Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Amiigo Bluetooth low-energy fitness device

Do trouble trying out made when struck midnight 31st last year? Right now, already last day first month , already broken Year’s resolution(s), take heart, there 11 amends past failures. Assuming workout sessions, perhaps be good if some kind here. Utah-based entrepreneurs, Amiigo, what they call Bluetooth low-energy fitness device, where touted workout experience next level.

To put a nutshell, a sweat-pro bracelet (as be, considering would end whenever vigorous exercise session), where accompanied shoe-clip, “smart” enough just being performed moment, ’s physiological response. Having picked than required a reality-funding site Indiegogo, a pre-order Amiigo.

Dave Scott, co-founder , said, “Athletes working their workout experience. We wanted -to-use device people personalize their workouts, share data, compete. Our fitness bracelet -clip does , ’re confident you’ll work out better . Push yourself great.”

I find Amiigo between running treadmill , thanks sensors within which correlate body exercises located shoe-clip, focuses lower body. These will “talk” iOS device via Bluetooth, Amiigo be able heart rate, blood oxygen levels, skin temperature burned. Shipping Amiigo commences sometime t.

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Cutie Gadget »Holograms Coming to the Toy Deparment

What was impression when Leia hologram Wars? Seemed pretty crazy time. How world (errr galaxy far far away) did they get a 3D video played from a droid? quite 35 years later. Hologram technology (a.k.a. holography) currently gets used (currency, drivers licenses), art, data storage other areas. Now even involved. Yes, games!

John Adams, experienced UK toy supplier, recently unveiled a hologram “game” 2013 London Toy Fair. HolograFX ‘interactive entertainment show’. Download pre-recorded projection holograms through app. Images generated out smart phone. Yes, what R2D2 did Wars able revolutionary game. Details sketchy exactly the ‘game’ of. sort . Also, early indicators somehow be able image in hologram. See above demo. HolograFX launches US later t price announced. Whatever may be probably be cheaper than making R2D2 holograms though.
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Valentine’s – Geek Style

If geeks did Valentine’s – of course they do – here are some cool finds as to what might excite them about February 14th.

Office/Desk Gadgets




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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Pen Sized Scanner

, computer peripheral wish purchased when ’t need it, find yourself ringing mate late in night, asking him whether he could open doors home so perform scan. Older scanners tend large, bulky – mention slow, , but a good thing day technology age , shrinking down what was once rather large scanners in pocket-friendly form factor. Case, the $124.95 Pen Sized Scanner.

The Pen Sized Scanner works name suggests – t a ballpoint pen which allows leave Hancock documents, while also being able -s jiffy. The scanning b handled high-precision auto-focus lens, where accompanied 5-megapixel sensor been integrated in pen itself, letting letters, recipes, documents x 1536 pixel resolution. Whenever button down halfway, a visible red laser projected a document, focuses image automatically before snapping a photo. Sporting 1GB memory, good ,000 scanned pictures format being able 1,000 1-minute voice memos format. A single hour’s charge offers 300 scans if you’re interested.

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Cutie Gadget »A Smartphone’s Sensing Companion

Ever run in product say “I wish I was smart enough ”? Yep, found one. Aside from lacking any knowledge about , experience doctorate knows what, perhaps I could t. But George Yu and Variable Technologies beat us . As our smartphones continue lives sense necessary job functions life-saving functions in phone’s capability.

Meet NODE, a device its attached, state-of-the-art sensors phone. Via conditional Bluetooth 4.0 Low-Energy, information from available NODE app or – down perhaps other likeminded apps – device. Six different options exist measure modules:

  • Kore ($149): required module, heart . KORE contains a accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope motion .

  • Chroma ($75): color matching collecting module.

  • Therma ($75): measure temperatures distance via IR.

  • Clima ($50): Senses barometric pressure, ambient light, temperature, .

  • Luma ($25): Use 8 LEDs provide a flashlight a camera flash.

  • Oxa ($149): Provides grade Carbon Monoxide gas sensor. Other gases requested.

The professional uses modules endless. Quality control production line aided paint color product. Maybe house inspections. easily measure temperatures faults. If a hiker stop if adverse conditions. Check CO2 levels even own home – while switching modules hanging a level process. There a variety measurements too. With NODE plus modules yourself multiple devices. I think where I’m going.  Presently, NODE 5, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 5th Gen, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini, Macbooks devices. Yu made point out there firmware & open API. And they Arduino source code & Android source code so programmers create app measurements users. NODE via micro USB FCC certified. Sure, be if need particular sensor. But I think most could easily find uses variety lives.
[ A Smartphone’s Sensing Companion ]

Cutie Gadget »Light Your Space and Be Unique

Vintage ! Retro anything seems attention. younger days. Others too young just think retro equals cool. More unique creations pop every day. Creative types seem looking many consider ‘old bound’ functional products, some even gadget-y. Wish I could say I was!

If looking way out take a BOSS Lamps. A creative Canadian electrician decided fun way. After acquiring a variety , scraps , a line flare created. BOSS Lamps offer a sort looking retro feel 40W bulb. The charging station versions include a socket USB ports , but functional. Available US , BOSS Lamps run from $68 to $92 being sold directly. So if a combo lamp/charging station makes sense table life, take a a solution.
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Clarity outs Amplified Captioned Telephone

We future where everything controlled, just like how Trek movies work. , there something don’t quite get Trek, why address as, well, “computer”? “Computer, do this..” and “Computer, do that..”, instead name make personal. Imagine if itself was just one syllable long – be able off commands faster than ever, microsecond could mean between life , especially when high tech space age. Thing is, yet a century –, so just be content less mature products like Clarity’s Amplified Captioned Telephone.

Basically, Captioned Telephone intends out those who difficulties underst said over . Using kind company NTT DoCoMo’s Hanashite Hon’yaku app employs, -to-text software which calls between people who speak different languages. The Amplified Captioned Telephone seniors, call, off a text transcription conversation so up. The Amplified Captioned Telephone for $229, seems a US-only device .

[ Clarity outs Amplified Captioned Telephone ]

Cutie Gadget »Who Is At the Door? Check Your Phone.

Crowdfunding be one biggest buzz words last year. Kickstarter really put a different spin a product. Unfortunately, many good products don’t achieve funding goals. A new type site began move these unfunded projects along, give inventors while also protecting buyers. Christie Street does just took product t.

DoorBot looks a next generation example our phones continue in control parts lives. DoorBot wireless video doorbell through network phone. Included device video camera . Rather than ringing house, DoorBot device when activated. Whether, immediately see who . And similar a call comes in, them. In addition missing instructions people dropping by, DoorBot provides a perfect deterrent off unwanted solicitors. And even help encourage thieves.

A few months ago about Lockitron, which enables lock remotely. Combined remotely see who them in (or not!). Shipping, DoorBot own runs $189, Lockitron $179, /Lockitron combo offered Street for $339 – controlling access home.

[ Who Is At ? Check Your Phone. ]

Cutie Gadget »Grill – Come Rain, Shine or Snow

Whether midst enhancing never hurts. Some continue grilling all year round. Others play conservative months. Brookstone offers a couple keep – regardless elements. And they internationally.

Don’t let early darkness get cooking. Light available true chef-ing duties. The Handle-Mount Grill Light, $39.99, gives . Clamp on grill handle light where it. Don’t fret if automatically shuts off after 6 minutes withst elements.

For hard grill master I recommend protecting yourself from . Don’t let mother nature ruin . Invest Grillzebo™! The metal ro . Side tables hanging rack give , spices . Rechargeable, overhead lights give whole space too. Sure, Grillzebo you ($999.95) but ’x5’ space haven happen.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Feel that Touch Screen Keyboard!

Raise if from Blackberry devices. The I found after was keys keyboard. knew – – a finger keyboarder put full keyboarders . Ever see someone type while looking up. Yep. RIM really taught us all mini-keyboard typing. By screen . I’m guessing check smartphone manufacturer’s way .

What would our Galaxys, iPhones, Kindles like one missing feature? A smart company called Tactus Technology, that’s what. Tactus invented a technology take manufacturers top display layer, things call /window/cover glass. When calls keyboard Tactile Layer™ Technology injects a proprietary fluid in top layer enabling raised surfaces over display. Using t interfere touch functions screen minimal power. Buttons do resistance – just enough touch from typing a character. Tactus variety sizes . So expect phones, tablets . At t, OEM strategy, rather than producing consumer overlays. No plans announced see Tactus Tactile Layer Technology device. But imminent.

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Cutie Gadget »Swann Security announces Bolt HD camera

When -based security monitoring solutions, able wrong Security, company announced Bolt HD mini high definition action camera, where first introduced 2013. The Bolt HD camera mini HD camera/DVR combo rugged form factor, alongside a bunch options enable outdoor enthusiasts their most extreme moments over again. So, what do after parting with $199.99 Bolt HD camera?

Underneath , find a color camera which 1080p HD high resolution video time, after still images, end 12-megapixel shots. Thanks inclusion built-in laser pointer, HD camera target, than ready . a protected lens so user far 135 degree angle lens.

The Bolt HD a built-in stereo microphone which enables audio recordings be enhanced a whole lot hear all going on. The device away around 10 hours recordings solitary microSD memory card , giving freedom out cards jiffy whenever full, .

The Bolt HD’s mini HDMI connection big screen TV living room so spot . Thanks lithium-ion battery which juices USB, said single charge. shockpro waterpro ’, no dials, gauges, knobs preferences with. If interested, ’s Bolt HD you $199.

Company Page
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Cutie Gadget »Tanks for the Charge

it. “I need a one-of-a-kind iPhone charger run me a couple hundred bucks.” OK, maybe not. But after t iPhone Tank Charger change .

First about Phu – a “Phuturistic” 3D artist who creates works through vinyl, fiberboard materials, often recycled.   says : deconstruct/reconstruct. Phu’s materials shown worldwide 7 years quite a following. In materials, unique design inspiration, Phu created Tank Charger Corner Store. Available 4, 4S t . Tanks items looking devices thoughts -E. Chargers too. Stock versions charging tank for $395. Or contact Four Corner Store a custom charger based request ’s imagination. He do iPad stands too. No word yet options. person who t seems choice out. rest , keep wishing.
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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cutie Gadget »SafeSound announces Airbudz

SafeSound Products might a name out there, but just record, they designer accessories consumers, just announced . Just what ? Well, they first-ever alternative earbud solution market let ambient noise in, so what else remaining restricted own world. Of course, some folks out there might dispute SafeSound’s assertion here the “world’s first” ( kind always), so leave a comment if some other company SafeSound , otherwise forever hold .

been said half dozen years, pedestrians who sustained injuries sustained while listening than tripled, entire goal Airbudz Products focus even when one use aspect ’s lives. say tuned out, lets tunes safely without having out car horns, sirens, a warning scream hazards.

The Airbudz described t – they earbud attachments which when listening where necessary far surroundings, such jogging a walk park, just safe. Of course, other activities such, biking, skiing, skateboarding, riding transportation would also be ideal advantage .

pick Airbudz for $14.95 a pop, a glow-in-the-dark version, cost you $15.95

[ SafeSound announces Airbudz ]

Cutie Gadget »Griffin Technology goes green with Papernomad

Everyone wants green these days, the “in thing”, score brownie points about everyone, especially among those Greenpeace activists. Well, here Technology latest coups, which would be snagging distribution rights products across North America. Based, Papernomad company organic, customizable, tear- -resistant sleeves range devices such iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, MacBook Galaxy S3. As they specially-engineered paper material, they deliver canvas expression .

Keavy Murphree, Product Line Manager Technology, said, “We Papernomad America; their products leave a lasting impression’s minds but . With Papernomad, users a sustainable way their technology, canvas individuals their imagination.”

Each sleeve from Papernomad , where use patent-pending composite , viscose fiber . The paper used from sustainably forested trees Forest Stewardship Council certified. As other materials, those , including stitching, hemp pull strap, wool lining provided sheep from New Zealand.

What makes product different from ? expression, sleeve itself marked, pens, , something which would definitely fall with.

The Papernomad sleeves made available iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 4 & 5, MacBook Air (11″ & 13″), MacBook Pro (13″ ″) Galaxy S3 soon, course, depending size choice, retail anywhere from $39.99 all to $69.99.

[ Griffin Technology goes green ]

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Hot Cookie USB Mug Warmer

There quite like dunking a chocolate chip cookie Oreos in glass , right before . Of course, brushing afterwards would be highly recommended, otherwise tartar nasties mouth over time. Well, here way fun, but without – form $12.99 Hot Cookie USB Mug Warmer, .

Basically, be able both tea problems unique cup warmer comes shape cookie, USB powered, ensuring compatible mug drinks temperature 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Thing is, some kids might actually be fooled in real thing, so want a b cautious there.

[ Hot Cookie USB Mug Warmer ]

Cutie Gadget »The Best Electric Knife Sharpener

Hammacher its fair share of “” series , another one today, where grace counter. After all, where else would , no? The $219.95 Best Electric Knife Sharpener our list , where said , most resilient edges. After all, during testing, knife blades were dulled through along cement blocks 100 times before testing commenced.

The blades gone through Electric Knife Sharpener were said spaghetti squash effort, smoothly through sheets – perhaps even putting a shade ’s face along . As knives sharpened using t boy, they were cut easily through cardboard, whereas lesser knife sharpener models were unable any toothed blades. said Electric Knife Sharpener picked “Best” moniker because % diamond abrasives discs while restoring its original sharpness, is, taking a mere 10 seconds so. A built-in magnet catch knife blade shavings easy cleanup process afterwards, one quietest models.

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