Friday, October 19, 2012

Cutie Gadget »So Much More Than a Case

With iPhone 5 come slew . Some new, but some simply adapt previous generations new iPhone form factor. And while all protect , few actually enhance .

Meet iZZi Gadgets, makers Orbit. The Orb a trio lenses – fisheye, wide-angle – right case. Changing lenses easy . And slouch either. The duraluminum dual layer protection offers ample cushion inevitable blows. iZZi’s Sure H Grip gives true camera feel too – easier on. And videographer comes equipped tripod mounts . The Orb a little case, going lense systems. The iPhone 5 version runs $239.99 4/4S version $229.99 on iZZi Gadgets site. Included price case, protective sleeve, wrist lanyard cloth. And yes, replacement lenses cost should them. If case interests you, but ’t need 3 lenses try the Solo, which saves about $100. Whatever don’t let ’s camera lim pho video capabilities. Augment them Orb Solo.
[ So Much More Than a Case ]

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