Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cutie Gadget »OraQuick – 20 Minute, at Home, HIV Test

One scariest health epidemics generation was HIV. I remember quite clearly its emergence scene, news footage first infected, people slowly dying from something so misunderstood . ’t seem big news anymore, but it’s still killing people all over .

Well, OraSure, us healthcare administered oral specimen HIV test available all back, developed OraQuick, a simple at-home test people themselves privacy own homes virus AIDS. Imagine, approved, over-the-counter HIV test simple mouth swab -40 minutes time.

estimated a quarter million Americans completely unaware infected, testing yourself protect and, certainly help spread . The OraQuick In-Home Oral HIV Test private, confidential way yourself around 20 minutes.

The OraQuick test available t retail outlets USA including Walmart, Oraquick.com around $39.99. The testing k durable plastic case instructions pre test information booklets. Remember a slight risk false negative result, so please follow-up medical professional.
[ OraQuick – 20 Minute,, HIV Test ]

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