Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Ted R Rated Talking Plush

Did Ted last year? If ( if not, but find t teddy bear extremely cute although be rather obnoxious), then want the $14.99 Ted R Rated Talking Plush part comfort toys collection. Sure, t one dirty bear – verbal sense, , far from cute compared Snuggle bear, but definitely be a friend entire life (as long stitches hold up, ).

The Ted R Rated Talking Plush certainly lives its reputation, feature 5 phrases from movie, such as “Yeah, I mean, y- when me put some stuffing wrong places so I’m – I’m a little f—ed up, but take care ?… Aha! I’m just kidding you! I thought it’d be funny if I was f—ing retarded.” to “ hear a Boston girl orgasm? ‘Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Harder! Harder! Oh, God, so good! Now I’m gonna stuff my f—in’ face Farm.’”, “Well should’ve trusted me. I’m!”, “Alright c’mon, let’s sing Song. When , don’t too scared. Just grab Buddy these magic words: F— you, Thunder! suck my d— ’t get me, Thunder, ’cause you’re just God’s farts.” and “Oh f— that. It’s been 4 years, Johnny! me together years. Where’s my ring, huh? Where’s my ring, a——? Where’s my ring, mother f—er? Put my fuzzy finger, — C’mon!” Ted trio batteries, .

[ Ted R Rated Talking Plush ]

Cutie Gadget »Panasonic Lumix DMC-XS1 announced with 10 new exclusive designs

When world cameras, most folks would think where commercial class DSLRs digital cameras, although late, , too, their mark DSLR market, preferring side Four Thirds shooters. Well, Panasonic ’s latest release world cameras come form Lumix DMC-XS1, which new exclusive designs fashion conscious.

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-XS1 digital shooter combine high picture quality host options, all crammed in’s slimmest body yet, a fun time . Individual extraordinary design patterns made available Lumix DMC-XS1 would make whole lot -conscious consumers. As new design patterns, they based following six concepts, Pop Art – cheerful design graphics, Gift Wrapping – designed motif gift wrapping, Floral Nature – designed motif , Digital – urban design typography, Texture – high fashion design texture Traditional – design traditional Kanji characters.

Of course, there point sure style substance, which DMC-XS1 incorporates a 24mm wide-angle 5x optical zoom lens (equivalent mm mm 35mm camera) image composition, a range -in special effects, 720p HD video recording capability, Intelligent ISO Control, Intelligent Scene Selector, Intelligent Exposure Detection. All 10 new designs readily available if interested one up.

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[ Panasonic Lumix DMC-XS1 announced new exclusive designs ]

Cutie Gadget »Mace Pepper Gun – Packing Heat!

I worry about personal safety, much, but little girl. She’s I’m most time, but someday she’ll be off mall,… off alone. *sniff* I don’t know how I’m gonna handle it, but be easier if I knew how her safer.

I’m hoping strides been made safety products, but meantime check out Pepper Gun. Touted most accurate defense sprays around, Pepper Gun utilizes a replaceable, bag-in-a- users a constant stream agony, well over 20 feet. The Mace Pepper Gun also employs a trigger activated LED light who you’re aiming at, but may blind, before get a chance him face!

Of course Pepper Gun safe/fire mechanism prevent you, from accidentally discharging spray chemical cartridges replaced when they. Each Mace Pepper Gun comes complete, a 28 Gram OC cartridge, water cartridge, so test-fire familiar , well before arises.

So if you’d like a little portable protection, a whole lot less scary than firearm, head over to amazon.com Mace Pepper Gun, it’s 40 bucks different shades ,. Go ahead, make my day!

[ Mace Pepper Gun – Packing Heat! ]

Monday, April 29, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Cell Phone Call Clarifying Telephone

“Yes? Hello, I cannot hear you. Can ?” might be hear rather frequently if area does live its promise when new two year agreement, does what particular mobile carrier promise. Perhaps need some assistance from , the $199.95 Cell Phone Call Clarifying Telephone comes.

The Cell Phone Call Clarifying Telephone, name suggests, amplified cordless telephone which about its duty phone calls. All incoming cell phone calls routed sans wires using Bluetooth technology cordless telephone, where a single touch button would further amplify ’s voice through use high-frequency sounds distracting background noise. Apart from that, t users volume 50 dB, clarity. There located base handset which incoming calls, while ’s ringer volume turned 95 dBs.

[ Cell Phone Call Clarifying Telephone ]

Cutie Gadget »LG Optimus F5 launched in Europe

Sometimes, I do wonder how come take some time between a particular smartphone’s announcement release date, perhaps there needs plenty material -ordination made between carriers smartphone manufacturer itself during . Well, Optimus F5 was launched successfully means World Congress earlier t, Germany, where positioned rather unique market –, 4G LTE connectivity masses mid-range Android-powered smartphone tight budget.

Finally, Optimus F5 ready , starting point t 29th –, today. First rolling out, LG areas such America, Asia Commonwealth States (CIS) would also be receiving end LG Optimus F5 over upcoming several weeks. The LG Optimus F5 would run off a dual-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm processor, where be accompanied 4.3-inch IPS display largest-in-class 2,150mAh battery, which was specially engineered superior battery life without having a larger sized battery physically.

Apart from that, Optimus F5 would run latest Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean operating system, while having ’s innovative UX features tacked on, including QSlide users multiple apps simultaneously screen mode, added advantage , position windows. T suspiciously close ’s Multi-Window support, no? Other hardware specifications include 8GB memory, 1GB RAM, microSD memory card slot 5-megapixel shooter back. No idea though, package arrives local carrier. Any takers?

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[ LG Optimus F5 launched ]

Cutie Gadget »LG Curved OLED TV up for sale

So, spanking new flat screen TV living room bee’s knees, making talk neighborhood? Sorry , bub, but having display vicinity going any days. LG might upon something new market very well kick off a revolution where TVs, announcement 55-inch (54.6-inch diagonal) Curved OLED TV (also known 55EA9800) home country, South Korea, from next month onwards. T does make a move over country us keen competitors reliable Toyota vehicles, course, Gangnam Style.

From next month onwards, over 1,400 LG retail stores Korea orders them masses. These premium TVs slapped KRW 15 million price tag – converted, amount region of $13,500 thereabouts. already see h money, no? Having said that, LG’s Curved OLED TV’s availability announcement would give LG company both screen OLED TV Curved OLED TV, which ought LG significant lead market segment.

The new LG EA9800 model would sport ’s very first curved screen ergonomic design, where an “IMAX-like” viewing experience right smack comfort own home. Thanks five years when curvature, screen surface from ’s eyes, which does away issue -edge visual distortion . Anyone interested? want saving.

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[ LG Curved OLED TV sale ]

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Gigabyte U2142 convertible Ultrabook announced

When , there a dozen models from out there. Of course, expensive models would feature just pure SSD memory storage space, high powered Core i7 processor from Intel fantastic looking chass boot, made out but premium material. Well, some names when Ultrabook market would be Samsung, Lenovo, HP, Dell, , but who so established, nice them make in Ultrabook market Gigabyte U2142. Thing is, U2142 be any ordinary Ultrabook, convertible model than decent specifications located right underneath .

For starters, U2142 convertible Ultrabook would come multi-touch 11.6 “display advantage Windows 8 operating system, while sporting a dual storage system certainly mean far space compared featuring alone. Another interesting aspect Gigabyte U2142 would be hinge which allows turn a tablet when calls. While t idea market, flexibility both a tablet Ultrabook single device. Lenovo’s famous swiveling hinge its mark a long time ago, see a resemblance Gigabyte device, definitely interesting.

The Gigabyte U2142 would tip .39 kg, 20mm thin, sporting generation Intel Core processor, display resolution x 768-touch capabilities, a maximum RAM count , choice SSD 256mSATA SSD 1TB HDD. Depending model pick, U2142 would retail from €949 to €1,099 where its starting price .
[ Gigabyte U2142 convertible Ultrabook announced ]

Cutie Gadget »Case Scenario Pantone Universe Bookcase announced for iPad mini and iPad

without saying forked out a fair amount spanking new iPad mini, taking months along , would want best does scratches whenever possible, course, makes perfect sense would want from knocks worse, drops. What’s one then? Well, getting a decent tablet case iPad no-brainer here, but many models from, what do then? Case Scenario might right alley, Pantone Universe Bookcase Mini been announced.

T Pantone Universe Bookcase crafted from premium soft nubuck leather, where front cover both iPad Mini protected from those unwanted details – namely scratches, dust . On cover Pantone Universe Bookcase Mini cases, be able these in couple positions – catering landscape angles, which makes chatting, typing .

When choices though, Universe Bookcase mini said rather limited, where one able from a couple colors, namely Scarlet Sage (19-1559) Shoe (19-4004), for $50 a pop over Robinson. If mini, but instead, be far better position, where Universe Bookcase would come wide array colors, namely Green Flash (15-0146), Azalea Pink (16-2126), 19-1663 (red), 15-4101 (grey) -3939 (blue) – for $70 Segal, Ron Robinson .

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[ Case Scenario Pantone Universe Bookcase announced mini ]

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Phoenix Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If there aspect speakers which should always be there, then size would be it. After all, if too large around, surely “portable” enough, don’t so? Firebox sleeves £59.99 Phoenix Portable Bluetooth Speaker, do size. After all, Firebox claims Portable Bluetooth Speaker a whole lot hard earned buck, where incredibly loud audio despite coming small form factor.

Do fooled exterior glance, where tight curves shapely figure, t still one perky little portable Bluetooth speaker. Since using Bluetooth connectivity, there cables required out audio via its pipes, giving than amount around . Needless , best compatible devices within a 20 meter radius, come shades, depending choice.

[ Phoenix Portable Bluetooth Speaker ]

Cutie Gadget »HoodiePillow Case lets you get ghetto in the bedroom

Some folks would definitely find a hoodie well worth , especially since most hoodies offer a degree while ensuring mysterious . Well, the $19.99 HoodiePillow Case does a whole lot hoodie, although very own way (as tell name), , limited sense compared vanilla hoodie. The HoodiePillow Case out soft sweatshirt material ultimate level , where , a phone pocket, cable porthole.

As tell, work great would prevent light from entering when trying partner else room decides he else . The phone pocket would be handy remain throughout , no matter how much movement when , cable porthole, well, means you’d best get a pair work great even if side. Any takers machine washable HoodiePillow Case?

[ HoodiePillow Case lets ghet ]

Friday, April 26, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Extra Large Number Readout Scale

Not all scales equal, same applies particular scale from over. As well know, one gets, different parts body start down, vision quite eagle’s during . Having said that, aren’t day technology counter some aging effects? The $59.95 Extra Large Number Readout Scale answers t call, where display whatever results garnered numerals reading.

The entire bright LCD screen measures nearly half a foot wide, where display readings 2.5″ high numbers which viewed without requiring squint down. Your back protected do down scale, where a simple tap foot platform enough. The readings shown off display seconds after off, another 10 seconds, power down effort batteries. As long do 440 lbs, Large Number Readout Scale ought lifetime.

[ Extra Large Number Readout Scale ]

Cutie Gadget »LG Cloud service goes global

In century, longer skies, but rather, service brought plenty masses, since one some files online (as long permits, )’s account, which accessed anytime, anywhere – so long decent Internet connection, . Different companies various cloud services, ranging from Dropbox ’s suite apps, South Korea consumer electronics giant LG having announced availability LG Cloud service. First launched US, South Korea last year, Cloud (which happens a TV-centric service) introduced 40 other countries include Europe, Asia, Central Asia America regions end .

Just what does LG Cloud bring table?, pave content straight Cinema 3D Smart TVs, a convenient location entertainment content which synchronize between PCs, smartphones .

Richard Choi, senior vice president Smart Business Center Electronics, said, “LG Cloud eliminates -consuming process transfer content between devices. Today’s consumers longer loyal one type . They move seamlessly from TVs ’s us them get they want whenever they want it. LG few companies offer integration across so many display products.”

With Cloud app, one videos, photos uploaded user’s account. get Google Play LG Smart World store, where t-to-install app nice CINEMA 3D Smart TVs, PCs smartphones.
[ LG Cloud service goes global ]

Cutie Gadget »Samsung announces ATIV Book 5 and ATIV Book 6

Samsung entire slew electronics devices, range from home appliances devices, other segment big be industries. The thing is, name been attached -powered devices, where ATIV S was their maiden attempt smartphone which runs Windows Phone 8 operating system. Well, just like how name offers a slew Android platform, Samsung name , where all Windows based PCs. With mind, one ought note new notebooks released under banner, namely ATIV Book 5 Samsung ATIV Book 6.

The Samsung ATIV Book 5 was specially designed , where generation Ultrabooks. come rapid boot load times, allowing them their favorite apps vibrant 14” touchscreen jiffy. mere 4.19 pounds under thin, letting ATIV Book 5 wherever productive without missing a beat.

As higher powered Samsung ATIV Book 6, t be hopes able computing experience without having mobility. be touch-enabled laptop packed top-of-the-line Intel Core™i7 processor, accompanied 15.6-inch full HD touchscreen,’s exclusive RAMAccelerator technology Book 6’s 8GB RAM 1.5 times harder compared memory.

Regardless model , they preinstalled technology, which users switch from working PC Android-based Samsung smartphone. T done simple manner, all one needs two two devices via a USB cable, ’re good , responding SMS smartphone using keyboard, about that? The Samsung ATIV Book 5 Book 6 models for $899.99 and $1199.99, respectively.
[ Samsung announces ATIV Book 5 Book 6 ]

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cutie Gadget »30 Day Lantern

Do outdoors? Is camping one favorite past times? Well, if answered affirmative, then want out what Hammacher store, especially who love unexpected. The $59.95 30 Day Lantern should be made a compulsory purchase about anyone who would like nothing better than away from jungle their time great outdoors, just like how Calvin’s dad does comic strips, than left awash downpour.

The 30 Day Lantern , because name suggests, capable 30 days light, find Iron Man’s arc reactor powering t, required single set . The lantern itself sports a trio .4-watt LEDs but a fraction energy required bulbs, hence enabling produce 720 consecutive hours lowest setting mere three D batteries. Talk about being power efficient, no? comes green LED which whenever off so event blackout.

[ 30 Day Lantern ]

Cutie Gadget »Station offers a modern day caddy for your devices

In t , carrying a couple around, mention a tablet kinds hardware. The thing is, when back home after a long day outside, there must be a place where “park” all devices orderly manner, no? Some folks might just dump everything basket placed table, others could less still coat pockets, but who happen a neat streak, a desk caddy might sound like a good idea. No, I am hunting down one little pixies her caddy ala golf, but rather, caddy which perfectly crafted from bamboo, delivering a modern design.

The Station caddy intends point desk, where do its job away important day-to-day items while adding a dash . Needless , does bring back school desk caddy look, although kept modern twist, enabling space place . T even better if happen likes Vertu handset, but otherwise, Samsung Galaxy S4 would do just fine.

The Station caddy was carefully constructed bamboo enough space most modern day smartphones out there, including popular iPhone, Galaxy series Android-powered devices. T without having out new caddy. The Station’s asking price stands at $39.99 a pop, where shipping middle onwards.

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[ Station offers a modern day caddy devices ]

Cutie Gadget »Tailgater Dual Backpack Drink Dispenser – Cheers!

Ah old days. I remember going concerts parties kinds items containing alcoholic beverages. I’m the “new kids” watermelons adult Jello. Maybe I’m wrong, I’d kinda like day like bong aren’t gone, would college be ?… I’m hoping technology make some old stuff even .

Well animal beverage service option (when kiddie pool full ) Check out ounce Tailgater Dual Backpack Drink Dispenser, made acrylic, t “no-books-allowed” backpack serves different fru options… okay, who kidding? Load t shots equivalent than 2 six packs favorite malt beverage popular guy fiesta.

With gravity fed h, Dual Drink Dispenser comes shoulder straps so show off bartending skills move, attached mesh compartment allows hold some napkins cups, even a few sliced lemons . Salud!

So if on, a unique gift college bound kid, get Dual Backpack Drink Dispenser, its 40 bucks at homewetbar.com… but please remember drink responsibly!
[ Tailgater Dual Backpack Drink Dispenser – Cheers! ]

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Sony Cyber-shot HX50 camera announced

I don’t know about you, but manufacturers do meetings from time , discussing among them just when right time out their new batch – all simultaneously, , time, newly released too, would also be less things all confounding. Well, Sony yet another digital camera, -shot HX50, where boast powerful new compact 30x optical zoom range, sporting 20.4-megapixel “Exmor R” CMOS image sensor.

The Sony Cyber-shot HX50 measures approximately 4.4″ x 2.6″ x 1.2″1, where region .6 oz., clearly placing gong ’s smallest camera a 30x optical zoom capability. In order zoom, Sony Cyber-shot HX50V camera enhanced Optical SteadyShot image stabilization camera shake regardless range. At full zoom extension (30x), camera able stabilization levels approximately twice HX200V high-zoom model introduced last year.

As high-resolution 20.4 megapixel sensor new camera, be accompanied powerful BIONZ processor, which would enable t high-resolution, high-quality images regardless lighting conditions, be they broad daylight l. Not, HX50V camera feature built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, making use ’s PlayMemories Mobile application Android app platforms wirelessly transfer photos compatible smartphone.

The asking price new Sony Cyber-shot HX50V compact digital camera would be approximately $450 arrives later next month.

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[ Sony Cyber-shot HX50 camera announced ]

Cutie Gadget »Sony’s New Digital Recording Binoculars – Up Close and Personal

I guess I wouldn’t call myself a birdwatcher, but there a few interesting creatures hanging out around my house, most notably a very noisy Woody-Woodpecker type bird me awake every morning, believing someone weapon house. I’d love some pictures bird, but I always seem the “moment”

Well, Sony answer missed wildlife moments, some quick sports action passes … Check out Sony’s DEV-50V new, smaller, lighter, HD digital recording binoculars. T generation gives viewing, they also give ability take HD video sound, 20.4 megapixel stills button, light problem!

The DEV-50V 30% lighter than models splash resistance, so a little inclement weather shouldn’t rain parade. The DEV-50V variable zoom zero your “target” magnification range utilizes a new Hyper Gain function which electronically increases brightness viewfinder, so locate things even conditions.

These binoculars also electronic autofocus, so theres no need focus, like old low tech binoculars, keeps things sharp even if they’re moving. Yes, -50V-tagging capability lets scenes 3-D! I love it! The new DEV-50V digital recordable binoculars from Sony available $2000. Yikes! I might save cash, but rest assured, either way – I’m going to “shoot”.

[ Sony’s New Digital Recording Binoculars – Up Close ]

Cutie Gadget »V-Moda delivers Metallo smartphone case

I am quite sure -Moda before, time around, they yet another smartphone case masses, although concentrate end models. I am referring new Metallo designer cases from V-Moda cater Samsung Galaxy S3 5, where case’s main reason defend without compromising, while offering a perfect balance tactile feel portability. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

The V-Moda Metallo was specially designed standalone case, but “hidden power” so ,, -Moda’s recently announced VAMP VERZA mobile Hi-Fi amplifier, DAC, charger. T helps make life easier who want a collection around a single brand, mention having ’s design DNA infused individual accessories look. The V-Moda Metallo back plates maximum versatility, include a solid aluminum plate Verzadock bolt itself on VERZA’s 4-bolt main design, allowing slide portable audio powerhouse.

Just like many newer devices these days, too, forged from Doom itself – nay, I jest, but rather, from a single aluminum metal block machine milled -cut via a state-of-the-art, precise design process which requires a full hour . Got V-ANGLE design audio feedback back plates unsheathing a sword. Sharp! The asking price Metallo Samsung Galaxy S3 5 would be $101, where arrive Coral, Silver Snake, Orange Serpente Mamba designs.

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[ V-Moda delivers Metallo smartphone case ]

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cutie Gadget »R2-D2 Talking Pizza Cutter

say-D2 one major Star Wars character who does human, does , but done its fair share sure guys always win, before ascended , he helped out Alliance. Well, if there thing-D2 might help would be this – able no fights break out among goes about its business, cutting perfectly. After all, how against the $19.99 R2-D2 Talking Pizza Cutter?

The R2-D2 Talking Pizza Cutter come fair share effects, which means sort source. Of course, since there X-Wings just yet, don’t bet mini-sized nuclear reactor powering -D2 Talking Pizza Cutter, but rather, go around its business thanks trio cell batteries included right out box there . who fan Wars, t definitely you’re looking for!

[ R2-D2 Talking Pizza Cutter ]

Cutie Gadget »Razer Comms Beta connects gamers around the world

When , there name definitely resonate – whether they, . Razer name rolled out its fair share , be they mice, mouse pads, ( tablets recently), mention marrying such high-tech hardware apps done. Well, Razer’s latest effort would come form Razer Comms currently format, where help gamers around . Let us learn Razer Comms extended story.

In a nutshell, Razer Comms all-in-one communications solution. After taking gleaned from a community-based closed beta program, Razer Comms see client, instant messaging -chat features, where enable gamers all over a single service, all without having out cent. After all, times, example free lunch after all. Not, Razer Comms also boasts in-game overlay seamlessly integrate games, delivering uninterrupted gameplay while same time typing.

Razer Comms implementation audio algorithms ultra-fast server infrastructure precise, crisp communication without any danger spikes. Not, features advanced noise reduction cancellation, which be a boon millions gamers around .

The history Comms rather interesting one, where about internal project built spare “10 percent passion time” couple (sounds a b Google, no?). After taking fair share requests available, Razer Comms a fully supported project specially designated team working. Let’s hope Razer Comms longer, be a, pun.

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[ Razer Comms Beta connects gamers around ]