Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Definitive Technology announces Sound Cylinder portable Bluetooth speaker system

Definitive Technology intends a splash 2013 which just next week Vegas, Nevada, Sound Cylinder portable Bluetooth speaker system. T Bluetooth speaker system from them, where been said high performance audio such portable Bluetooth enabled devices connected . I guess t place market, considering how devices such do amount punch where its speakers.

about losing its balance face forward, scratching its precious display along , Sound Cylinder comes innovative clip system securely attach tablets out there market, laptops.

There than meets where Cylinder , also doubles a table st tablet. Thanks integrated pivoting “kickstand”, capable holding ideal angle when . Since Bluetooth functionality, be able wirelessly enabled devices, take route via cable device audio output jack.

Thanks integrated rechargeable battery, Cylinder 10 hours quality listening. With a built-in side-firing subwoofer speakers, listeners rich, full-bodied stereo sound regardless they are, Array image enhancement processing creates a life-like soundstage which extends beyond dimensions cylinder. The asking price Sound Cylinder would be $199 a pop. Any takers?

[ Definitive Technology announces Sound Cylinder portable Bluetooth speaker system ]

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