Monday, September 30, 2013

Cutie Gadget »BluFit the intelligent water bottle

blufitHmmm, what do here? So cannot make do “smart” things – from smart cars smart homes, here some might deem a “smart bottle”. The folks over water bottle which app smartphone device, making sure get amount in system so would be able level . Through smart bottle , BluF able just how much water , so far, time yourself.

We tend water drinking enough throughout . Of course, know well hydrated able alertness, control , while improving activity , symptoms such fatigued, having splitting headaches skin . Since real busy lives these days, tasks such hydrated our minds, which BluF come t bottle guess work while getting done.

How does t water bottle work?, sensor which record consumed. An integrated app sure a program customized their needs, so no wild accusations thrown smart bottle does what doing. The BluF about collecting a range such, age, temperature exactly what intake should be, , check out level , set personal goals intake depending activity level status. retail for $59 a pop when next March.

[ BluF intelligent water bottle ]

Cutie Gadget »LG announces the LG SoundPlate speaker system

lg-soundplateLG Electronics a br speaker system which a minimalist design while offering a huge audio boost home entertainment center, calling LG SoundPlate. Having revealed 2013, SoundPlate, carrying number LAP340, usher new generation theater audio systems optimized’s flat-panel HDTVs.

Jay Vandenbree, senior vice president, home entertainment, LG Electronics USA, said, “The tradeoff ultra thin TV design smaller speakers, which surge home audio devices. We’re augmenting our already robust line LG SoundPlate consumers yet another alternative home entertainment sound compact, attractive design.” So that’s how where they from.

The LG SoundPlate its magic high-quality audio while maintaining minimally obtrusive. a profile 1-3/8 inches (35 millimeters) high, but do fooled LG SoundPlate equipped robust 4.1 channel sound system complete built-in subwoofers.

Apart from that, there a 120W output been boosted unique internal structure alongside LG’s proprietary acoustic tuning system, making dialog discrete sounds whenever they TV shows. Not just content, SoundPlate feature LG’s Bass Port system lower harmful vibrations from within enclosure.

When set ’s Cinema Mode, optimize ′s surround sound capabilities, resulting immersive field audio. Additional functionality found’s Sound Sync, which capabilities, allowing users compatible devices – phones included, so music sans wires when. Talk about another cable clutter reducing measure!

There word press time, but LG SoundPlate via US retailers from October onward.

[ LG announces SoundPlate speaker system ]

Cutie Gadget »Plantronics RIG is a headset and mixer for gamers on the go


We all want things . Just browsing through t, you’ll likely find a few things our lives easier tasks (for a price ). We few go- always keep around like our phones, e-readers, . While they make some aspect so our lives easier, between them a b. Take playing a round .

When you’re playing, ’t very well pause phone, especially when you’re call teammates. T about any other multiplayer well. Plantronics must our woes, a headset take care other issues. called RIG, which headset combination work Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Mac, devices.

T seamlessly move from one device other single touch. take a call volume liking middle game. mic detachable boom-the-go jamming. T great who like a lot devices handy, ’t want a shift between them. T cost $130, like be worth .

Available via BestBuy
[ Plantronics RIG headset go ]

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault makes you work for your gift

puzzle-pod_bank-vaultWe told time such thing free lunch world, suppose you, responsible adult, need t fact younger folks world who thinks universe owes them a living. The next time someone a present, try throw money envelope, but rather, how about making he work gift a sense ? That the $29.95 Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault about.

The Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault would come form password-locked device within, solved, open recipient able access gift inside. The five letter code customized over again, makes sure outgrown t, be “recycled” else – a younger relative, perhaps? A slot bottom allows use -Pod Bank & Present Vault bank. be able blows from a hammer well though.

[ Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault makes gift ]

Cutie Gadget »Amazon Kindle Fire HDX ushers in third generation era of tablets

kindle-fire-hdxWhen world , most folks between -powered models from Apple, namely mini, Android-powered tablets which seem sorts sizes from a slew . However, over blind situation, see them make concerning generation from their Kindle shows doing something right all t – new Kindle Fire HDX looks set footsteps predecessor.

For starters, Kindle Fire HDX from Amazon display sizes – 7”.9”, , find amount muscle available under , namely a quad-core 2.2GHz processor triple power predecessor, double , 11 hours life use, stereo speakers Digital Plus audio certainly keep happy.

As mentioned earlier, there two models available – ” Kindle Fire HDX from $229 place a pre-order, set t October 18th. There a 4G version pipeline, particular model cost at $329 a pop.

As larger sized model, .9” Kindle Fire HDX be a sight eyes thanks display size, where retail for $379 vanilla version, set t 7th, which than a month away. Not, Amazon roll out a 4G version albe $479 a pop, model happen later t 10th. All, still!

[ Amazon Kindle Fire HDX ushers generation era ]

Cutie Gadget »Amazon Kindle Fire HD goes easy on your bank account

kindle-fire-hdDespite what you, part world well, that, some do want a tablet our time away. Well, Amazon, unable one recently announced higher end Kindle Fire HDX models connectivity, want which proficient best without burning too large a hole pocket along . We all new $139 Kindle Fire HD, where arrive slimmer form factor amongst other features.

The new Kindle Fire HD provide access exclusive benefits Amazon ecosystem, where among include Instant Video, Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, Kindle MatchBook, AutoRip, world’s leading digital catalog 27 million movies, TV shows, songs, apps, games, books, audiobooks, .

Despite affordable price rivals, Fire HD one inferior hardware. No sir, itself, while HD, delivers 1280 x 800 resolution pixels per inch, while a dual-core 1.5 GHz processor gets things done jiffy. Your ears too, be able stereo speakers Digital Plus audio, where all crammed in new slim chass resembles Kindle Fire HDX.

With dual-b-Fi, fast streaming, downloads, browsing, while system which Fire HD runs be Fire OS 3.0 “Mojito” arrive features, platform updates, -exclusive services. Amazon started pre-orders device, Kindle Fire HD t 2nd onward.

[ Amazon Kindle Fire HD goes easy bank account ]

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Star Wars Battling Fighters Set settles the score once and for all

star-wars-battling-racerThe space opera known Wars major films shot about total, do know a third trilogy coming our way thanks folks over. However, debates continue fanboys, side fence on, Alliance Galactic Empire ought . One epic moments movies would be fighter battles, where various X-Wings, Y-Wings -Wings go a variety Fighters, X-Wing definitive starship fighter (“S Foils position!”) Rebel Alliance, while Advanced fighter piloted Vader hyperspace engine saved Lord Sith’s rear end when he was blasted out Death Star’s trench, worth adversary.

Who ? Why once all $99.95 Star Wars Battling Fighters Set, where ships happen a wee b compared track. Should Darth Vader TIE Advanced manages Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing latter nudged off , all hope galaxy. Integrated LEDs ships they racing, 12-foot figure-eight track bears glow-in the-dark striping runs.

[ Star Wars Battling Fighters Set settles once all ]

Cutie Gadget »Microsoft announces the new Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 tablets

surfacepro2Microsoft’s event yesterday certainly brought about a couple world – Microsoft Surface 2 Pro 2, mention keeping company those two new tablets were range Surface accessories spend . Just what expect from Microsoft Surface 2 Pro 2? Well, them from significant updates, where among them include improvements power life, higher camera resolution, course, would angles, making life a whole lot use lap .

be able a pre-order Microsoft Surface 2 Pro 2 from 8 a.m. EDT. 24, 2013 over’s online store. Not, Microsoft knows just how much productivity fan , which ordinary folks out Surface 2 Pro 2 tablets, those who pick able Skype calling 60 countries year, mention enjoying unlimited Skype WiFi Surface 2 Pro 2 2 million hot spots worldwide year, whopping 200GB SkyDrive storage years.

The Surface 2 NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, where a 10.6-inch ClearType Full HD display, a full-size USB 3.0 port, a 3.5-megapixel front camera -megapixel rear camera, running RT 8.1. pick Surface 2 models, starting from $449 onward. As Surface Pro 2, continue from where Pro left off, being a laptop replacement run just about all Windows software, being powered fourth-generation Intel Core i5 processor. Arriving configurations, start from $899 upward.

[ Microsoft announces Surface Pro 2 2 tablets ]

Cutie Gadget »Oppo N1 delivers a new mobile photography experience

oppo-n1How many do take advantage smartphone’s camera primary digital camera instead Four Thirds shooter purchased a while back? I suppose important functions would still see out sized camera, but most time, ’s camera point where capable “good enough” photos use. Oppo intends photos using our smartphones, launch latest flagship device, N1.

The Oppo N1 holds smartphone from new N-Lens flagship series feature a rotating camera, about that? Not, there a rear touch panel work generous touchscreen display, where every single b thought a totally new smartphone experience masses.

Arriving one color – white, N1 grams body 170.7mm x 82.6mm x 9mm, ’s special Color OS based 4.2 Jelly Bean. Underneath also be able a quad-core 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor Adreno 320 GPU, sporting 2GB RAM alongside memory capacity 16GB, depending budget. Powering N1 would be a rather beefy 3,610 mAh battery, which would come throughout day since a 5.9″ Full HD IPS display whopping 377ppi pixel density.

Not, a 13-megapixel shooter mode LED /2.0 aperture, which cool 206-degrees so images from angles never imagined possible regular smartphone camera. Not, lock angle, able ! Pricing details Oppo N1 remain confirmed, but know December release.

[ Oppo N1 delivers a new mobile photography experience ]

Monday, September 23, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Oyster Books – Because the World is your iPhone


I guess everyone knows’m a huge fan services. I love using Netflix Prime movies, I use a service music too. Sure, I Roku Player, Internet TV else me sift through tons blink eye. The better, but what about my e-reader? When , I pretty much get just one book time…

To be honest, my e-reader drawer somewhere, iPod, which one book… until now. Check out Oyster, subscription service readers. Oyster gives -tap access endless supply designed books, (customizable) typography ability friends, get recommendations. Oyster offers all this, and, unlimited access 100,000 books, all 10 bucks a month, titles being added all .

I guess some folks start a book until its finished, but I find, I like a little variety reading material. I believe so many options me even more. Oyster heck lot , from Michael Crichton .R.R. Tolkien , including kids books, complete illustrations. I’m loving it.

So, if you’re a huge reader, simply aspire one, head to invitation, get some . You’ll be so glad . Oyster iPhone, United States, but version should be available later t, no word yet availability. Let’s let our gadget-riddled brains relax few good books, shall we?
[ Oyster Books – Because iPhone ]

Cutie Gadget »GameCase iOS game controller brings mobile gaming to the next level

gamecaseWhen 5s was first announced, one things away was 64-b, working great coding, could deliver some high quality graphics game. Of course, a full touchscreen display going optimal when games out there, mention always finger (or two) appearing display, blocking out parts just dampen gaming experience. What would be a physical controller, iOS comes.

The GameCase mobile gaming heights, where redefine games iPad. Harnessing 7’s new MFi controller framework, less say new era gaming. Whenever iOS 7-powered device GameCase hooked up, a natural console quality feel. Sporting a couple sticks buttons, be able level .

Apart from that, there a thoughtfully crafted design-slip rubber surface which fatigue, paving play – device’s battery lasts, . Right now, GameCase developers together out exciting new games which able advantage device’s incredible features.

There no word just yet, however, but would willing GameCase when finally made available masses?

[ GameCase iOS brings mobile gaming next level ]

Cutie Gadget »iWALK offers the Sound Angle and Sound Angle Mini for wireless audio enjoyment

iwalkWhen world , there way too many different models from. The thing is, if some wireless audio fun, want out a couple from iWALK – Sound Angle Angle Mini. Both nice Bluetooth equipped devices, where than capable heart pumping audio via a stylishly compact design. Needless , be a large step compared Bluetooth speaker designs; Sound Angle Angle Mini advantage form factors alongside a bunch shades. The kind incorporated would seamlessly include both volume control buttons, 3.5mm auxiliary input so who do Bluetooth-enabled devices able play music from such sources, such school MP3 players /CD players among others.

Harr, vice president , shared, “We designed Angle Angle Mini portable , but deliver sound quality found expensive speakers.” The Sound Angle Mini could be used , “Do a book cover”, where amazing power compact design. The internal battery delivers 4 hours music playback, while a microSD memory card slot MP3 format music direct music playback. Apart from that, automatically select shuffle play whenever memory card.

As Sound Angle, t speaker delivers superb clarity sound surprisingly lightweight design. Not, convenient st any tablet. There input so music from external sources, where among them include MP3 players /CD players. There a built-in microphone which transforms in speakerphone.

The Sound Angle Mini , white, gray, yellow, red pink shades for $39.99 a pop, while Angle you $129.99 a pop, comes array , gray, cobalt blue, red colors.

[ iWALK offers Angle Angle Mini audio enjoyment ]

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cutie Gadget »ChargePak 3 Port External Battery is handy with an integrated wall charger

newtrent-chargepakMost do carry our fair share , where a smartphone definite “must have” device, while some augment a tablet moments where lugging around a notebook too much trouble. However, there new category make a potential splash market – smartwatches, would mean having yet another category day so – , ready yet another work day batteries. Having said that, there when forget a particular device, such situations likes $49.99 ChargePak 3 Port External Battery would come.

The big question is, what do battery when low? Fret not, genius ChargePak 3 Port External Battery lies fact comes built-in wall charger, so pesky cables around yet another adapter thirsty ChargePak 3 Port External Battery. Capable a trio simultaneously, 3 Port External Battery a micro USB cable, letting tablet pair same time.
[ ChargePak 3 Port External Battery integrated wall charger ]

Cutie Gadget »RC Pac-Man Racer Chasers brings the virtual chase to the real world

pacman-racer-chasersI know cosplay having gained immense popularity past few years, seeing video anime characters life poses all any more. What happens when back even older era – one basic graphics beeps ? Re-enacting those life whole lot harder then, but $49.95 RC Pac-Man Racer Chasers.

T a three-dimensional, remote-controlled re-creation most classic chase sequences history, where Pac-Man . need , where one comm pie chart ever hungry disposition, while Blinky commanded. Sporting infrared remote controls a 25-foot range simple forward, back, left, maneuvers, ideal one another, race against, just avoid one another playing a video cars. T fast-Man unlike, entire shebang requires 10 AAA batteries , so using rechargeables come across recommended.
[ RC Pac-Man Racer Chasers brings chase real world ]

Cutie Gadget »Hamaka Trailer Hitch Stand and Chair Combo – just lounging around


During months, sense would want much sun . Winter , so plenty memories us next summer. There sorts activities in, such, canoeing, campfires, . Of course, all tools things perfect.

If you’re a fan sitting around, certain a comfy place it. When there , there be supply, Trailer Hitch St Hammock Chair Combo was created. It’s perfect parties, drive-in movies, lake. The frame coated steel, hammocks made cotton rope. T 250 pounds per seat, but obviously t built.

It’s expensive around $300, which , hammock seats. T mount on truck, carrying case it’s use. While t be pretty awesome a few scenarios, I think going regular chair would do just. That keep while someone down .

Can be purchased at Wayfair, found via thisiswhyimbroke
[ Hamaka Trailer Hitch St Chair Combo – just lounging around ]

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Limited Edition Kisai Zone Wood Watch is organically modern


Our society the ‘buy, toss, upgrade’ mentality. There was a time when every possession was valued last generations. Now if anything doesn’t break from five years , we’re decently impressed. The do treat esteem rather costly, such . Of course, ’t go out buying these things everyday, so should be something want condition,’re likely bin.

TokyoFlash makes some really astounding watches pieces than just another way . They always require a little work , but makes them . If you’re looking fancy new time piece worth keeping condition, Edition Kisai Zone a valid option. There different types case their own color LCD screen.

There maple blue LCD, red sandalwood, dark sandalwood. The time , showing top, middle, seconds bottom. Even fractions second thanks animated hexagon bottom right face watch. T costs $99, but launch price, expect numbers days. The wood clear protective seal, display , runs normal, replaceable watch battery’ll out once a year. always on, adjustable settings animations.

The Kisai Zone Wood LCD Watch at Tokyoflash
[ Limited Edition Kisai Zone Wood Watch modern ]

Cutie Gadget »FABtotum Personal Fabricator will let you create to your heart’s desire


When title ‘artist’ a moody, eclectic sort comes . Of course, there myriad -types out there, , there digital artists. Of course, just because a computer doesn’t mean ( artists different story however). There modeling lead sculptures, jewelry, . While 3D printers available, they’re still pretty expensive, function. T great projects, but what if more?

For those who want a place anything their minds up, there FABtotum Personal Fabrication Device. T let additive printing, 3 ax manufacturing, 3D scanning, . The printing volume x 240 x 240 / ( b) mm. work plastic, foam, balsa, plywood, thin aluminum, alloys. As t completely bound structure, disassemble add new parts which even .

T’t meant some product be fully described go, was made who want outside box. In essence, be whatever when . choose a fully assembled version DIY kit, but there course be a difference. The k cost around $1,000, fully finished package around $1,100. There a k comes without which around $700.

Fund raising over at indiegogo, found via Technabob.
[ FABtotum Personal Fabricator heart’s desire ]

Cutie Gadget »Portable WiFi Signal Booster ensures you get a connection always

portable-wifi-boosterI know increasingly connected world these days, public spaces such, cafes, coffee shops come Wi-Fi network (free, another story different day). However, some do live where there “dead spots” homes – which difficult , really. What then, particular room house? Fret not, here $49.95 Portable WiFi Signal Booster help quandary, its name suggests, t a portable WiFi signal booster which while improving strength wireless network.

The device itself in AC outlet, where hooks a wireless network before re-broadcast a faster, WiFi connection – whether , hotel . The wireless hotspot’s power prongs in device naturally, ensuring whole un f a pocket, unobtrusive storage whenever . Relying most advanced 802.11 n protocol (which play nice devices), 150 Mbps download speed (theoretically speaking), capable 10 devices piggyback Internet connection simultaneously.
[ Portable WiFi Signal Booster ensures a connection always ]