Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Splash Chopping Board adds some drama to your kitchen and meal times

splash-chopping-boardWhen TV these days, actually stop – there nothing good , never mind total number available these days few hundred times those had available when they were young, which could be pretty ironic when about it. Well, these days, shows tend side , including murder. The classic murder scene would see a weapon left behind , pool near ’s body. With the £15.00 Splash Chopping Board, able sure who drop kitchen would be able a conversation starter.

The Splash Chopping Board after all, comes ingenious dripping design against kitchen counter. add a splash of (sometimes controversial) color kitchen whenever you’re chopping ingredients, drip be removed jiffy, transform in completely flat worktop saver without missing a beat. Clever!
[ Splash Chopping Board adds some drama kitchen times ]

Cutie Gadget »Kisai Xtal LED Watch is modern and mysterious

Kisai Xtal

What a person a wristwatch? Did they get a loved one, value placed object? Does extra functions such smart watches we’ve seen past? Most people sport one because they did so before they had a phone check, would feel naked without one.

If you’ve been wearing watch long while, then be mood upgrade. Of course, those who b adventurous time piece selection might be interested most recent TokyoFlash option, which Kisai Xtal LED Watch. It’s fairly straightforward if be, but switch cryptic mode looks like a piece technology.

When , red, white, LEDs lit, like a continuous b . option , trimmed. There modes which set, be turned off. T a fairly pricey watch $139+, but these-made, unique. While a minute h -pappy used , still communicate just.

Available on TokyoFlash
[ Kisai Xtal LED Watch ]

Cutie Gadget »The Air Naturalizer from CritterZone – Easy Breathing in a very Small Package


We all love having pets, they truly joy, loves unconditionally animal friend. Of course nothing smells house, itch either. In fact, combined dust few other allergens, homes quite unpleasant, winter heading our way, open a window fresh air fading memory.

So check out CritterZone’s Air Naturalizer, designed inside air, clean itself like Mother Nature intended. CritterZone’s unique un a powerful ionic engine energized elements , causing a series reactions give these energized elements air, get rid , allergens, molds  maintains environment square feet space.

Now I’ve had a few loud air purifiers day, all helped degrees, but t guy plugs directly in standard outlet it’s magic right from there, taking floor space whatsoever. I adm didn’t expect much from t 2 inch deep box, but boy was I wrong. In hours my entire bedroom smells like after a thunderstorm husbands sinus issues lessened just enough better nights sleep. (for both )

The CritterZone Air Naturalizer doesn’t use chemicals, filters ’s so small use . take work neighbors lunch, put one kitty litter box, business trip they’re all out -smoking rooms. If one they run around 90 bucks at really breath air.
[ The Air Naturalizer from CritterZone – Easy Breathing very Small Package ]

Monday, October 28, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Electronic Dictionary Bookmark kisses goodbye to dog eared pages

electronic-bookmarkI would dare who read books , t crowd divided in – who absolutely love all their books, loa loan , while group would sharing book all around, should be read well – which means folding “dog ears” where stopped reading . Bookmarks ! Well, the £19.95 Electronic Dictionary Bookmark might give else about.

Not know where was time reading book, Dictionary Bookmark holds one very distinct advantage – name suggests, also come built-in dictionary so able out right there a particular word confounded . actually English dictionary 38,0000 definitions, which specially condensed in sleek gadget.
[ Electronic Dictionary Bookmark kisses goodbye eared pages ]

Cutie Gadget »Zcapture is open source product photography at its easiest


When you’re looking something online, there lot aspects in. The validity website, how much information , most importantly , what like. Maybe a size comparison, but a bad pho’t tell .

If you’re looking off some stuff wanting selling products online, you’re going sure you’re taking good photos. The best option would be 360 degree views , but taking all photos, editing them, them together a pain. Well, until came along.

T source 360 product photography device let from snapping photos them online within about 15 minutes. Of course, that’s what they say page, which means that’s time who b proficient process. There mini version which $150, version $480. Both come software license updates. While it’s a pretty hefty purchase, be quite useful who do product photos regularly. It’s compatible about every camera, those how it, t see fit.

Available funding on Kickstarter
[ Zcapture source product photography easiest ]

Cutie Gadget »Cold Bruer does cold-freshly brewed coffee

Many people do require a cup brewed coffee start their day. Of course, these cups tend piping hot, aroma irresistible. Well, over what they Bruer, obvious reasons, . The Cold Bruer special device be able out cold-freshly brewed coffee. made possible thanks successful crowd-funding campaign, where Bruer any ice-coffee drinker a simple device capable fresh home brewed coffee – which , .

The Cold Bruer comes compact form factor also extremely easy , where capable 24 ounces alongside a couple , which would end three cups brewed coffee extract. The amount time pays homage adage that “good things come who wait”, where be anywhere between two hours. T extract be poured over ice, where be mixed dairy approximately half a dozen cups brew. T extract refrigerated fortnight after brewing.

What advantage does a cold brew issue coffee find local Starbucks? Well, cold brew , less acidic bitter compared hot coffee, which might just find a new set who after sip. Those who Cold Bruer able a pre-order special limited time price of $55, set later next January. I guess t able t tree later t.

[ Cold Bruer does cold-freshly brewed coffee ]

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Feenix announces the 2014 Nascita gaming mouse

Feenix-Nascita-and-DimoraWhen peripherals, there a fair number who churning out quality devices from time . Feenix exactly one players out there, but love . Ashkon Shayani, Creative Director, shared, “Everything had always looked exactly ; black red lights around it. There was no simplicity . Our main goals . Our instruments deliver gaming experience possible designs right in home.”

The 2014 Nascita’s form factor a perfect ergonomic feel, which rather bold claim. After all, when a mouse, there ways so, they tend in three categories – palm, claw,-claw gamer. However, Nascita touts able three types without missing a beat. The mouse itself 100% driverless, where gamers hardware adjustments without having use software. Feenix use latest chipsets technologies 8200 dpi laser engine seamless accuracy .

There art Omron switches clicking 10 million click lifetime, while its in-mouse LCD technology lets gamers read information able adjust DPI fly. Just sweaty palms during a fierce shoot-out, ’s anti-sweat -slip surface material a comfortable feel always.

All above yours for $97 if interested 2014 Nascita gaming mouse from Feenix.

[ Feenix announces Nascita gaming mouse ]

Cutie Gadget »Trent Airbender 2.0 ensures your iPad Air is well protected

trent-airbenderThe world did less stop tracks earlier t, made which touched one, but two iPads – Air thinner than ever before despite being , alongside mini display, a feature mini users hoping arrive some time already. Well, t one thing – huge number who upgrading iPad Air would also need a slew accessories along device, Airbender 2.0 would be able .

The Trent Airbender 2.0 would come form durable, hard clam shell case where be accompanied detachable Bluetooth keyboard use. Not, Airbender 2.0 be able protection against minor scratches , mention functionality iPad Air thanks 360 degree rotating case viewing angles. Oh yeah, also mentioned earlier, there friendly Bluetooth keyboard make go a whole lot easier compared touchscreen display.

The Trent Airbender 2.0’s ultra low-profile, built-in keyboard able Air seamlessly thanks connectivity. T keyboard would feature tactile, chiclet keys a comfortable, all-round typing experience. Apart from that, t be accompanied row shortcut keys hopefully be able productivity whenever taking down notes documents iPad Air. be folded transport, where its compact design should make in carry-on, backpack, purse. Those who new Trent Airbender 2.0 able so same day iPad Air – t November 1st for $54.95 a pop.

[ Trent Airbender 2.0 ensures Air protected ]

Cutie Gadget »Hydro Powered Jetovator makes for the coolest Christmas gift

jetovatorNow, Powered Jetovator a device be too large a Christmas tree, but I do getting t Christmas gift! Just where do I start where the Hydro Powered Jetovator ? a flying, steerable seat which able its rider 25′ air thanks trio jets . easily installed a removable U-adapter be able 90% rearward thrust existing personal watercraft.

There 40′ hose which flying seat’s rear, where from there, “feed” ’s three water jet nozzles-volume, low-pressure water so able to “ride“ mph. The driver able personal watercraft thanks pair controlled water nozzle levers so backflips, barrel rolls, corkscrews, 10′ dives underwater. The Hydro Powered Jetovator going cheap, however, cost you $7,000 with.
[ Hydro Powered Jetovator makes coolest Christmas gift ]

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Jukebox Dock Bluetooth merges the old and the new

jukebox-dockDon’t new come together single package? I guess what the £99.99 Jukebox Dock Bluetooth about, making especially special gift who want something from days, also enjoy a new twist classic idea. With Dock Bluetooth, be able 1946, although feature some future-forward ideas, thanks integrated USB port allows power devices whenever their batteries start low.

Do fooled retro finishing, however, does boast sound quality, delivering all fun without any expensive coin-feeding sessions. While no one off a “Smooth Criminal” move from afar Jukebox Dock Bluetooth, always make use imagination done. The Jukebox Dock Bluetooth, name suggests, nice Bluetooth-enabled devices. All pop one in universal cradle located front, able excellent stereo sound, while juicing simultaneously. Of course, if something ancient Bluetooth connectivity, a 3.5mm input cable .
[ Jukebox Dock Bluetooth merges new ]

Cutie Gadget »SeV Alpha Jacket ensures that pickpockets would find you a difficult ‘project’

sev-alphaThere around those who play , matter how tight a situation themselves into, somehow, they would out way scenario – all looking so good a single str hair . Well, spies dress well, too, since they tend government’s payroll. If one spies cool looking jacket, want out the $199.99 SeV Alpha Jacket what .

The SeV Alpha Jacket super spy jacket which whatever you’re carrying, thanks gr of (drumroll, please) 35 pockets. Yes sir, , 35 freakin’ pockets! I guess talking about having both form case, where Alpha Jacket boast Personal Area Network (PAN) enable run wires through many pockets invisibly, including earbud loops, sleeve microphone loops, RFID-blocking pocket. The is, just forget where placed a particular item pocket during those moments .
[ SeV Alpha Jacket ensures would find difficult ‘project’ ]

Cutie Gadget »PowerBall, the little speaker that could

diamond-speakerAll right, I am quite sure would think lottery when “powerball” out loud. However, folks over Treasures, “PowerBall” does anything factor , but rather, arrive form tiny, portable speaker. T beat blaster said item impromptu party room dance session. Not portable, also wireless , but just like how one should a book cover, neither should a passing statement good (or lousy) a particular speaker actually released out. Not, despite its diminutive size, be sure able late in night PowerBall would be able out tunes dozen hours full charge!

Brian Austin, President Treasures, shared, “We wanted a speaker outlast party. Long after night, continues . Don’t let size fool . The PowerBall fits in palm h anywhere; but, sound from stunning. The best speaker category range, clarity …”

As long compatible Bluetooth-enabled device, be able nice PowerBall. Apart from that, also able playlists on newest Pandora station time . The full range mono speaker able clear notes rhythms, boasting audio output power .6 Watt RMS 40mm driver. Since nice connectivity, mean arrive theoretical working wireless range feet.

Each PowerBall purchase would include a hanging strap, letting regardless . For $49.95 a pop, choose from blue, green, pink, red, black, shades.

[ PowerBall, speaker ]

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Genius DVR-HD500D Dual Lens Vehicle Recorder settles accident disputes once and for all

genius-dvr-hd500dHave been involved fender bender before? Whenever there other eyewitnesses around other than person vehicle, word other person’s after lodging report. If was a way authorities were totally fault apart from a verbal presentation. That possible recorders, but over one step further Genius DVR-HD500D Dual Lens Vehicle Recorder just been announced America.

The Genius DVR-HD500D Dual Lens Vehicle Recorder a couple recorders, connected via a cable, do a fantastic job sure goes unnoticed event accident. There one recorder located front windshield, where record, while there another one located rear windshield, recording so ends covered. The Genius DVR-HD500D able road conditions both , simultaneously, where its 130 degree wide angle view -definition video capture would pave video quality during playback – which crucial when accident.

me wonder actually, how come standard vehicle recorders capture what front, behind? Looks like over answered t issue, so know, recorder hooked via a 19 feet long cable. Each time , automatically, which means important evidence retained. All data stashed away microSDHC memory card, Genius DVR-HD500D for $169 if you’re interested.

Product Page
[ Genius DVR-HD500D Dual Lens Vehicle Recorder settles accident disputes once all ]

Cutie Gadget »Ballerina Tree makes for an interesting decoration piece

ballerina-treeThe Christmas season supposedly full , course, do well sure overall feeling all around kind served, decoration – house, . who want something different from shebang when home Yuletide spirit, how about getting the $299.95 Ballerina Tree?

The Ballerina Tree happens a rotating 6′ Christmas tree which specially modeled after jewelry box ballerina. T worlds together, where a whimsical take traditional indoor tree. Sporting some rather lifelike PVC branches which reimagined ballerina dancer’s long limbs, be sure friends might even want their fingers through their brain tells them real deal. As green PVC pine needles, those fashioned in tutu. The dancer’s bodice festive red tinsel, while pre-l would radiate elegant light white LEDs. The lights themselves rated,000 hours, so Ballerina Tree a good many years down .
[ Ballerina Tree makes interesting decoration piece ]

Cutie Gadget »Walking Dead Animated Teddy Bear Girl makes it just in time for the Season 4

walking-dead-animated-girlSince about , one thing – Halloween way, which means one ought making preparations, such favors, candy, course, presents whom deserve one. To set aside $199.99 Walking Dead Animated Teddy Bear Girl sign avid fan rather graphic comic series which seen a TV series ( season !) computer boot. T licensed Walking Dead memorabilia, definitely be addition Halloween collection comes life-size reproduction zombie girl.

To make things creepier, “she” activated, pretty much same way less attracts zombies series. Something about zombies do bug me, however, why can’t until all teeth out, in juicy flesh? Well, just one aspect doubt genre , but then again, millions Dead fans cannot be wrong, awesome first time Rick Grimes TV series get confronted girl wearing teddy bear slippers, , seared memory. Since she’s sound activated, be tool trick who walk home. Powered quartet batteries, she won’t rot – ever, brains.
[ Walking Dead Animated Teddy Bear Girl makes Season 4 ]

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Pet Allergen Removing Air Purifier makes sure that Fido is not blamed for any sickness at home

allergen-removal-purifierHaving a cat bring joy, quite tell what friends to, do end some rather funny antics from time . Well, same kind constitution, folks kind fur around a room even when Fido chasing down butterflies. There $595.95 Pet Allergen Removing Air Purifier which solve whatever issues allergens home, thanks folks over.

The Pet Allergen Removing Air Purifier happens filter specially designed clean a pet owner’s home cast off, cats, kind which shed fur a smell behind. T made possible thanks medical-grade HEPA filter which 15 lbs. carbon capture 99.97% which than .03 microns. That would definitely go some way a home -suffering family , carbon blend incorporates ammonia-absorbing compounds which common pet odors, which leaves air room smelling much fresher. There 360-degree intake which air through a couple -filters efficient manner, so much so room ,000 square feet exchanged every 30 minutes.
[ Pet Allergen Removing Air Purifier makes sure blamed sickness ]

Cutie Gadget »Tikker watch tells you how much time left you have on your clock

tikkerNow t question – would just how many days left , prefer , so out day instead? I would fall under category, but if a meticulous planner who also wants eventual demise, then want out t interesting Kickstarter project known Tikker watch. This Tikker watch self-contained atomic clock watch world.

The Tikker watch does any kind designs first place, but before able it, need a simple questionnaire, before subtracting age from . After doing so, set down life. Apart from that, also be able track time, although without saying death countdown would be the “main attraction” here. Right now, watch $39 pledge, where arrive shade also what reaper wears. If a custom color, then be prepared $1,000 pledge.
[ Tikker watch tells much time left clock ]

Cutie Gadget »HP Chromebook 11 unveiled

hp-chromebook-11Are spanking new notebook, but do high powered models a couple dollars? There a effective alternative, would come form Chromebook. There some Chromebooks released past, but t around, over announce their HP Chromebook 11 which was designed computer manufacturer HP themselves, delivering , simplicity benefits would normally expect from a Chromebook, its fair share design elements address a fair number face today.

After all, idea laptop make sure , . T Chromebook 11 thin without any kind bits make . Tipping two pounds, be one lightest laptops kind market. Apart from that, also notice sharp edges all around, which means such a design long run if all day long doing plenty . Of course, even when , there need additional charger, HP Chromebook 11 juiced a micro-USB charger. T a similar charger Android phone.

Other hardware specifications note finely-tuned speakers, plenty -loaded Google apps, 100GB Drive cloud storage free years, -day free trial Play Music All Access. Expect HP Chromebook 11 wallet friendly $279.

[ HP Chromebook 11 unveiled ]

Monday, October 7, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Booq Complete Protection Kit for the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s

booqiphonewithout saying days, whenever new handset mobile device, chances a ready array cases disposal. After all, why take new smartphone scratch simply because bulky first place? The folks over Protection K named, boasting modern simplicity design so 5c 5s users able their br Apple devices top condition right from go. T certainly thing if sure good resale value when 6 arrives, right?

The Booq Complete Protection K offer-encompassing solution iPhone devices, where composed different parts. There tempered glass screen protector,-thin snap case, a microfiber cleaning cloth, couple home button covers. Needless , Protection K scratch-resistant , where protection snap never peel so ends a permanent solution which would make looking longest time even years down .

Just how made possible? Well, thanks anti-smudge oleophobic coating lining, Protection K fortification required without sacrificing pocket-ability. A tempered real glass, crystal clear exterior -resistant against scratches, two adhesive home button covers protection iPhone 5c so functionality along . The Complete Protection K iPhone 5c 5s for $34.95 a pop.

[ Booq Complete Protection K 5c 5s ]

Cutie Gadget »Motrr Galileo Bluetooth and Galileo 30-pin for iPhone pre-orders are now available

motrr-galileoEver heard before? Well, they happen behind range camera tripods, time around, they -order availability Galileo Bluetooth 30-pin target , window from month. Galileo named after known character from , where a revolutionary iOS-controlled robotic iPhone platform t around spherical rotation capability so doors owners world , pano, possibilities.

Jasper Eisenberg, Marketing Manager, said, “We Galileo, a device platform creativity immersive experiences from anywhere world. Motrr’s mission transform other around us. With new dimension , everything from video calling, time-lapse photography, cinematography, imaging get way .”

With , Sphere app, ensuring remain just one tap away from capturing amazing spherical panoramas. Not, able pan controls jiffy create dynamic time-lapse sequences. Using a second smartphone, tablet, browser, be able Galileo remotely so “eyes” using one-way video. Want more? Not a problem, also delivers 2-way video calling experience, where all swipe device , orients itself direction, which basically means able what .

The Galileo 30-Pin nice iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 3GS Touch 4th generation., while Bluetooth iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, Touch 5th generation.

[ Motrr Galileo Bluetooth 30-pin pre-orders available ]

Cutie Gadget »LUMOback posture sensor will straighten you out


Do a picture someone took how terrible was? Of course, next few days, t flaw, time someone snaps a photo, up. However, a few weeks pass ’re back old habits again. always ask family you’re slouching, but a responsibility shouldn’t really have.

The best way about changing life do because . Of course, a little assistance nice, but ’t rely . The LUMOback Posture Sensor just that, reminders throughout .

T a strap worn lower back, connect wirelessly smartphone. The app tell specifics you’re standing over day. Whenever isn’t doing what be, vibrate . This $150 device worn over , also act activity tracker.

Available via LUMOback
[ LUMOback posture sensor ]

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Desktop 3D Printer (hopefully) makes 3D printing more affordable

desktop-3d-printerWhat do world printers? Most would figure out are, having one puppies would definitely be expensive. After all, far from being using printer printer. Well, perhaps the $1,300 Desktop 3D Printer might actually change when a it. T Desktop 3D Printer picked gong from Popular Mechanic Breakthrough Award category, where capable exact, three-dimensional reproductions .

To ensure be out off with, there, a thous designs, ranging from case bracelet, who love, downloaded from a website. The Desktop 3D Printer itself 1/125″-thin layers , viscous thermoplastic which matter , resulting forming a solid, three-dimensional meticulous reproduction. The kind printouts able anywhere 5 1/2″ cu., lookout designs which require reinforcement during printing, enough plastic supports automatically.

These plastic supports be removed whenever . Your design files printer over a Wi-Fi connection, use USB flash drive’s touchscreen control panel so print settings. Once Desktop 3D Printer, always opt additional designs from itself, use three-dimensional modeling software own them. Perhaps t need gadget life, eh?
[ Desktop 3D Printer (hopefully) makes 3D printing ]