Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cutie Gadget »A Smartphone’s Sensing Companion

Ever run in product say “I wish I was smart enough ”? Yep, found one. Aside from lacking any knowledge about , experience doctorate knows what, perhaps I could t. But George Yu and Variable Technologies beat us . As our smartphones continue lives sense necessary job functions life-saving functions in phone’s capability.

Meet NODE, a device its attached, state-of-the-art sensors phone. Via conditional Bluetooth 4.0 Low-Energy, information from available NODE app or – down perhaps other likeminded apps – device. Six different options exist measure modules:

  • Kore ($149): required module, heart . KORE contains a accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope motion .

  • Chroma ($75): color matching collecting module.

  • Therma ($75): measure temperatures distance via IR.

  • Clima ($50): Senses barometric pressure, ambient light, temperature, .

  • Luma ($25): Use 8 LEDs provide a flashlight a camera flash.

  • Oxa ($149): Provides grade Carbon Monoxide gas sensor. Other gases requested.

The professional uses modules endless. Quality control production line aided paint color product. Maybe house inspections. easily measure temperatures faults. If a hiker stop if adverse conditions. Check CO2 levels even own home – while switching modules hanging a level process. There a variety measurements too. With NODE plus modules yourself multiple devices. I think where I’m going.  Presently, NODE 5, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch 5th Gen, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini, Macbooks devices. Yu made point out there firmware & open API. And they Arduino source code & Android source code so programmers create app measurements users. NODE via micro USB FCC certified. Sure, be if need particular sensor. But I think most could easily find uses variety lives.
[ A Smartphone’s Sensing Companion ]

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