Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Pen Sized Scanner

, computer peripheral wish purchased when ’t need it, find yourself ringing mate late in night, asking him whether he could open doors home so perform scan. Older scanners tend large, bulky – mention slow, , but a good thing day technology age , shrinking down what was once rather large scanners in pocket-friendly form factor. Case, the $124.95 Pen Sized Scanner.

The Pen Sized Scanner works name suggests – t a ballpoint pen which allows leave Hancock documents, while also being able -s jiffy. The scanning b handled high-precision auto-focus lens, where accompanied 5-megapixel sensor been integrated in pen itself, letting letters, recipes, documents x 1536 pixel resolution. Whenever button down halfway, a visible red laser projected a document, focuses image automatically before snapping a photo. Sporting 1GB memory, good ,000 scanned pictures format being able 1,000 1-minute voice memos format. A single hour’s charge offers 300 scans if you’re interested.

[ Pen Sized Scanner ]

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