Friday, January 18, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Desktop Jellyfish Tank

Thinkgeek might be a wee b the $381.99 Desktop Jellyfish Tank actually picked gong the “2011 Best Product” Pet Expo a couple back, but used , “better late than never”, right? Well, Jellyfish Tank does says – opportunity a very unique desktop pet remain silent , but touch. At least humans, although “Nemo” image above does seem a very nonchalant attitude.

The Desktop Jellyfish Tank single thing started jellyfish family, right out box so lack nothing. (obviously), pump , a hydrometer, some substrate, a feeding pipette, , why things a spot color-changing LED complete remote control so pet jellyfish cooler than is. need jellyfish though, t-gallon tank optimized jellyfish, still be able other kinds .

[ Desktop Jellyfish Tank ]

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