Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Gain Rewards with Amazon Coins

Yesterday (February 5, 2013) Amazon announced a new loyalty program launching. Amazon Coins app purchases/points/’coins’. Makes sense. Afterall, most in points program – be card miles, grocery store points not. But take a Coins if be enough loyalty .

Amazon Coins millions (what appear about $.01 each) Fire users. Why Kindle Fire? To promote development apps. Amazon made no announcement how the “tens ” rewarded. At a minimum they available purchase. But I can’t help but think some away promote interest. Perhaps content purchases? Anyway, Coins virtual currency apps. The objective appears app developers focused Fire-compatible content app store them their own apps. Theoretically, if a user stored would be out something new – giving programmers their incentive. To be eligible, must be store 25. The developer’s announcement details /who/how from their end. As Amazon customer Fire owner I apps lag far behind their Android brethren  So perhaps t prompt from community. And Fire owner I appreciate free credits coming my way tablet world advanced units. Only time . So stay tuned how Amazon Coins pans out.

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