Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Avitron V2.0 R/C Flying Bird

Do all things remote control? Yes sir, toys be controlled remotely a joy , tend certain sense of “god-like” feeling, until run out, anyways. Well, Thinkgeek might cater who prefer things air instead ground sort – the $99.99 Avitron V2.0 R/C Flying Bird.

The Avitron V2.0 R/C Flying Bird goes one its predecessor feathers, ensure bionic bird skies, come extremely lightweight design, achieving light enough off, while ensuring heavy enough spiral out slightest gust . T-bird, half-plane toy such speed, where low-speed functionality allows a dedicated pilot a realistic looking bird. Made out EPP body wing ribs, control itself requires batteries old school Sega Game Gear (half a dozen), takes 12 minutes results minutes worth time.

[ Avitron V2.0 R/C Flying Bird ]

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