Friday, February 1, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Corkcicle Color for a decent wine drinking experience

They say dish best served cold, but perhaps change when a the £19.99 Corkcicle Color which , green, orange shades. After all, anytime a good time wine, right kind dining food, exquisite. Thing is, when area enveloped warm climate, challenge when wine keeping chilled.

Perhaps time about drippy ice-buckets, Corkcicle Color able comfortably right in top bottle, ensuring wine remains chilled from within while keeping out any nasty insects who decide their temporary home. The Corkcicle Color from a thermal gel which completely sealed from within icicle shape, ensuring able its temperature longer period than ice, , ensuring favorite wine does after a while.

[ Corkcicle Color decent wine drinking experience ]

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