Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cutie Gadget »ezShade Beach Umbrella gives you extra shade at the beach

During months, it’s a lot outdoors. There many fun activities , so long’re able . However, isn’t thing cause . Prolonged exposure sun’s rays burnt, which makes things a little less fun during days. So when you’re out having fun, finding shade task. always bring if you’re out beach, but those so much shelter from . But what if one a little extra space off?

Umbrellas shade when air. However, slowly makes its downward arc, over sure stays useful. However, this ezShade Beach Umbrella special panel affix side umbrella. T creates a wall against .

What’s interesting when you’re beach, UV rays off sand, which means they reach sitting under a normal umbrella. The extra wall umbrella these rogue UV rays, . If you’re worried about too heavy perfect spot beach, you’ll be happy weighs.4 lbs. As price, shade you $40.

[ ezShade Beach Umbrella gives shade beach ]

Cutie Gadget »Razer Naga MMO gaming mouse gets a refresh

razer-naga-2014Just what do when pinnacle game? Why, – remaining same place would just ensure competitors eventually take over top spot used . Well, Naga MMO gaming mouse pretty much gaming mouse MMO genre , selling one, too, but even needs a kick butt once while, what Razer Naga MMO gaming mouse 2014 edition.

T new Razer Naga ergonomics, a re-designed mechanical thumb grid revolutionary in-game MMO configurator which should be able sure MMO gaming experience be again., its iconic 12-button thumb grid come outfitted switches tactility, speed assurance. Each buttons thumb grid out way than before, making -find them so commands jiffy. Apart from that, its ergonomic form factor been updated, delivering a broader shape so h feel holding it.

Both finger rests come gentler down-slope better grip while reducing fatigue over period . Not, Razer’s latest Naga boast tilt-click scroll wheel which out , giving gamers even than before disposal. T definitely a nice bump from predecessor, interested , then price of $79.99 puppy should you, right?


[ Razer Naga MMO gaming mouse gets a refresh ]

Cutie Gadget »Kick provides versatile lighting for your photography needs

One most important things about photography light. Even best camera, out terrible if poor lighting. On hand, perfect lighting even a snapshot from . The obvious solution invest nice flash, but what if something other than just white light flashed subject? Sometimes a device provide a range colors, now, that’s been very difficult across.

The Kick one most versatile lights’ve come across. Using rows , you’re able white light on subject, just would regular flash. However, once you’ve paired a smartphone, you’re able so much more. First, simply change light some presets app. Want a specific mood colors? go in color picker virtually any color want .

If video thing, there,. Let’s say character that’s sitting fire. Obviously, you’ll want fire’s light person room. actually load fire, light accordingly. Another example used was flashing lighting during a thunderstorm. The possibilities. If some color photos , pick one $179.

Source: GadgetReview

[ Kick provides versatile lighting photography needs ]

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Morninghead is the oddly-named cure for bed head

There kinds world: Those, morning. (Okay, there who don’t really shower, but we’re going ’re people.) I’m morning person, so I like until possible minute up. The problem before course, bed head.

So how do bed head? The most natural solution take a shower. If night before, then wet , control. Now if ’t like a shower first thing morning, water dripping down from going unpleasant. What , is Morninghead.

Morninghead strange-looking shower cap, opposite a regular shower cap does. Instead dry, , get nice . a super-absorbent material, so lot , drip everywhere when . Then, just put , nice . Take , needed.

T a really simple product, likely hair, hair tends easier dry. pick one yourself for $8, a five-pack for $20.

Source: OhGizmo
[ Morninghead oddly-named cure head ]

Cutie Gadget »Satechi Desk Mat & Mate offers an alternative workspace

They say work play makes Jack a dull boy, but what happens when Jack wants serious manner, but those around Jack do give him ? I suppose Jack jobs, least lay down some house rules. Working from home might fair share , but would be this – a lack might end a major distraction. Well, Satechi intends out those who happen their trade from own home Satechi Desk Mat & Mate.

The Satechi Desk Mat & Mate workspace accessory alike, where choose from eight different colors any aesthetic and décor. The main purpose Desk Mat & Mate would be any surface area from scratches (something extremely common when kids stationery, adults), all doubling comfortable resting surface hands – making ideal platform when , type, use ,.

measure 24.4” x 13.8”, ensuring does its b cover a relatively large surface area so should in issues fitting , while paving smooth transition between devices a steady workflow throughout . made out leather, where surface itself easily wiped down, while offering a decent amount desk from scratches, dents day wear . The asking price Satechi Desk Mat & Mate would be $34.99 a pop, where choose form blue, green, black, brown, orange, pink, purple shades.

[ Satechi Desk Mat & Mate offers workspace ]

Cutie Gadget »ROCCAT Studios announces optical Kone Pure gaming mouse

For those who PC gaming scene than a decade already, know end gaming peripherals, serious gamers basically do kind use. Some preferred br they would stick with, normal. ROCCAT Studios big league names, where t-based manufacturer gaming peripherals announced availability optical version award-winning Kone Pure gaming mouse.

Yes sir, last, t addition ROCCAT Studios gaming mice family would mean there Kone Pure available regardless preference – if out DPI laser mouse, there , whle others who prefer feel optical sensor gliding over their mousepad, about. The Kone Pure Optical innovations shape Kone Pure, measuring roughly 91% Kone, while boasting ultra-accurate, cutting-edge Pro-Optic optical sensor.

Not, Pure optical gaming mouse come equipped-quality Omron switches, innovations such-Shift[+], Easy-Aim, Talk, high-end sensor DPI 4,000 DPI.

ROCCAT founder René Korte said, “The new sensor featured Kone Pure Optical successor sensor featured famous Savu mouse. The Savu drew praise from gamers alike, who complimented accurate tracking. Building success, Pure Optical new powerful MCU, which features , new native DPI steps.” The new Kone Pure Optical gaming mouse yours for $69.99 a pop.

[ ROCCAT Studios announces optical Kone Pure gaming mouse ]

Monday, July 22, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Moshi debuts second generation Codex case

When br notebook, just how far would looks condition much? Some would do things like purchase a protective sleeve, while others would go mile one keyboard protectors, sure keyboard notebook itself be left “naked” threats settling , where definitely reduce enjoy from time. Well, here would be a solution androids out there – a second generation ’s protective Codex case MacBook Air MacBook Pro.

T version aerodynamic profile alongside stylish new design details, Codex MacBook case plays nice models ’s MacBook Air MacBook Pro laptops. Codex described modern, lightweight carrying case been specially tailored MacBook family, delivering protection but insulation from wear , while making sure good even work.

On , Codex made out kind -resilience polymeric hybrid material which delivers a sleek, brushed metal-like appearance. These next generation Codex cases been updated where they binding additional durability . Not, Air also comes newly curved, aerodynamic aesthetic, making sure main reason Air – slim, be recognizable after slipping on. The Codex available Steel Black Titanium 13” MacBook Air ” Retina MacBook Pro for $70 a pop, while Black 11” MacBook Air at $65, 15” Retina MacBook Pro version going for $75.
[ Moshi debuts second generation Codex case ]

Cutie Gadget »Computer smart enough to go toe-to-toe with a 4-year-old

Just how smart get? Will see future tushered Queen Evil fame, eventually come us rear end? How about HAL9000 homicidal tendencies? I am quite pleased such levels , but there progress somewhat. Artificial knowledge researchers University (UIC) claim tested one best AI systems out there just how smart is, turned out scale 4-year old. Yes, all return normal lives now, quite like threat evil computer AI hell bent mankind just because us “virus”.

Cutie Gadget »Chipster iPhone Case takes minimalist cases a bit too far

When out a new smartphone, end a couple hundred bucks, if. So sense a little extra money . I’m about those extended warranties’t help when . No, I’m talking about cases when it. It’s a smart idea, since buying a new phone time around tends even more, since ’t be paying cost. With mind, I interesting case .

The Chipster iPhone Case be one most confusing products I’ve seen while. Generally, a person buys a smartphone case protect their phone. So very least, a nice rubber coating take drops, hits, like a champ. So why would a case out ? If you’re, it’s basically just a thick paper stock made from recycled materials. What’s more, covers iphone front. Even exposed.

The case three cred. While a nice feature , plenty cases offer it. And while the $25 price isn’t exactly expensive, find others price range actually going some protection phone.

Source: ChipChick
[ Chipster iPhone Case takes minimalist cases a b far ]

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cutie Gadget »ChargeLight does more than just light up your world

said home should own a torchlight own, a couple would be good, quite tell just when need to “call” upon it. Of course, there right amount (as well) along torchlights, otherwise be about ordinary paperweight. T one reasons why those h torchlights popular, although after a while, battery sort hold a charge any more – making unless there people around – one it, other /her hands. Not, a fair amount which attention zombie apocalypse, huge no-no. T where comes.

The ChargeLight comes couple which connected lives, namely power . T, portable LED flashlight light, but capability a battery pack about any USB device, , iPad, -powered devices among others. Not, come lightweight form factor also sleek, making snap around pocket, without having possibility batteries coming in picture.

The ChargeLight extremely low internal discharge rate, where capable over a year without having juiced up. LED lights off just how much battery life there , letting when power, glance. charge dock a USB adaptor, whichever floats . Oh yeah, itself a charging hub devices simultaneously. choose between 100%, 50% % light power based needs, -order at $99.99 a pop, t.

[ ChargeLight does just light world ]

Cutie Gadget »Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70 unveiled

There cameras, there cameras. quite a large topic , , there too many different branches single article. Still, camera market much broken down in segments – digital camera, , Micro Four Thirds market. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70 said category, although be pretty niche segment, too, speaking, -FZ70 20mm wide-angle ,200mm (60X) long zoom. Not,.8-5.9 lens brightness, whether shooting video, either one bright even under low light conditions.

Apart from that, image stabilization would assure long zoom photos sharp from blur, while -FZ70 also delivers amazing Full HD 1080/60i video recording capability, courtesy ’s experience world leader broadcast video. Panasonic thrown unique microphone which away noise sound thanks stunning clarity Digital. In fact, t microphone zoom optical zoom coming from manner.

Underneath , find a new 16.1-megapixel high sensitivity MOS sensor engine high speed response picture quality, even sensitivity recording. T ensure able high speed burst shooting fps resolution, letting fleeting shooting opportunities together thanks speedy start-up time a second. Unfortunately world, pricing details remain seen, hope easy pockets!

[ Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70 unveiled ]

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Porch Potty Premium – Keeps your Dog High and Dry

I love having a dog. They truly’s best friend. I enjoy having guy greeting me door, hanging out while I’m relaxing, going rides. What I don’t enjoy him out when it’s raining (or snowing,). Truth be told, he doesn’t like either.

Well, check out Potty,, turf litter box. With synthetic grass, real deal, Potty gives a perfect potty option  right covered porch, deck,. The Porch Potty Premium includes a nifty 14 foot drainage hose be directed floor drain, a nearby gutter, connected garden hose, pop allow rinse area, conveniently keeping free without any soap.

The all weather resin wicker-look over metal frame Porch Potty Premium gives Fido around 8 square feet potty pleasure, comes scented fire hydrant, (scented, I don’t know, ’t want ) hose, potty training manual add a 39 dollar Porch Potty timer, completely automated. So time foul weather strikes, one wants wet,  just let out porch! Available at under 300 bucks.
[ Porch Potty Premium – Keeps High ]

Cutie Gadget »Tetris Heat Changing Mug

For those who grew 1990s, I am quite sure exposed Tetr many platforms, be arcade, Game Boy (remember Game Pak go head friend?), numerous 8-b ? Well, Tetr far from dead, but times a mini resurgence . So much so bring Tetr next time a drink – best along hot drink, too, especially when using the $9.99 Tetr Changing Mug.

The Tetr Changing Mug boasts a screenshot color Tetr mug, where include Hold, Next, Level, segments. Needless , whenever hot beverage inside, “screenshot” be jolted in, even before from coffee hits , where change the “display”. T licensed Tetr, wash it, taking care put -changing part mug.
[ Tetr Changing Mug ]

Cutie Gadget »Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control

Fans Doctor Who series would definitely many times over, so much so who engrossed might actually go down , which if single, but often chagrin other half because “good money” been wasted collectibles. Perhaps back so a spouse who Doctor Who series, which £69.95 Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control, no?

what gadget , be TV, iPod, compatible devices, do so gestures. There quartet Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control allow become a fully-fledged Time Lord – own mind,. Built 1:1 scale, t a true blue replica just s display shelf, where made scanning of David Tennant’s Tenth Sonic Screwdriver. Being licensed collectible Worldwide, who knows, be worth something many years down . The universal remote control part collectible used remote control codes one time, about that?
[ Tenth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control ]

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Log Flume Joust Pool Float

Do fond memories Gladiator? If answered affirmative, then certainly be pleased back $34.99 Log Flume Joust Pool Float. T definitely a log would seeing floating around, pool does shut down. In fact, Flume Joust Pool Float said inflation device whenever half dispute – why do so fun energetic manner?

Of course, be a whole lot better if get household favorite “gladiator”, two joust against one another, seeing who wet first. The loser would obviously man evening’s BBQ, clean rest eating utensils, too, which should be incentive enough sure end . Each purchase comes pair similar number , although recommend would get a foot pump instead out inflating these.
[ Log Flume Joust Pool Float ]

Cutie Gadget »Potty Monkey – Toilet Training Buddy for Kids


Its been a while since I potty trained my daughter, what I a rather simple one day event. We told her girls go potty if she wasn’t a big girl couldn’t teach her , then the “potty patrol” would come house her school. Done . She used from then on, letters… saved enough money both AND hours she need from potty patrol thing.

Think savings however, if had Monkey. Forget boring books, dad’s car magazines, Monkey was designed pediatric urologist a very successful toilet training option. Potty Monkey adorable plush monkey talk every time he tiny flushing toilet 30 minute timer might just be time .

So while I “potty patrol” scenario definitely works, Monkey may just be option. The k books, one all about training, other, a board book, about Potty Monkey potty chair new underpants. Potty Monkey at 30 bucks, which , much cheaper than therapy, dont ?
[ Potty Monkey – Toilet Training Buddy ]

Cutie Gadget »Slow Playback Answering Machine Telephone

Living life fast lane often than most envision these days. After all, brought need done fast manner, leaving no room weak . Having said that, whenever older, life does indeed slow down – a whole lot some than others. The pace might continue breakneck speed, but some prefer a slower paced life, guess t where the $169.95 Slow Playback Answering Machine Telephone comes.

The Slow Playback Answering Machine Telephone happens a regular telephone but fair share – integrated answering machine play back messages slowly so listener every single word spoken. All calls loud , courtesy telephone’s powerful amplifier which able volume 50 dB, while adjusting clarity. Whenever button, decrease %, bright visual ring lights base incoming calls, a talking caller ID -waiting functions. Sounds like something might like , no?
[ Slow Playback Answering Machine Telephone ]

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Speedo Aquabeat 2.0 – Competes with the Rhythm of the Waves

The sun , ’s time active. Everyone I know was waiting great weather going. I’m big fan temperatures myself, idea of “getting going” h pool beach. I guess a nice swim kind I enjoy, then, a little boring .

Well, no more… check out Speedo’s Waterpro, perfect a little background music physical pursuits, t waterpro submersible feet. The handy little Aquabeat MP3 clips right bathing su googles Mp3, radio, pedometer, stopwatch, calorie counter. The Aquabeat also floats, so worry about loosing .

Speedo’s Aquabeat , Media boasts 20 hours single charge. I really believe able might finally  motivate me a little more, I’m thinking song from Jaws… I always get some best exercise inspiration from sheer panic.

The 4 GB Aquabeat 2.0 comes easy LED screen, waterpro buds, cable, USB charger, mesh carrying pouch quick start guide so if you’d like your  activities a summer soundtrack t, head to one around 120 bucks.
[ Speedo Aquabeat 2.0 – Competes Rhythm Waves ]

Cutie Gadget »ASUS set to ship their first 31.5” 4K resolution monitor

Whenever there’s a leap forward resolution, just how size was ever crisp enough . The last really big push was 1080p standard, which ×1080. However, there new kid, name 4K. T standard ×2160, which . There aren’t a lot market t resolution, but that’s about before long.

Later t Asus debuting their first 31.5” 4K UHD (ultra-high definition) PQ321Q monitor., anything much larger than 30” b PC monitor, so t definitely be pushing. However, I think high resolution would balance. Plus, monitor special Picture-by-Picture function essentially use two separate monitors, if different inputs.

Aside from high resolution, you’re going a pair -watt stereo speakers,-glare coating, LED backlight., you’ll DisplayPort HDMI. The biggest downside purchase $3,500 price you’ll pay.

Source: Electronista

[ ASUS set their first 31.5” 4K resolution monitor ]

Cutie Gadget »Apollo AP1 Tactical Flashlight will light up your life

There lot take. It’s they’re stripped away suddenly, really appreciate some most basic things. We’ve had some pretty bad storms over month where I live, goes out, miss all light previously flooding every room. Suddenly flashlights, candles, cell phone best friends. Of course, things like flashlights situations than just around when . So why one versatile, work about any situation?

The Apollo AP-1 Tactical Flashlight promises last flashlight you’ll ever need. T light nearly 1000 lumens , which objects from over ¼ mile away. Check out below really cool demonstration feature.

The light different modes , which, medium, low, strobe .O.S. On setting get around 20 hours , hour while highest. The device , withst punishment dish out. tested drops 1.5 meters, be submerged 20 meters deep. To get one own, you’ll need $99 Kickstarter project. already surpassed its goal many times over, so no need about that. Expect yours sometime year.

[ Apollo AP1 Tactical Flashlight life ]

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Selfloops announces Android ANT+ accessory

Selfloops+ together out what they call ANT+ accessory, which so happens a smartphone charger which would allow Android connectivity ANT+ ecosystem , fitness products. T Android ANT+ Accessory would end Android devices (those 2.3.4 Gingerbread ) a wide array including heart rate, foot speed , bike speed, power from any certified ANT+ sensor, all linking Android applications millions ANT+ products manufactured notable brands including Garmin, Timex, .

Selfloops co-founder, Christian Del Rosso, said, “We’re extremely excited offer t accessory . T smartphone accessory enable ANT+ devices 2.3.4 , which covers over 85% Android installed base. Existing solutions Android 3.1 (43% installed base) so thrilled a device ANT+ mass population users.”

The Android ANT+ Accessory would hook device using USB, where doubles a charger, which would extend life connected smartphone. The accessory itself Android USB Accessory Protocol, hence also play nice which so happen out OTG (on-the-go) capabilities. Applications written using Android ANT APIs from ANT Wireless 100% compatible Selfloops Android ANT+ Accessory. who, Selfloops happens developed a couple + Android apps (Selfloops Group Fitness) which downloaded Play Store. The Selfloops Android ANT+ Accessory a $115 hole pocket, a pre-order now, expect ship later t.

[ Selfloops announces Android ANT+ accessory ]

Cutie Gadget »Satechi Bluetooth Wireless Smart Keypad

I am quite sure seasoned computer user would her fair share accessories, new would really shock them in a purchase. Well, what Bluetooth accessory manufacturer , then? Perhaps coming something essential ’s work might actually move their hearts, what over – spanking new Satechi Bluetooth Wireless Smart Keypad.

The Satechi Bluetooth Wireless Smart Keypad functional accessory Apple user’s workspace, where sleek, metallic silver finish so familiar Apple hardware owners, sports-styled curved edge design which makes sight eyes. less guaranteed user Bluetooth Wireless Smart Keypad would them way , but question is, do they need it?

That question be answered if one were stock Bluetooth Wireless Smart Keypad offers right from go., t take USB ports available machine, capable between Calculator Mode Mode. When Mode, would work normal calculator, performing arithmetic operations, would include backspace operations. In Keypad Mode, work like any other number pad, so numbers quicker comfortable manner compared traditional linear number layout .

Since so slim, BT Wireless Smart Keypad would be able packed away jiffy, comes large LCD display show a dozen digits simultaneously, while indicator would let whenever low . Expect out $34.99 Satechi BT Wireless Smart Keypad.

[ Satechi Bluetooth Wireless Smart Keypad ]