Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Keep Those Shoes On and Look Good

Go take a . I’ll bet there few pairs laces tied. When a new pair best intentions untying -tying them. But somewhere along , usually when rushing around kicking them off them back tying.

Brookstone wants encourage tie-free shoe use elastic lacing system. Opposing eyelets shoe stretchy devices. Connect choose, slip HICKIES elastic properties allow move while goes even during high impact activities. They literally turn any lace in slip on. What makes them unique, however, array so select one coordinating needs. Match shoes crazy . Your choice.  The ‘stretchiness’ also means one size fits all. For $19.99, a pack includes 14 HICKIES color combinations plus 2 extra HICKIES surprise color – plenty average pair . Unsure how look? Download their app a pho a virtual pair current shoes instruction them on.  So go ahead up, but shoes.

[ Keep Those Shoes On Good ]

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