Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Avoid Obesity. Pump Your Stomach?

January, sweet January. That time when feel around our waistline, gym membership sales skyrocket set our list try our health. Giving pasta, breads a challenge. What if pump ? Gorge yourself system. Sounds crazy, but Aspire Bariatrics developed AspireAssist which does exactly that. Currently available – t loss tool literally allows food out stomach.

Sure, AspireAssist may average Joe looking a couple lbs. But face it. The amount bypass surgery US . Obesity exists biggest challenges moving, quick preparation, fast food world. And contributes to (diabetes, heart conditions, etc) docs realize weight loss critical stop road . AspireAssist minimally invasive, outpatient process device and, ummm…ex(?) in stomach. Wa minutes after 30% stomachs contents pumped out. By can’t absorb them gain.

Ok, pumping may be extreme – but where success stories patients who continually maintaining weight loss. And whose health become so impacted gain I would think may provide a legitimate solution.
[ Avoid Obesity. Pump Your Stomach? ]

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