapts phone. Simply slip over end coat, bag, jeans secure. The extendable coil means go so far – yet within reach. And myBunjee provides a great extra layer from theft.

What makes myBunjee even fact branded back. Imagine ’s logo device attached ’s phones. Or maybe a functional gift . Who needs another pen set toy? Get people something they !

myBunjee founders recently appeared famous fundraising show Dragon’s Den. Four five dragons were interested commitment made. So expect much myBunjee.  Units site: the classic at £6.95, the beaded version at £9.95 lanyard version (non-bunjee) at £7.95. All colors. If a branded version simply contact them. As phones become our lifeline sense them close…. And a great branding opportunity out there.
[ Let Your Phone Bunjee ]

Cutie Gadget »Hot Gift Alert: Time Machine Tabletop Clock

Coolest Gadgets Gift Picker changing recommendations – based ! More popular items rise top so find a hot gift list.

Currently hot ‘home’ and ‘office’ category Can Time Machine Tabletop Clock. T clock resembles something from a museum which would make a unique addition gift recipient’s home. Turn clock’s mechanism transfers one chrome balls every minute. As time ticks read hour . Slowly but surely they stack . What a good way someone watch their work day literally pass by.

Find gadget-y gifts like t the Gift Picker. Simply tell us about list give they .

[ Hot Gift Alert: Time Machine Tabletop Clock ]

Cutie Gadget »Calling All iMusicians

In list benefiting from craze find music. Composing benef . Tablets provide a quick way while go. Perfect since know when genius moment .

A leader music accessories, IK Multimedia perfect keyboard solution mobile composer. Their iRig KEYS, $99.99 Ash or €74.99 website, gives portable keyboard . The ultra-slim profile key size means f a backpack. A typical IK plug-and-play unit, simply connect via core MIDI iOS device, Mac.  Power via . Controls panel include octave up/down, modulation bend wheels set buttons different setups. Ed enables change – reassign buttons MIDI channel. Out box quality virtual instruments apps (SampleTank ) which immediately download.   So if mobility keyboard musicians out there check out KEYS whenever inspiration may strike.
[ Calling All iMusicians ]

Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday Gadget Deals

If you pounded the pavement all weekend working on your shopping list it is time to sit back and let your fingers do the shopping. Some of our favorite gadget gurus are offering massive savings this Cyber Monday. Included are offers like:

  • $30 off Kindle Fire today only. Lightening deals continue and change frequently. But already spotted: 48% off Canon Elph and 42% off Corsair Vengeance gaming headset.

  • Think Geek: Today only – free shipping anywhere in the US. No minimum required. Plus $10 off orders of $60 or more.

  •  Up to 60% off on electronics, over 30% on laptops and toys (for all ages). Plus free shipping on orders $79.99.

  • Cyberweek continues with not only discounts, but free gifts when buying select products.

  • Macmall: Savings up to $649 on laptops (while supplies last). Other discounts available on tablets, accessories, gaming, cases and more.

More Cyber Monday Deals at

More Cyber Monday Deals at Brookstone.

More Cyber Monday Deals at ThinkGeek.

More Cyber Monday Deals at MacMall.

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Cutie Gadget »See Baby From Anywhere

Hey parents, what was night (ren) home turned baby monitor? Did first sound? Let me guess – constantly peeking check? I’m assuming nerve wracking. parents ones probably use any device help instill may be happening’s room – whether 10 feet away .

BabyPing provides baby monitor solution thanks . square monitor, less than 3.5” x 3.5”. On video camera, microphone LEDs room. Don’t worry, LEDs won’t be too bright adjust lighting. Mount where view plug in. Included monitor mount setup easy. Once , connect via cable-fi. Then download + app Apple iPhone, iPad Touch (iOS 4). The app monitor network you. Voila! Baby device. With BabyPing app watch from anywhere within . And even restrict access. away from home definitely download BabyPing+ which enables remote viewing too. And yes, password protection so anyone baby.

T like such a natural evolution . Our busy lives mean home time from peaceful, work often takes us away from town may nearby. BabyPing provides a great solution . Rest assured while – while in room every 5 minutes. If back after maternity leave business travel log bambino. Or if relatives live far away give them access . And , BabyPing a sale moment too! Shipping from UK, BabyPing for £132 (normally £165). And if shipping from , pick un $199 (normally $249). I find  very few reasons why parents – shopping list – wouldn’t want t .
[ See Baby From Anywhere ]

Cutie Gadget »Finger Friend for Your Tablet

Just when got used darn mouse thing these darn tablets come along. And face it, they many daily tasks computer. I know many away from laptop where possible. Touchscreens . Yet there some minor actions where touching still remains a challenge.

Welcome touchscreen control. Ringbow proves navigation touchscreen.  There ways Ringbow. First, At-Distance control where screen without touching, whether sitting near from . T leaves free. The other option, Touch Flavor calls it, combination via users touch, essentially doubling . Swipe while using Ringbow game. Or imagine editing a document pad. make a correction. Fat fingers sometimes make where . With Ringbow simply click back/forth. To use, just pair via Bluetooth – so any Bluetooth enabled device . Slip index finger mastery  9-directional controller. Just click directions . Check below Ringbow. First shipments deliver, so get in. Slate black runs $55, colors are $65 Multi-Player pack gives colored units for $118. Learn place And learn a new way .

[ Finger Friend Tablet ]

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cutie Gadget »AOC i2367fh monitor takes the borderless route

Are all computer monitors ? The obvious answer is, , no. After all, sizes market, do come specifications ranging from density /contrast levels. Well, if there route tend days, be the “slim ” look – from that, there towards a smaller bezel size; so much so recently released AOC i2367fh monitor looks there bezel. I kid – take a above me otherwise!

The AOC i2367fh monitor considered a virtually borderless 23-inch monitor, making ideal setup but gaming machines. Sporting High-Performance In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology whopping 50,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, talking about top notch enhanced picture quality here, where be accompanied definition, better color accuracy light transmission.

-ray players, video slew compatible devices effortlessly thanks integrated HDMI port speakers which do away need audio.

The bezel itself measures a near invisible 2mm, making sleek course, borderless. Not, i2367fh monitor comes artistic design which also boasts metallic hook-shaped stand, letting two different setup modes – one pho style sans a base, other ordinary function stand. pick AOC i2367fh monitor for $199 retail stores.

Company Page
[ AOC i2367fh monitor takes route ]

Cutie Gadget »Razer DeathAdder mouse gets an update

Just how do deemed already perfect? Well, I guess simple – technology would where what was perfect, update Razer DeathAdder mouse which additional power, superior performance control than ever before. The house gaming peripherals, Razer, announced hugely popular Razer DeathAdder mouse, set.

The first release Razer DeathAdder happened half a dozen years ago – which really, really long time world . Well, until now, remained best-selling gaming mouse world, seen use pro gamers throughout circu their preferred weapon –, depending situation, .

Well, new Razer DeathAdder’s optical sensor given a nice kick butt, where been upgraded from 3.5G all cutting-edge 4G infrared sensor. Needless , t would mean improved performance , where touted ’s most powerful optical sensor, being able 6400 dpi resolution without having tracking feel optical sensor, does sensation comparable laser option.

Coming iconic right-handed ergonomic shape, t definitely a drawback. After all, handers DeathAdder ( old, ), but a built-in textured rubber side grips better mouse control . Synapse 2.0 support been thrown in mix, new Razer DeathAdder for $69.99 if Stateside, residing across , cost you €69.99.

[ Razer DeathAdder mouse gets ]

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cutie Gadget »8-Bitty Wireless Game Controller

Do a penchant things retro, especially when games? Those who might think-b games, but if they were in past, they would-b were glory days, t if other titles like Galaga -Man. Here £29.99 8-Bitty Wireless Game Controller be compatible smartphone device, -Bitty Wireless Game Controller relies open interface system, also be compatible games . Not, easily adaptable releases.

The 8-Bitty Wireless Game Controller fully wireless device, boasts full 8-button control including 4 face-buttons, select, start, couple -buttons D-Pad movement. Perhaps t bring back memories special Konami Code, no? connect day devices over Bluetooth, powered couple batteries.

[ 8-Bitty Wireless Game Controller ]

Cutie Gadget »Minecraft Light-Up Redstone Ore

Are folks who live building world , brick? Assuming answered affirmative, then here rather quirky $24.99 Minecraft Light-Up Redstone Ore which would definitely be h fans. After all, basically anything dream building, why pixels? Inspired , Light-Up Redstone Ore works t – light, medium, shades, pigmen out.

I guess less say night light , , t also licensed Minecraft collectible so about someone knocking door wee hours morning purchasing knock-offs. Made out plastic, glow LEDs, powered couple batteries.

[ Minecraft Light-Up Redstone Ore ]

Cutie Gadget »Sardine Can Inspiration

The popularity continues rapid pace. Lomography, both a company type analog photography, evolved out revelation students back. They were astounded produced from Lomo Kompakt Automat camera they found. The analog process experienced a sort -birth healthy following lines ’s needs.

The La Sardinia line from Lomography unique 35mm un t process also help . The inspiration sardine can, yes a sardine can. But performance . The 22mm focal length means a healthy wide angle lens. Multiple exposure thanks rewind dial switch. And focus settings make snapping a cinch. The fun part about La Sardinia variety . Simple models, like the 8Ball start at £55 while units like coated Czar range £149. “Fritz ” flash a la carte for £55 a package deal camera. So if lomography trips definitely check in a statement camera design while also having solid functionality.
[ Sardine Can Inspiration ]

Friday, November 23, 2012

Cutie Gadget »Porsche 917 Le Mans Raceway

While many might dream about owning a Porsche garage ( down replica, but deal), be able one puppies. Still, rather crazy toy purchase real life Porsche cash left over . I am referring $125,000 Porsche 917 Le Mans Raceway, which full-sized Porsche 917 replica. any horsepower underneath , but conceals a 1:32-scale working wooden slot car track faithful iconic Le Mans raceway. Not, been lovingly painted same color scheme and #20 race number, paying homage classic 1971 movie Steve McQueen.

T 917 replica even comes race-worn GT prototype tires three-piece rims, coupled headlights . Its precisely molded replica cowling a clamshell manner touch button, revealing within. No quarter was spared detail, raceway been built landscaping, sporting period signage been illuminated streetlights.

[ Porsche 917 Le Mans Raceway ]

Cutie Gadget »Go Away Pesky Birds!

Most experienced birds. They really sweet , until they start dive bombing yard their unwanted deposits, cars, it. Time device help scare away, them require electricity.

The Solar Powered Bird B Gone Bird Repeller seagulls, pigeons, crows large pests out way. Each lightweight, mountable un a continuous motion arm birds. At 30 RPMs defend a 5 foot diameter area, giving , st walk. Use them flat surface may walk. Basically anywhere haunt. And no need repellers come solar panel. Cloudy day? Nighttime? No problem AA rechargeable batteries energy during times. Each order includes two repellers for $64.92. So stop birds! Keep them away B Gone.

[ Go Away Pesky Birds! ]

Black Friday Gadget Deals

Black Friday is here and the deals are smokin’! Get out your shopping lists and hop on over to some of our favorite gadget destinations to take advantage of limited time offers. In addition to gadgets below and more like them on the sites keep these deals in mind:

  • Lightening deals continue to change regularly. But already witnessed were things like 53% off the GolfBuddy and 73% off a Canon PIXMA printer. Click on the homepage Black Friday banner to see the current deals.

  • MacMall: 60 hours of Black Friday meaning you have the weekend to shop and save. Deals include 36% off an OtterBox Defender case for iPad Mini and $149 off a 11.6” MacBook Air.

  • Think Geek: Buy 1 get one 50% off on all mugs, t-shirts and robes. Up to 60% off on a variety of products, including some below.

  • Brookstone: Special free items included with select products in addition to discounts. For example get a free Neck & Shoulder Pro Massager when buying a uSqueez App Foot Massager.

  • Free shipping on orders over $79.99 and up to 70% off hundreds of items.

Also, to help you stay on top of what is on sale during the busy shopping season visit our “Gadget Deals” page.

More Black Friday deals at MacMall.

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Still can’t find the right gift? Visit the Coolest Gadgets Gift Picker. Tell us what they like and we’ll find the perfect gift.

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