Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2030 delivers Full HD images without breaking the bank

epson-home-cinema-2030Many gotten used presence High Definition video living rooms, cinema, our smartphones. The thing is, while like large screen TV living rooms theater setups, how many do prefer over a TV? I would say answer would all, but t home projector market. No sir, Epson debuted their family focused Full HD 2D/3D projector known PowerLite Home Cinema 2030, where be able big screen, high value HD entertainment without requiring break .

The Epson Home Cinema 2030 able families theater enthusiasts, larger-than-life HD experience, where bright image quality regardless , mention new MHL-enabled HDMI port able t projector in smart display plays nice other MHL-supported devices, such range -powered phones , Roku Streaming Stick, .

Just what other kind Epson Home Cinema 2030 pack underneath ? Well, looking-in sound capability speakers, which would mean users their future movie experience accordingly, depending budget point. Not, be able 2,000 lumens brightness ,000 lumens brightness, all thanks 3LCD, 3-chip technology setup. The projector a dozen pre-set color modes, so their favorite videogames their favorite TV programs all , regardless dark room a well-l.

Coming white, compact design, PowerLite Home Cinema 2030 a relatively affordable $999.

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[ Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2030 delivers Full HD images without breaking ]

Cutie Gadget »Kodak announces full line of KODAK PIXPRO branded digital cameras

kodak-pixproKodak, a name among photographers than a century, hanging around without any sign clocking out from scene anytime soon. In fact, they themselves a second wind new Kodak Pixpro range’s announcement deliver some advanced long-zoom technology features even beginner, ensuring able generations . Of course, Kodak also understands difficult economically segments, which their range cameras going .

The Kodak Pixpro Astro Zoom Camera would be focused popular bridge camera category, where target a wide range enthusiasts who want something compared standard point model. The Astro Zoom cutting-edge technology optical zoom, boasting wide-angle lenses bunch settings customize camera settings without missing a beat.

The new Kodak Pixpro Astro Zoom Camera line centered solely flagship AZ521 model, where a powerful 52x optical zoom than $300, where be accompanied 24mm wide-angle lens; 1080p HD Video; 3.0″ 460K LCD; optical image stabilization (OIS) lithium-ion battery. The other Astro Zoom models would deliver a range price points, where among them include (25x), AZ361 (36x), AZ362 (36x CMOS), AZ501 (50x) (52x CMOS View Finder), prices anywhere from $179.99 to $349.99. If bug itching , would what Kodak offer?

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[ Kodak announces full line PIXPRO branded digital cameras ]

Cutie Gadget »Bird Photo Booth takes the hard work out of photographing birds


Photography used a hard hobby (or profession) into. If even decent pictures, a good b money , there were costs of. But these days, almost everyone a decent camera times, of (relatively) inexpensive solutions difficult shots. One particularly difficult subject bird. You’ll either need a great lens them from a safe distance, underst meaning . That, clever.

The Bird Pho clever way pictures ’ve seen. After all, what one place guarantee’ll always find birds? A bird feeder. So put a camera next feeder, so snap great, close-up pictures while friends come a bite .

Designed like one original Polaroid cameras, t features mounts, iPod Touch, camera, macro lens. Then, use any WiFi-enabled device , pictures perfect moment. even use FaceTime birds, if that’s . The Bird Pho $150, ’ll need feed .

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[ Bird Pho takes work out birds ]

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Buzzy device makes injections less painful, especially for kids

buzzyI would like a quick poll here – how many out there actually fear , going doctor ? If answered affirmative, then be company number too, who happen fear. There quite unnerving about having a really large needle inserted in body, although thinking about some form might help a wee bit. Here device definitely proven itself – .

Just what Buzzy, ? Well, happens a unique device which pain , assisting children around them pain management solution. invented mom/pediatric ER physician, where reusable , blocking pain using method a therapeutic massager ice pack. Kids vibrating bee, where go a long way out phobia, injection pain, . Not, a fair number also use Buzzy when , itching, bee stings, .

Buzzy nature because physiology called Gate Control. Larger cold nerves out smaller pain nerve sensations whenever both simultaneously, a example, imagine running a burn under cold water, ’ve got . Buzzy use tech components pain phobia efficient manner. If interested, -sized Buzzy for $39.95 a pop.

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[ Buzzy device makes injections less painful, especially ]

Cutie Gadget »Best Heated Towel Warmer makes your bathroom more posh

heated-towel-warmerWe some towel warmers past, but did any carry adjective of “best”? Nay, definitely not! Don’t love holiday destination after long flight which few connecting routes, long journey from hotel, refreshing hot towel ? home, making about office thanks $99.95 Best Heated Towel Warmer. Not, if a naturally hospitable person, surely (s) would appreciate such a gesture when they arrive doorstep.

Why was t warmer rated “best”? Well, accolade because towels consistent heat from inner edges rolled towels. Taking a mere 10 minutes, Heated Towel Warmer towels cozy 97° F, while other models required over double similar temperature. Not, lesser warmers were guilty cold pockets toward towel rolls. The Best Heated Towel Warmer , where enough space a couple ″ x 70″ towels, also come bathrobes, clothing . There lights when heating progress; androids out there need – automatic shut-off function would ensure .
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Cutie Gadget »Ka-Bar “Zomstro” Zombie Chopper…just in case a zombie apocalypse breaks out

ka-barZombies happen part undead “family” strike fear in hearts masses, they start stumbling out large group,. Of course, where them speed just find War Z, then those a terrifying bunch with. Let’s just say a zombie apocalypse happens one fine day, leaving a Walking Dead scenario, then do well proficient-to-h , would want brain loving undead quietly so draw attention .

T where the $129.99 Ka-Bar “Zomstro” Zombie Chopper comes – been described a “zombie chopping cleaver” only (but !), sporting a fixed blade 10.25”, proudly made USA out Cro-Van steel. zombie green handles, stealth black handles, a backup knife a.25” blade jobs out there, a durable nylon sheath loop pouch, 9′ green paracord, additional handle mounting hardware, mention a Ka-Bar “Zombie Knives” velcro patch. I suppose someone like Daryl Dixon would be most once goes kaput. what they say – better safe than sorry, prepared!
[ Ka-Bar “Zomstro” Zombie Chopper…just a zombie apocalypse breaks out ]

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Leash Plus brings an update to the good ol’ leash

leash-plusDo best friend? After all, don’t ’s best friend deserves best, too? Leaving Fido chained fence no fun, ’re better placing him home him if . who treat our dogs, know them adequate exercise important mental energy, having a good quality leash comes – so dog would hurt, h Fido suddenly dash forward. The $18.99 Leash Plus might be something worth looking into, , but deemed “puppy-approved” .

Thanks revolutionary design been applied Leash Plus, include a pop-up water bowl, a storage bin, a baggie receptacle bags thrown in mix right away, a LED safety flashlight powered trio batteries, clock so know time back home, locking button 16 foot retractable leash. Choose from Midnight, Yellow/Green, Plum colors, although do well bottle separately quite tell just when these .
[ Leash Plus brings good ol’ leash ]

Cutie Gadget »iPad Musical Shower Curtain

ipad-shower-curtainI chairs before, but most out there, musical chairs refer kid – although sometimes be used situation office these days. How about musical shower curtains? Now something different, $49.95 iPad Musical Shower Curtain something s change stops, but rather, feature integrated speakers waterpro inside.

T definitely be able shower session in truly entertaining session. Since zips would be closed from , ensure iPad within would be safe from moisture, while sporting audio cable hook, iPhone, Android-powered phone, player couple upper left corners curtain. The side pocket out touch-enabled material so able media, navigate through different screens handle a call if arises. The iPad Musical Shower Curtain powered trio batteries.
[ iPad Musical Shower Curtain ]

Cutie Gadget »Hi! Magnetic Voice Recorder

hi-recorderFor generation out there, a reminder family members, than standard Post-. The thing is, if ’t broke, don’t fix it. Good thing us humans enterprising lot – out there love ( succeed), which there existence £12.99 Hi! Magnetic Voice Recorder come shades.

With ! Magnetic Voice Recorder, be able record own messages max out seconds (definitely better than a 6 second video, don’t so?), allowing be, remorseful like. Made out extremely soft silicone rubber, when accompanied handy magnetic back, be able home’s fridge rest family what kind -second message day. All single press button , ’re good .
[ Hi! Magnetic Voice Recorder ]

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cutie Gadget »R2-D2 Soy Sauce Dispenser

r2-d2-soy“R2-D2, pass me sauce sushi, you’re my!” What other kinds lines think? Check out this $14.99 R2-D2 Soy Sauce Dispenser which comes across incredibly detailed piece – but , unlike R2-D2 astromech droid stepped save – nay, galaxy, many times over past, t one would come hollow interior space, famous holographic projector a pouring spout.

T-D2 Soy Sauce Dispenser would make perfect addition home, especially if a huge Star Wars fan. Who would would make a truly unique addition home kitchen? T one upgrade folks would never, I am quite sure . Now all upgrade R2-D2 Soy Sauce Dispenser be remote controlled, tray abdomen hold some wasabi paste experience complete. Now truly be !
[ R2-D2 Soy Sauce Dispenser ]

Cutie Gadget »Tiger develops fast boiling kettle

electric-kettleWhen tea, hot beverage, getting enough hot water well (especially when there guests who drop) quite tricky. Sure, some do fancy electric hot pots – which hold a couple , keeping them warm all , but surely end a fire hazard paranoid androids out there, especially when home stretches . How about boiling water kettle stove? Now that’s things done, but since instant culture instant results, Tiger Corp. decided a steam-less electric kettle which boast industry’s fastest speed (approximately 45 seconds) when a cup (about 140mL). Now, fast,?

T kettle would be model ’s “Electric Kettle Wakuko”, does a single b steam outside kettle. Known as “PCH-G” if model numbers cup , t kettle released beginning , extremely short boiling time, amount consumption reduced along . How made possible?

Well, time (which counter from turning switch automatic stop boiling) could be reduced through ’s “print heater,” which comes new structure, required a boiling state. A similar amount required a cup 22% smaller, if one were ’s previous product (PCH-A, which was manufactured), thanks reduction boiling time time. T sounds like something all modern homes should come with.

[ Tiger develops fast boiling kettle ]

Cutie Gadget »Air conditioned dog house

ac-doghouseSome call our four legged friends “furkids”, them they than a pet, being members same family . Now, t definitely, but go a b when owners taking their dogs gourmet meals, while they treated spa afterwards – just like a human. Wa minute, a human actually – how many afford spa treatments slog away rat race? who happen see level rise levels during wave, know dog runs from heat stroke. Well, why them conditioned dog house? T what MRT Corp. , allowing coolness air conditioned dog house despite heat outside.

T dog house elements both cooling functions. MRT Corp. (Al) plate, which boasts high thermal conductivity, right floor house, where connected elements plate. said house during , floor approximately 10-15°C lower than temperature. At , be 15-20°C higher than temperature, making ideal dog house through a hot summer bitterly cold winter.

definitely be cheaper than turning house’s air conditioner, since, cost dog house $0.015 per hour, product life least 18,000. The air conditioned dog house would cost around $507 after conversion.

[ Air conditioned dog house ]

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Doom Razor Attacknid R/C Combat Creatures

doom-arachnidRemote controlled toys become a whole lot than ever before, thanks massive advancements made world . I remember back day when I was still a little kid running around snot oozing down my nostril, there was t move its hands vertically, while direction flat surface until , where base change direction. Well, fast forward second decade 21st century, such $79.99 Doom Razor Attacknid R/C Combat Creatures.

The Doom Razor Attacknid R/C Combat Creatures allows scuttle in six legs, where extremely maneuverable body. Boasting a Bolt n’ Battle weapons system which a dissector disc attachment discs, all red combat armor in. The half dozen legs 360 degree rotating head would let havoc, just make sure Battle Brain does h times, otherwise curtains Attacknid. Half a dozen AA batteries shebang, so rechargeables would be highly recommended.
[ Doom Razor Attacknid R/C Combat Creatures ]

Cutie Gadget »Lying Down Laptop Stand lets you surf while you recline


There lot computer, especially if a laptop. set a traditional desk, . curl couch, lap, use one standing desks, sure’re too lazy. But what if extremely lazy, while laying down? You’re going a very special st that.

The Laying Down Laptop Stand does exactly what think. use while laying down flat bed. You’ll just need stand, rotate angle. Now, just climb underneath it, comfortable while . Now, I’m sure just how comfortable be, hands raised you. I guess be alright if a mouse bed, ’re much typing, watching YouTube videos. Regardless you’re wanting , this $95 st help it.

[ Lying Down Laptop St while ]

Cutie Gadget »Doctor Who TARDIS Collectors Watch is worthy of a Time Lord


It’s amazing how a TV show years, seem . Few shows been air long, but none same cult following Who. While two decades without any new episodes (save TV movie 90′s), following grown since -launched. And now, 50th anniversary series coming up, some special memorabilia Whovian .

Since Time Lord, it’s should be celebrated watch. While a pocket watch might seem , I’m really impressed TARDIS Collectors Watch put together. The leather straps blue, featuring . John Ambulance logo, other showing white Police Box sign. The case polished chrome, face features a beautiful Galliyfreyan print.

The price works out around $227, which sounds about right finely crafted watch, officially licensed Doctor Who collectable. Each unique serial number box. pre-order yours now, though they won’t ship until . If away, you’ll need someone real TARDIS.

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[ Doctor Who TARDIS Collectors Watch Time Lord ]