Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Escort announces StickyCup

Escort Inc. might sound like a company does something oriented, but, they designer world’s best radar detector – least, t what they. The pro , so forward breath whether from over able . Just what StickyCup? Well, actually a full-featured bracket mount which includes a semi-sticky gel ring located cup surface itself which cohesion support vehicle’s windshield.

What kind does works best with? Of course, without saying StickyCup nice naturally’s range leading devices including -winning PASSORT 9500ix radar detector, ESCORT REDLiNE, PASSPORT 8500 series BELTRONICS models. who, made available than a week all Escort stores.

How does help life?, windshield mount gel ring which assists dramatically improved performance simply but otherwise potentially destructive imperfections windshield mounting surface. As there concerning gaps within, able far greater surface adhesion force windshield. Needless , t result vastly improved holding capacity over a wider temperature ranges.

The StickyCup snap , where capable all grades windshield glass. The new mount would include a rotating knob which allows one StickyCup bracket match driver’s windshield. The moment set, mirror slope, making time. Interested parties able StickyCup for $24.95 a pop.

[ Escort announces StickyCup ]

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