Friday, January 25, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Organize Your Desk Your Way


Stop! Look think about what . No two desks same. Face it, if organized our desks same manner begin some sort society. Desks – contents – help express our personalities, organization skills, how our brains operate. There including the “cluttered but fun” look/mind, , the “waaaaay ” type course thoughts Pen from .

A smart design house, B.A. Studio, decided should all desks organized choose. Whether paperclips, business cards, folders devices their MODO (MOdular Desktop Organizer) get .  MODO consists bamboo base. Carved in storage cutout, cable management grooves, USB slots drives holes. Twenty aluminum pegs complete rubber caps. Somewhat like a puzzle – arrange MODO . Maybe a home tablet complete space. Or maybe displayed toward you. Then again need space . . Adaptability ’s best feature so needs change too. Oh, if a stylus tablet/phone just borrow one pegs rubber cap . $26 pledge get MODO going eventual $34.99 retail price. Shipping , their goal already reached totally viable. Beyond that, stay tuned see MODO.
[ Organize Your Desk Your Way ]

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