Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Desk Pets announce BattleTank

Desk Pets International Limited might sound familiar , manufacturer -packed micro-robotic toys , where some include , SkitterBot, among others. Well, device from them would be known BattleTank, where form palm-sized robotic tank which fully controllable regardless using--powered device. Smartphones alike, runs right operating system, carry out war games right there spot.

The BattleTank equipped couple modes freely in -player mode. Desk Pets alongside its other released toy lines earlier Toy Fair 2013 York City sometime next month. moment though, take a closer what , comes equipped range modes, sounds you.

BattleTank sports a personality own, free-roaming mode, , acting under its own direction quite a din engine-revving noises. If to ( probably will, absolutely love own ship), also able control BattleTank down drone tank (which purchased separately ), perform a re-enactment favorite tank battles friend.

Each successive h down , but a good thing shrapnel about, you’re slower, sitting duck than anything else, so if pull off a victory from there, certainly make even General Rommel, Desert, envious. Each BattleTank for $24.99 a pop.
[ Desk Pets announce BattleTank ]

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