Friday, May 24, 2013

Cutie Gadget »MSI does it again with new GX70 and GX60 gaming laptops

I do about you, but, a gaming notebook poor (an extremely poor one) substitute full fledged gaming desktop. After all, really large display eyes superb visuals, mention pumped out from speakers tend lame – very. Of course, if a gaming addict, then time need fix going, a gaming notebook would be solution. After all, something than nothing, right? MSI certainly knows couple market appeal masses, new MSI GX70 GX60.

These AMD A10-5750M processor, Radeon HD 8970M graphics Game Networking card totally enthralling gaming experience go. In fact, MSI GX70 notebooks would also be AMD Richl-5750M powered gaming notebooks world.

We increase performance % over previous generations, , processor increase battery life performance, which results gaming sessions alongside a crisper, brighter visual experience. The MSI GX70 end model between , where sports AMD’s Eyefinity 3D technology which enables users multiple independent display outputs, while E2200 Game Networking card eliminate lag time full color backl Gaming Keyboard . Not, THX speakers built-in subwoofer ear thumping experience. Unlike just about all Ultrabooks market today, these two models -ray disc readers, a 1920×1080 full HD anti-reflective display 9 cell battery mobile gaming pleasure. No idea just yet though.

[ MSI does GX70 gaming laptops ]

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