Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Stash – Waterproof Pocket Shorts

feel , t world summer. Days beach, tubing down , associated electronics wrangling. Where do ? Leave , thinking actually be able ashore beach phone thief before he hits away, all calling people overseas California who later purport no idea who may be, even after speaking-criminal over? But I digress…

Check out t project all world, Stash Waterpro Shorts. While getting ready summer fun, wife were wondering how their phones safe, and, being inspired simple water bottle ’s cap, was born. Why a waterpro in pair shorts, , waders vests? Imagine, phone, keys cash actually be dry when it, all right pocket, right where they’re supposed !

The waterpro shorts appears fittings also sewn in inside (so won’t be against .) The cap via lanyard string so be lost diameter pocket opening 3.25″ so probably f phone. So if ’t one, get over to bucks, won’t till Christmas.
[ Stash – Waterpro Shorts ]

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