Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Man builds own Oreo Separator

I don’t know about you, but I am sucker. After all, I find difficult filling Oreo cookie, willpower just wilts when faced roll glass milk, twist combo one favorite comfort foods. Well, artist David Neevel must be one very few people world who hate cookie, inventor side decided something quirky – be developing a machine him part Oreo cookie.

Neevel’s Oreo Separator Machine, calls it, creation logic – who right mind would resist b cookie? Well, mish mash , including aluminum, wood, a hatchet , all put together garage, Oregon. Of course, Neevel did pay a price Separator Machine, taking approximately two weeks time so. Neevel said, “ a big time commitment. I had some long hours. I didn’t see my girlfriend dog time.”

I don’t think he’d find a decent market who would be willing him money invention, off using edge butter knife whole lot cheaper.

[ Man builds own Oreo Separator ]

Cutie Gadget »Stick It!


Name used typing stand. The wall, taped , list – until curl use … paint off . My office phone used . prop things least. Maybe one fancy ones off . Sure stinks if off ’t paper though. And there traditional typing stands a secure way things down…which way type.

What if a st sat upright next but didn’t require a holder? Try out Justick, $,   exactly that. Things just stick…hence . The surface st electro-adhesion, meaning anything flat put sticks . The patented surface literally grabs . And no, electricity. Using 4 AA batteries, energy literally flows through . And batteries should last 18 months. So no worries. Keep those documents, pictures upright need them ’t hassle stands anymore.
[ Stick It! ]

Cutie Gadget »Learn to Glide from the Master

Years ago Yves Rossey, a.k.a. Jetman, when he managed off some aerial loops himself like a plane while wearing a jet pack, thousands over 200 mph. He was 51 time. Rossey must be getting bored. He released another video a few weeks ago free t. Yep. A human glider. (at age 53 !) And apparently there future from Jetman himself.

glider video (below) WOW. Not just about Swiss scenery. But he drops out plane 11,000 feet (3,500 meters). He maneuvers around peaks valleys 150mph builds speed 300 feet fell swoop. Remember, t all unpowered glider! Like jet pack he landed safely built-in parachute.  The tease Jetman offers end video fact Glider School soon. Meaning learn from t . There other information given yet, but we’ll stay. Maybe join me!

[ Learn from ]

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Razer Edge gets March 1st pre-order date

Boy, how time flies when having fun –. I digress, just last month Vegas, Nevada, when over took put together all elements possible gaming notebook/tablet, taking input from hardcore gamers who know best what they want, team a miracle, resulting announcement Razer Edge. Well, take a good look specifications back then, but there harm through again considering how Razer placed Edge-order from March 1st, sometime later same month. definitely going gaming spring ,!

Razer did say purchased units during -order period shipped later same month, do wonder whether there enough supply voracious demand, assuming, . The Razer Edge powerful tablet world, even released mass market, be interested picked fair share , having swept eight gongs 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where among them include CNET’s “Best ” award.

Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder, CEO director, had t add about Edge, “The Razer Edge combines -functioning PCs, touch-enabled tablets consoles in incredible, portable form factor. Furthermore, Edge’s powerful chipset, unique among all tablet computers, ensures advantage world’s most sophisticated games, programs multiple platforms anytime.”

The Razer Edge powered Intel i5 processor a 64GB SSD, while Edge Pro sports i7 processor option 128GB SSD. Its gamepad controller, home console dock battery accessories be pre-order same time, although keyboard dock launch later t. Prices Razer Edge begins at $999 north from there.

[ Razer Edge gets March 1st pre-order date ]

Cutie Gadget »Remotely Control Your Home

Did light timer living room? I think many did. Back when burglaries were fewer between sense. Unfortunately crime . (I’ll resist going political tangent) Burglars smarter. So home owners/dwellers must better prepare our domiciles. House sitters a popular option. Or maybe stops turn lights off . Smarthomes enable remote control items home. But a True Smarthome (or can’t retro f).

Announced yesterday World Congress, and covered, solution our everyday technological capabilities when household control. The BeeWi Mobot ’s timer! At its simplest power socket. Plug , appliance, takes over . Multiple Mobots home via Bluetooth-Fi, with  master Mobot also having a SIM card installed. This, , means Mobot communicates outside world via iOS app (no mention yet). Voila. control gamut connected devices from anywhere world. Change while away from home. Pop TV . Turn off reminder about bedtime. Start while way home from work. Or scare out be home! In addition power, Mobot offers a motion detector which texts movement house lights in. BeeWi anticipates launch later t $195 (£130) master and $80 (£50) per additional plug. Sure , but be worth .
[ Remotely Control Your Home ]

Cutie Gadget »A Smarter Skewer

Skewers give a great way just about any crowd. Prep load own creations. Everyone gets fat so . Do after such? Inevitably some food gets sacrificed grill. A lopsided zucchini slice does a cube just gives way. There so much a skewer after all. Which provides a perfect reason set Comb Skewers for $

Rather than spearing toma hoping on, let these grill gadgets secure . Nineteen teeth provide ample space a skewer masterpiece but also enable multiple stabs per chunk . Your meat slide around like single stick. No need food either. Detaching food becomes a cinch easily slides off since they steel. Which also means wooden skewers splinters. So prep , beef, shrimp, peppers, (I’m making myself hungry) tomatoes, onions ’t let them get sacrificed grill.

[ A Smarter Skewer ]

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cutie Gadget »NDuR Advanced Portable Filtration Bottle

Most earth , from that, 70% water thereabouts. Having said that, sure drink enough water (experts say 8 glasses a day) so remain hydrated, cells well watered, so , helping long. The kind drink, too, , tools like the $39.99 NDuR Advanced Portable Filtration Bottle would certainly come.

The NDuR Advanced Portable Filtration Bottle helps filter out micro-organisms, toxins, viruses, , coming BPA-free, 28 oz flip-top bottle, a great gift loving geeks, but. All NDuR Advanced Portable Filtration Bottle from a stream a sketchy water fountain, , filter get done, where 99.9% -organisms, 99.99% chemicals metals, .9999% . Bear, ’t work water though.

[ NDuR Advanced Portable Filtration Bottle ]

Cutie Gadget »Show Your Creativity With a 3D Pen

Say a goal. Not %. Probably a good indication , eh? Meet 3Doodler, a 3D pen. Their creators began a Kickstarter campaign earlier t $30,000. With 26 days they have $1.8m pledged. I think 3Doodler future, how about you? In a world funded projects nice someone h out proverbial ballpark.

Peter Dilworth Bogue creators founded WobbleWorks to “create affordable, cutting edge toys our customers over.” And t pen fits mission. 3Doodler provides a pen-like device plastic feed power cord.   ABS plastic from 3D printers plus common items like automotive trim, canoes others. Power provides heat. When plastic hits air while coming out pen . Design something surface pry something-air. Just give yourself point with. Take a exactly how easy 3Doodler. Most pledge levels, but still get a $75 or $99 option which gets final production model 2014. To stay official launch sign details website.

[ Show Your Creativity With a 3D Pen ]

Cutie Gadget »Hear Your Wallet Talk Back

We all enjoy opening our wallets don’t we? OK, sometimes. But often nothing exciting happens. Usually money out. Theoretically something. Parents, some days feel like all . Some smart folks decided a diversion  simple process which could make little less painful…or less serious.

Sonic Wallets, $19.95, proves opening something about. As a Sonic Wallet a built-in light sensor trips a sound byte interlude. The Ameri version gets national anthem. Drum Machine plays a riff. Shakespeare Insult plays insults from Shakespearean sounding characters. Other models include Baseball, Buddha, Jesus, Moolah, The Scream all play multiple songs bytes too. So days where constantly paying out, ’t get bored same song. Built duration Tyvek, hard time ripping, puncturing a Sonic Wallet. And if finally get some day stop sensor. Sure, opening some days. But Sonic Wallet get a response when .

[ Hear Your Wallet Talk Back ]

Monday, February 25, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Bird Box Radio and MP3 Speaker

If a sizeable yard (whether back front,), surely whole lot better carefully manicured lawn trees growing out , providing a decent amount from scorching sun. Where there, be sure attracted , such crawlies fertile, course, them birds who ( tend folks whose freshly washed cars were parked under a tree). Well, bring about a smile ’s face, no matter how gloomy beginning, but what happens when bird box some technology in? the £19.99 Bird Box Radio Speaker, that’s what.

The Bird Box Radio Speaker much self-explanatory, where shaped like radio, sporting a retractable aerial headphone jack plug MP3 media player, back tunes out loud. The radio itself -colored lights which illuminate whenever music , resulting disco atmosphere. Being eco-friendly, made from cardboard so reaches life. powered quartet batteries.

[ Bird Box Radio Speaker ]

Cutie Gadget »Silicone to Save the Chef’s Day

I just learned some quick facts about silicone. heat °. virtually resistant , ozone light. be created electricity. Microbes cannot grow. Thanks Wikipedia. After understanding factoids like get why silicone a go- tools. We found a all world.

One ongoing debates about plastic bags food containers toxicity when heated effectiveness cooking devices. Knowing what I about silicone I say every pro chef should invest Silicone Cooking Bags. Available for $19.98, these eco-friendly containers hold about 4.5 cups . The sliding lock gives leakpro. Then pop , hot water. handle both extremes. And once done drop cleanup.  Another silicone savior $24.98 roasting laurel. If ever cooked a turkey air underneath it. Roasting pans work, otherwise some space. Or if stuffed vegetables them upright process need device. And obviously easy be put dishwasher. I say, yeah!
[ Silicone ’s Day ]

Cutie Gadget »Better Rest While Traveling


Ahhhh . Vacation trips worth there . Work trips – much. Any experienced traveler knows yourself comfortable during process . Comfortable clothes help. Maybe having pumping in ears. If , prevent the “35,000 foot head bob” like it, type action subconsciously undertake when letting relax side. amazing don’t end whiplash when attempting bob. Maybe a travel pillow – , those C shaped things – which helps, but head still cranes can’t be good.

Some smart experienced travelers different approach sleep comfort. Meet The Travel Halo™. Rather than providing a soft place head, providing head stability. T contains a small pillow side towards . These cushions cradle , preventing from side . Continue headrest – unlike pillows which push forward. The Travel Halo contains mask too. Pull when want out use portion . Easy compact, t.5 ounce gadget won’t weigh either – key travelers. If getting rest flight, train ride ride becomes critical daily duties then keep right position $29 Travel Halo. Your head you.

Thanks: Peter Greenberg
[ Better Rest While Traveling ]

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Sprint announces Kyocera Torque

The Kyocera Torque a smartphone might want wherever , especially when whole lot trips. The reason t, Sprint’s Kyocera Torque holds ultra-rugged 4G LTE Android-powered smartphone complete Direct Connect Sonic Receiver Audio technology, allowing handle drops, dunks, t March 8th, going $99.99.

In fact, Bear Grylls, adventurer -loving dude who loves wild, perfect example Torque, than capable extremes, while working just fine life .

The ultra-rugged, 4G LTE Android smartphone 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, sport 18.9 hours time, course,’s Truly Unlimited 4G LTE data, text mobile device, , throttling, , about that?

The Kyocera Torque was specially built Standard 810G, allowing withst, shock, vibration, solar radiation, humidity, blowing rain, low pressure, salt extreme temperatures, standards, sprayed water immersion meter deep . There Direct Connect push-to-talk service, America’s first device Kyocera’s award-winning new Smart Sonic Receiver technology.

David Owens, vice president-Product Development, Sprint, said, “The durability quality 4G LTE smartphone. Whether you’re construction site, adventurer mom about their kids breaking their phone, Torque those drops, spills. With Sprint’s 4G LTE network unlimited 4G data, text plans, it’s a tremendous offer customers, busy kids alike.”

[ Sprint announces Kyocera Torque ]

Cutie Gadget »Nikon Laser Rangefinder COOLSHOT AS announced

Are avid golfer who would love skills? If answered affirmative, do resources professional golfer tips, resigning depend pages golf magazines, perhaps having tool might work. I am referring Nikon Laser Rangefinder COOLSHOT AS continue Nikon’s COOLSHOT Laser Rangefinder series.

T rangefinder COOLSHOT rolled out last year, then, considered model distance measuring, where ID Technology so Golf Mode capable slope adjusted distance (horizontal distance ± height), enabling golfers who a sloping course than ever before much power they should put in next shot.

The Nikon Laser Rangefinder COOLSHOT AS comes across new, sporty model make use Technology, enabling measurement display modes off , horizontal distance adjusted distance (horizontal distance ± height) distance.

Features COOLSHOT AS include a high-performance, multilayer-coated 6x viewfinder generous, easy-to-view eyepiece eye relief, which works great a small target easily bright field .

a snap between First Target Priority Target Priority modes, where flagstick bush, all without having yourself between background. Not, there measurement 8 seconds, while holding down ON/Measurement button.

Sure waterproof (up /3.3 ft. minutes), but great , scuba diving trip underwater golf – assuming such a thing possible future.

[ Nikon Laser Rangefinder COOLSHOT AS announced ]

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Birdie Swing Tea Infuser

Forget about bees, £9.99 Birdie Swing Tea Infuser a lime color shade, teas. Yes sir, Birdie Swing Tea Infuser less gives away, where certainly inject a whole lot more “soul” in everyday tea drinking experience. Dunking a tea bag too boring, so things up, fill Swing Tea Infuser favorite blend leaves, steep hot water, patient while before taking a sip beverage.

The bird itself singing, “Happy days again!” while sporting leaf blend choice, sure during , feasting baked scones strawberry preserve side, gets here.

[ Birdie Swing Tea Infuser ]

Cutie Gadget »Minecraft Pickaxe Touchscreen Stylus

Minecraft been a success unprecedented levels, which good thing, shows world when out new gaming titles masses. Well, any self-respecting game, there addicts scene, different. In fact, be classified should play Minecraft Pocket Edition touchscreen-capable mobile device using the $19.99 Minecraft Pickaxe Touchscreen Stylus.

The Minecraft Pickaxe Touchscreen Stylus says – a miniature pickaxe designed pickaxe within Minecraft itself, where play nice touchscreen devices out there, regardless a smartphone owner. Thing is, be able top pickaxe use handle, get done. Made out -density foam, Pickaxe Touchscreen Stylus measures 3.25″ x 2″ if interested .

[ Minecraft Pickaxe Touchscreen Stylus ]

Friday, February 22, 2013

Cutie Gadget »All Day Fitness Watch

Do a watch ? Assuming do without having smartphone done, how about making sure timepiece too, sure f a fiddle. Of course, wearing a watch going exercise behalf, but the $99.95 All Day Fitness Watch able track resting heart rate, total number burned, overall activity .

The All Day Fitness Watch resting heart rate average reading from week, while using a fitness score. As body, logically speaking, levels should improve lowered resting heart rate, making snap progress goals. There integrated accelerometer detect all kinds , allowing track how much time moving, while performing a rough calculation burned from exercise activities. Other features include a pedometer, chronograph, timer, mention showing off alarm built in.

[ All Day Fitness Watch ]

Cutie Gadget »A New Approach to 2.1 Sound

I find Kickstarter what gets funded – funded. insight what people in. Especially world . One Swedish company – People People – just completed their second successful Kickstarter campaign. Their Memoto, wearable mini camera, raised over $500k. And yes, their second product funded there was just.

Welcome Speaker. As see, errrr, perfectly explains . Their concept was a functional sound system played in user’s environment. Rather than using particleboard wood, People People wants rather than making revolve around . What makes Speaker unique construction. Two versions. The $800 Transparent Speaker comes fully assembled. If try the $450 Transparent Speaker DIY Kit. All except material walls. material . As years speaker construction easy replaceable. So a broken speaker does trash heap. Distribute via powered USB port (for a Bluetooth-Fi dongle), two auxiliary outs Express docking space. Two 3 inch drivers 6.5 inch sub give highs, lows . The amp contains DSP . And a basic control panel keeps bass, treble accessible. Combine all these assets stylish, unique -friendly solution performs. Obviously, People People seems keen out what wants – Speaker – technology.
[ A New Approach .1 Sound ]

Cutie Gadget »A Ring to Help You Think

Do when ? Maybe a nervous hab action subconsciously do when head start churning. Twirling hair (well, haired folks), messing, bouncing “nervous knee”, flipping , it. We habits some seem directly connected . It’s almost like mind interesting actions. Playing exception habits.

Glen Liberman Design Studio complimentary motion like. So much so created a ring which right in unintentional habits stimulate . The patented Gear Ring®, $165’s site, consists sized gear mechanisms which turn when edge ring . Watch below . As states “complex enough with, yet simple enough .” Made from matte stainless steel range , Ring just about anyone’s need moving – literally .

[ A Ring ]

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Sony PS4 announced

The next cycle console gaming ( end side , , had already rolled out their Nintendo Wii U from last year onwards which frankly, was rather disappointing , once again leaning strength ’s library low price point round -gen console gaming) , throwing down announcement PlayStation 4,.

The PS3 gracefully over few years , but time old , new . According House, CEO Computer Entertainment, “The living room longer PlayStation universe, is. We believe 4 represents a shift from thinking box.”

PlayStation 4′s lead system architect Mark Cerny, being a company laurels, begun PS4 shortly after PlayStation 3, ultimate purpose a console, developers. find a completely updated user interface bunch features from controller features which cannot be found consoles – least, Sony hopes so.

There a new DualShock 4 controller, PS4 processor, packed enhanced PC GPU, -speed unified memory. The new DualShock 4 controller sports a touchpad (hmmm, a page from Nintendo’s book?), a share button, headphone jack. There a light bar located back controller help different players, while a 3D camera console controllers connected console.

When pick PS4? Sony cited a “holiday 2013″ date, so be a good time saving one when arrives.

[ Sony PS4 announced ]

Cutie Gadget »A More Affordable (?) Vertu

What springs when I mention Vertu? I’m guessing either “luxury” or “who”. Vertu cell phones, made entirely UK, evolved symbols end materials tags. Yet under t – until late 2012 owned – left something desired. The technology did .  Last week Vertu announced new handset, , which proves worthy casing provided.

First runs Android 4.0 (Ice Cream) which huge leap beyond Symbian OS used Vertu models. 8MP camera HD video capability measures other makers. Apps un totally cater high-end user too. delivers customized articles privileges based likes. Stumped while trip? City Brief gives recommendations based location. And if , live chat Concierge feature 24/7 any questions.  There -in back security . On Vertu lives their name skin, grade 5 titanium casing (try breaking that!) sapphire crystal screen covering a WVGA display .  Don’t forget &O speakers audio. And here’s a first, get a Vertu 5 US figures. The base model starts at $9600 (£6700) top model going for $19,900. Well, those people afford a Vertu actually performance.


Thanks Telegraph
[ A More Affordable (?) Vertu ]

Cutie Gadget »Notes No One Can Miss

Making notes so much easier evolution . We basically set, alerts . When leaving notes things so advanced? Sure, they Facebook. But really – does anyone want son out ? Notepads too. But if mine, there central place a note where be positive gets it.

What if pillow?! Short a note ’s forehead I am thinking good solution. The Doodle Pillowcase, $25.49 Kid, under their head – virtually assuring . Before lays their head down they so desperately wanted, out seen. Conversely, if million dollar idea just grab pillow. When a place notes task simply wash . If would gets accomplished I think all make .

[ Notes No One Can Miss ]