Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault makes you work for your gift

puzzle-pod_bank-vaultWe told time such thing free lunch world, suppose you, responsible adult, need t fact younger folks world who thinks universe owes them a living. The next time someone a present, try throw money envelope, but rather, how about making he work gift a sense ? That the $29.95 Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault about.

The Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault would come form password-locked device within, solved, open recipient able access gift inside. The five letter code customized over again, makes sure outgrown t, be “recycled” else – a younger relative, perhaps? A slot bottom allows use -Pod Bank & Present Vault bank. be able blows from a hammer well though.

[ Puzzle-Pod Bank & Present Vault makes gift ]

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