Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Griffin announces SeeSaw and No. 2 Pencil Stylus

When tablet, definitely be able out Technology name should take notice of, considering how they themselves one world’s foremost creators life, recent announcement SeeSaw,. 2 Pencil Stylus, where these two gadgets such, labs groups.

Just what SeeSaw? Well, t a lightweight, portable case built-in carrying handle. be able a user’s iPad in personal tabletop workstation, making steady manner, which than ideal, tapping . Not, SeeSaw, things incredibly easy , carry . As a user, able switch between portra landscape orientation, retain full accessibility , cameras, speakers . Not, made out material, which snap clean without much effort.

As’s No. 2 Pencil Stylus, t tablet accessory modernize iconic writing instrument time, which incidentally No. 2 pencil. The No.2 Pencil Stylus a stylus which nice about all capacitive touchscreens. Sporting a high-sensitivity rubber tip, been designed a finger without having behind fingerprints. definitely a faithful reproduction classic yellow pencil, Griffin’s No. 2 Pencil Stylus satisfying shape, length which delivers a special kind feel be found, lighter styluses.

The SeeSaw compatible generations 2, 3 & 4, where blue for $34.99 a pop, No. 2 Pencil Stylus for $19.99 if one.

[ Griffin announces SeeSaw . 2 Pencil Stylus ]

Cutie Gadget »Minox DCC 14.0 digital classic camera

When cameras, most would think usual suspects, them established names such, Nikon, Olympus, Fujifilm, Sony, even Samsung, but how many would figure out just where Minox would f ? Minox their latest model, DCC 14.0 digital classic camera gone through a shrink ray . T small camera created scale :3, allowing f hand. As its name suggests, t boy 14-megapixel sensor, fixed lens optical viewfinder.

However, if home DCC 14.0 digital classic camera, too high expectations , especially when image quality. Forget about able higher-end ( larger) retro-shooters including X100S. Checking out DCC 14.0 first time, decent, where complete touches including a chrome-plated brass lens cap metal plug-on optical viewfinder. The Minox DCC 14.0, however, collector’s toy compared a serious photographic tool reasons.

There be -megapixel CMOS image sensor, but .4 7.4mm lens a focal length equivalent approximately 45mm format. When one figures, somewhat akin 1/2.5-inch sensor (5.76 x 4.29 mm), which one deployed budget compact point-and-shoot. Makes perfect sense after all, what DCC 14.0 digital classic camera about, although extremely fantastic looking package.

Capable photos x 480 resolution, storing them on SD memory card, a 4x digital zoom, a minimum focusing distance cm (20 inches) two-inch LCD right back, be able home DCC 14.0 choice black colors at $240 a pop.

Product Page
[ Minox DCC 14.0 digital classic camera ]

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Remote Controlled Adjustable Incline Mattress Wedge

There quite like having a nice, long sleep after a particularly hard day, office, house left completed list. Of course, having kind , mattress, would also affect sleep, so perfect sense a lump sum hard earned cash in decent bed. After all, since one spends approximately one third ’s life, a fantastic place down would be worth every penny. The $199.95 Remote Controlled Adjustable Incline Mattress Wedge might be something into, bed wedge adjusted touch button.

T , don’t so? After all, since already so tired, why enlist button done? after a day’s worth of, er, lack better word, back breaking labor. The Remote Controlled Adjustable Incline Mattress Wedge from durable, heavy-gauge PVC, complete seal-welded double seams added strength baffles. f a box spring mattress, remote itself comes simple three-button operation which no brainer .

[ Remote Controlled Adjustable Incline Mattress Wedge ]

Cutie Gadget »Snowtime Anytime Snowballs

I know come out , some , bitter throes all year long, means thing known, benef wearing added layers all pounds over . Oh yeah, there snow days off going , about being involved snowball fight? What happens when some snowball fights spring ? T where the $19.99 Snowtime Anytime Snowballs come.

The Snowtime Anytime Snowballs less lives its description, “no muss, no fuss, no slush”, which safe way out snowball fight. Each set comprises soft, crunchy faux snowballs, they get a wee b, always toss them in washing machine so nice . Of course, who making sure winter arsenal, where a stash somewhere ammunition, pull a surprise opposing team when both sides out .

[ Snowtime Anytime Snowballs ]

Friday, March 29, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Speaker Blanket offers warm comfort

rule when a good night’s sleep – having a cool head feet works best, better way feet rest body remains nice other than a decent blanket? Of course, some live cold countries, where a blanket alone do , but generally speaking, blanket ought able done decent night’s rest. Well, the £34.99 Speaker Blanket does keep warm during those cold nights, name suggests, comes pair -in speakers out winding down music so off sooner than sheep.

The Speaker Blanket solitary AA battery, integrated 3.5mm headphone jack decent pair just there same room who might selection use . nice a Bluetooth-enabled version Speaker Blanket, but I guess lack feature right just leave open decent sequel sometime down .
[ Speaker Blanket offers warm comfort ]

Cutie Gadget »The Un-Coolest Gadget Is…

For cool gadgets there there failures. We all probably invested, Laserdisc other technology’t take off. Sounded like a great idea time, right? The famous UK TV program The Gadget Show recently polled 1000 viewers gadget disaster time. Some were good technology, but were executed poorly pounced. Some were ridiculous technology never adopted. But they all thing – they failed.

The winner not-so-prestigious title? The Sinclair C5 battery powered three-wheeler, launched mid 80s. Yep, ’t see many roads. Nor did 20,000 units. Other gadget fails include Betamax, Sega Game Gear, Pizza Scissors mobile phones. OK, so maybe requiring a sort box phone wasn’t idea. But went become Orange – so they their fair share . View 10 list Daily Mirror’s site about these fails time new gadgets.
[ The Un-Coolest Gadget Is… ]

Cutie Gadget »Wine To-Go

Sometimes need . Maybe headed day races picnic park. Schlepping a bottle around sure convenient. There’s breaking find a bottle opener. Hassle! Sure, there’s -o-wine solution but actually GOOD tasting wine box?

Firebox wants ladies easily carry their wine stylish too. Meet the Wine Handbag, £29.99. T-esque ‘bag’ holds 1.5 liters its own spout side. The durable cardboard construction won’t let down.  comes included – Cab, Chardonnay. So next time out good wine camouflage it!

[ Wine To-Go ]

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Cutie Gadget »NERF Strongarm Elite Blaster

We did take a a NERF shooter yesterday, but come kind firepower holds darts ammo reserves. The thing is, Triad Elite advantage extremely long range – we’re talking about being able 75 feet here, people! Well, who want something meatier, then settle $16.99 NERF Strongarm Elite Blaster, which also comes shooting range feet, able (if a good shot) 6 darts succession if calls.

Of course, price higher than Elite, but expected when a higher level . less say NERF Strongarm Elite Blaster line, where all darts internal firing mechanisms specially configured feet range, which double what most regular NERF products out there of. The tactical rail itself been moved gun body, making sidearm when .

[ NERF Strongarm Elite Blaster ]

Cutie Gadget »Lyrix Duo Bluetooth speaker

Digital Treasures should be a name no stranger , themselves another option wireless world latest release, Duo, which a 2-in-1 Bluetooth speaker removable receiver. Hmmm, t something very different from Bluetooth speaker actually, Lyrix Duo allows chill out out favorite tunes regardless , time, too. I suppose call t a new way music all over again.

Brian Austin, President Treasures, said, “There many wireless options market today; but, Duo completely different experience. Its functionality because ’t lim listening through Duo speaker. Get this – actually take out receiver ANY other speaker home turning a Bluetooth device! Now that’s versatility!”

T wireless receiver Lyrix Duo speaker via a mini USB port, where able Bluetooth-enabled device, results, clear sound -feet wireless range. There a suction cup located back speaker almost any finished surface, ranging from windows home windshield.

When attaching, all Cup Lever clockwise, resulting safe fit. T Bluetooth receiver removable from , lightly grasp . T allow work speakers thanks included auxiliary cables. The receiver power button controls, while a flashing red light whenever Bluetooth-enabled device. The Lyrix Duo for $49.99 if interested one up.

[ Lyrix Duo Bluetooth speaker ]

Cutie Gadget »Click & Grow unveils Smart Herb Garden

Ever heard & Grow before? Neither, but apparently Click & Grow designer smart gardens, latest creation would be Herb Garden been unveiled crowd funding website Kickstarter. The Smart Herb Garden ordinary garden, but rather, a high-tech, self-watering plant system which multiple herbs simultaneously. Right now, Click & Grow towards community support from technology enthusiasts, travel fanatics, those who looking green thumb all t but did it, enough funds so off line time.

Click & Grow’s CEO, Mattias Lepp, said, “With Herb Garden one step closer -sufficient lifestyles. With 3 years &D behind Herb Garden, users a fool-pro solution simple fraction cost products market.”

nuts about gardening first place, Smart Herb Garden all technology within done behalf. The growth medium action plant cartridge nanotech material which was specially engineered roots amount , water – times required. T stuff such, fungicides, hormones other kind substances longer picture.

Not, LED lights ensures plants natural looking without hurting anyone’s eyes, entire shebang sips a mere 6 watts , while offering adequate amounts plant . said Smart Herb Garden around $5 whole year. What waiting? Pledging $29 help $50 if Herb Garden .

[ Click & Grow unveils Smart Herb Garden ]

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Cyclist’s Virtual Safety Lane

Do cycling? If answered affirmative, then surely do best arrangements around bicycle-friendly public transport around town, especially when there distances between destination . Sometimes, travel wee hours morning, in night, times since visibility low. Well, perhaps if the $39.95 Cyclist’s Virtual Safety Lane, things might brighten you?

The Cyclist’s Virtual Safety Lane works t – mounted bicycle’s seat post, where then project a couple -milliwat red lasers on ground, which a virtual bicycle lane. T motorists visual indicator cyclist’s riding width, helping increase margin around yourself during those pre-dawn rides. Oncoming vehicles, from behind, see headlights turned on, from over a mile away. The 6′-long lane mid-cycle seat post all behind, while another 5 LEDs help increase standard blinking taillight. The Cyclist’s Virtual Safety Lane couple batteries.

[ Cyclist’s Virtual Safety Lane ]

Cutie Gadget »Digital Toilet Paper Stand – For Those on the “Go” a preoccupation habits. We you, toilets issues, little monsters set scare the *&^% out   friends , … Toilet Paper Stand.

Certainly dad’s old magazine rack, Toilet Paper St a fully functional toilet paper dispenser, but also much needed bathroom entertainment, whether news, weather information, rousing Angry Birds gets you “going”… ugh. (We all saw didn’t we?) The Digital Toilet Paper St be right there, during constitutional, other constitutional matter, ready movies , answer e-mails … all during calling.

T looking chrome pedestal bendable gooseneck adjust any viewing angle might require, hold (2, 3 generation) sliding , stand, complete solid heavyweight base keep securely.

So why some entertainment daily visits new Digital Toilet Paper Stand, heck, it’s 15 minutes we’ll ourselves all day, a Words With Friends anyone? Get yours today at, all around 43 bucks.

[ Digital Toilet Paper Stand – “Go” ]

Cutie Gadget »20,000 Posts and Counting…

We a milestone today – our 20,000th post!  When our “ongoing search coolest gadget” over 7 years ago never did would be so many gadgets about.  From huge inexpensive pricey covered a large array.

A special thanks goes out writers – past – continuous contribution features. Without their research would long ago. Most importantly thank our readers.   our quest. us know what ’t like. And .  So keep coming, send us what 20,000 posts ongoing search.
[ 20,000 Posts … ]

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Mobile Blastmaster

Remember ? Ah well, I am quite sure younger generation who were born 1990s would had had blasters, basically being a terror side adults neighborhood. While made a big nuisance , t were out harm , unlike -inclined society . Well, if absolutely who needs one “competition”,, then surely find a way up $4,000 lying around somewhere Mobile Blastmaster.

The Mobile Blastmaster described portable stereo system bring optimization 30 year-old concept portable audio player, where invite knocking front doorstep early wee hours morning blast parties. Specially constructed on steel chassis, roll quartet ″-diameter pneumatic tires regardless terrain, s snow included, pulled along integrated wagon handle. The eight PA-quality Piezo horn tweeters, two “6×9″ mid-range speakers, 12″ dual-voice coil subwoofer crossover together out 2,000 watts audio pleasure.

[ Mobile Blastmaster ]

Cutie Gadget »Tarot e-Cards are in Your Future

I remember time I had my fortune told using a Tarot card deck. I was years old was old restaurant York City. I remembered being frightened time, excited old woman who whispered cards were laid out table. I knew I wanted a deck cards, they seemed so mystical old gnarled fingers. I got , but they never quite presented unearthly appeal they had.

These attractive fortunetelling cards around since ′s known documented cards having been created between 1430 Italy  continue worldwide appeal. Originally used, Tarot continues use tool insight, spiritual guidance , Tarot decks being sold all over . WizardToo LLC bringing t old tradition in digital age new Tarot e-cards, making easier-to-use mobile device. Now all World fingertips.

T Tarot eCards App intuitive, easy-to-use interface real tarot card use Tarot accessible mobile devices. The newly introduced Tarot eCards App where users build a library decks within a single App platform. The Tarot eCards iOS App iPad, iPhone touch. Applications development Android devices, computers telling our futures sometime t.

Somehow I’m old lady would magical appeal had she told my fortune iPhone, but know sure, ? I mean, she was right about a lot . Get eCards app store 4 bucks.

[ Tarot e-Cards Your Future ]

Cutie Gadget »Calling All Pinterest Fans!

Ppssssst. Hey you, Pinterest fan. In a world gadgets there reason gadget love Pinners. Beginning today, when over a CG image “Pin it” button pop left images. (hover over above image ) So feel free images. If been hiding under a rock ’t know about Pinterest learn more here.
[ Calling All Pinterest Fans! ]

Monday, March 25, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Contigo Autoseal Travel Mug

We busy people, cafe culture less made inroads across most countries these days would also see folks pack their fair share mornings. Well, some who prefer friendly road might want our own mugs time some mocha , but keeping piping hot way destination issue with.

Enter the £29.99 Contigo Autoseal Travel Mug which comes gunmetal shades, where designed handle holding. The name Contigo Autoseal Travel Mug itself gives away, boasts patented push ‘n’ sip system , looks good . Those who thing their cars clean all would find Autoseal Travel Mug worth checking out, especially since -spills “feature” would be a top drawer.

[ Contigo Autoseal Travel Mug ]

Cutie Gadget »Crusaders Great Helm Trash Bin

The Crusades past were spots history church, especially when children were enlisted ’s wars, people groups went one another’s throats name . Well, there point about if from it, which t looking $49.99 Crusaders Great Helm Trash Bin comes. After all, bad things should be remembered’s sake but discarded, better way than trash bin?

The Crusaders Great Helm Trash Bin depicts a 12th century helm shape also resonate who things medieval , transformed in trash can. Made out resin, been finished metal style. Surely t able axe two-handed sword, but other hand, be sure would Crusaders Great Helm Trash Bin. I kids putting t their heads during play time, my fingers crossed do so while there trash within.

[ Crusaders Great Helm Trash Bin ]

Cutie Gadget »Umbrella Leash – Keeping your Doggies Dry

Oh best friend, there’s something said about a creature unconditionally. I’ve had a few dogs time were all special, all let me know they were fairly fond . I say daughter were never me dog. Sure, say it’s because was waiting, might be inclined that, but my family was always waiting! I really think my dog just loves me more.

I’ve never been one my pup,, even during bad weather ,but there problem canine pals yet addressed, they smell when they’re wet! Sure, coming home from walking hair all frizzy socks soaked through my shoes was bad enough, but when Fido sat down next shaking off all over my living room, pungent pooch-y aroma I knew there had a better way, is!

Welcome leash. T umbrella dome attaches easily dog’s collar, keeps buddy view, protects them from , sleet . I say if it, its a much better option than one ridiculous plaid raincoats saves a living room like a kennel, AND dirty towels. Just dont go out wind, , unless a really long leash.

The Umbrella Leash 20 bucks available from


[ Umbrella Leash – Keeping Dry ]

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Doctor Who Disappearing Tardis Pint Glasses

what they say about starting them from young – if a huge fan Doctor Who series, then want likes , travel, Tardis, be a responsible adult, how about bonding over a few shots time , chat about all things Doctor Who? set occasion $19.99 Doctor Who Disappearing Tard Glasses, pint glasses exactly were meant to –, carry alcoholic beverage glasses, Tard bright blue drinks inside.

Each Doctor Who Disappearing Tard Glasses able 16 ounces , dump these in dishwasher once done would want the “magic”, so . get a set color-changing Tard glasses, where temperatures, would remain a pale blue.

[ Doctor Who Disappearing Tard Glasses ]