Friday, October 19, 2012

Cutie Gadget »“…I’m Making Waaaaaffles”

What a classic line from Shrek. And what a great treat. Seriously, waffles be one most diverse breakfast foods. Think put: fresh fruit, syrup-y fruit, whipped cream, butter, maple syrup, nuts, icing, powdered sugar. Yuuuummmmm. But they tend be if ’t time down. Until now.

Nostalgia Electrics decided served than one way. Though like waffle maker their 2-in-1 Breakfast Treats Maker separate ‘compartments’. So bake five waffle fries. Or change out cooking plates 5 French toast fries. make pancake fries too. If sitting table, kids easily eat a variety smaller fry size. And fun addition kitchen gadget 25 bamboo skewers. Stick a skewer concoction breakfast . Whatever , for $  a nice addition kitchen looking unique take classic morning delicacy.


Thanks: CNET

[ “…I’m Making Waaaaaffles” ]

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