Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cutie Gadget »FABtotum Personal Fabricator will let you create to your heart’s desire


When title ‘artist’ a moody, eclectic sort comes . Of course, there myriad -types out there, , there digital artists. Of course, just because a computer doesn’t mean ( artists different story however). There modeling lead sculptures, jewelry, . While 3D printers available, they’re still pretty expensive, function. T great projects, but what if more?

For those who want a place anything their minds up, there FABtotum Personal Fabrication Device. T let additive printing, 3 ax manufacturing, 3D scanning, . The printing volume x 240 x 240 / ( b) mm. work plastic, foam, balsa, plywood, thin aluminum, alloys. As t completely bound structure, disassemble add new parts which even .

T’t meant some product be fully described go, was made who want outside box. In essence, be whatever when . choose a fully assembled version DIY kit, but there course be a difference. The k cost around $1,000, fully finished package around $1,100. There a k comes without which around $700.

Fund raising over at indiegogo, found via Technabob.
[ FABtotum Personal Fabricator heart’s desire ]

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