Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cutie Gadget »“Take a Break” Says Your Computer

Face it, too much. We stare computer screens completely sucked in. easy .   done it. working away computer , 4, 5 hours. Experts say attention spans built. So if ’t remind ourselves a sanity break every so often who will? T be a zen gadget, but definitely something all use!

Welcome to Stillness Buddy a very techno-zen approach . Stillness Buddy downloaded computer. Two types based breaks then appear screen work. Every 30 minutes a “moment ” pops up, lasting 30 seconds. Every 1 hour minutes a mindful pause appears, reminding take a two minute break. Customize Buddy if they vary from set. Understand, a free-for-all. Based version receive messages, mental exercises ideas. Fourteen different versions Stillness Buddy exist. So choose from topics like Relax from inspirational thoughts from gurus like Dalai Lama Kornfield. There a gift version so recipients their own buddy. Each version of Stillness Buddy £9.95 (about $17.50; over 40 currencies available). A 30-day free trial available.

Why bother? There are plenty biggest better when giving our minds a moment . And reliable Stillness Buddy yourself in ground.
[ “Take a Break” Says Your Computer ]

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