Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cutie Gadget »Portable Tabletop Mosquito Repeller

Love spending most time outdoors rather than indoors? If , then chances high mosqui, considering blood carry. Well, never quite take do carry a potentially life threatening disease, yourself repellent half done. Enter the $29.95 Portable Tabletop Mosqui according namesake – offering you ( sitting around it) ample relief from , blood sucking pests whenever members setting.

The Portable Tabletop Mosqui would come across a wee b compared regular soda can, where t device would st manner, never mind a patio table bench. still be able regardless, automatically emitting , subtle floral scent , peppermint , which so happen plant-derived essential oils which naturally repel mosquitoes, gnats, . T away need nasty chemical-based sprays, while its integrated fan would help distribute protection from mosquitos across 15′ sq. . A couple batteries would keep t going hours.

[ Portable Tabletop Mosqui ]

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