Friday, January 18, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Cars That Keep Up on Technology

Automaker presence was huge t. All players showed off having . Wireless charging, cloud based services self-driving cars became highlights continuing attention North Ameri Show t. Yet fresh. If a 10 year old car odds technology (like player 2002 I just sold!).

Ford Motors recently announced programs enable in-car technology other technologies lives. Both au kicked off programs open their technology designs . Sort semi-open platform approach. Thought developers create applications use keeping needs owner. Imagine being able radio button 1 voice commands about which playlist from smartphone. Or perhaps ’t travel long without a p. Maybe program nearest restrooms when ‘bathroom.’ all be possible, dependent technologies – perhaps developed – may be popular. The key ability cars buttons technology changes. Gone would be features. could meet needs road. We shall see how Ford decide , but here’s our cars meet our technology needs phones do now.
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