Monday, May 27, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Cambridge Audio announces Minx Air 100 and 200 wireless speaker systems

Ah, here another two wireless speaker systems from over Audio, where they announced Air 100 Air 200 wireless speaker systems masses. The adage judging a book cover would apply beautifully Cambridge Audio Minx Air 100 wireless speaker systems, where their diminutive size belies powerful audio without missing a beat. In fact, t mark time a Hi-Fi wireless speaker would carry integrated AirPlay, Bluetooth, -in Internet Radio connectivity, about that?

Thanks vast Hi-Fi expertise folks over Audio have, they claim audio quality which comes out from these two speakers stunning. The Minx Air 100 specially designed maximum possible detail from stored tracks services. Thanks patented BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) speakers, able a rich sound which room-filling compared -sized traditional speakers. BMR’s unique, hybrid design panel technology guarantees no longer need “sweet spot” . Apart from that, there custom-developed digital amplifier heart-thumping performance, even if volume.

Both Minx Air wireless speaker systems also boast Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms which were specially developed production Audio. T enable Cambridge Audio sound possible from Minx Air’s compact enclosure, same time delivering which , crisper compared portable systems market.

The Minx Air 100 spaces such, bedrooms spaces, packs a 100W punch from a cabinet which measures just 14” wide. As Minx Air 200, capable rooms clear audio, thanks 200W set amplifiers alongside a built-in active 6.5” subwoofer a supercharged audio experience which measures a mere 18” wide.

[ Cambridge Audio announces Minx Air 100 wireless speaker systems ]

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