Monday, January 14, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Not Your Standard Keyboard

How great would in air everything ? Sort Minority Report. Rather than having a specific device actions (i.e. mouse) rock all there – all fingertips. That certainly may be realistic down . But peripherals necessary immediate future.

One creative designer decided a peripheral may be needed – why needs out there, while also looking like something from . The Luminae devices from TransluSense could potentially change how our computers. The glass Keyboard+ + enable customize via different overlays. Create a qwerty keyboard-key pad. Or maybe 10-key pad. Maybe type (“Type ”). Or maybe requires a non-standard keyboard. literally overlays needs. Also choose LED color too. Built inside units which judge when break pattern visible LEDs. Based overlay keyboard . Sounds odd tactile keyboard. But would be functional – looking. At $500 t , but feel one step closer future.


Thanks: cnet
[ Not Your Standard Keyboard ]

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