Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cutie Gadget »Roccat Hiro gaming mousepad kisses goodbye to frayed edges

If a gamer who takes seriously (oh yeah, about gig slog through days a week? That’s just a necessity so what when home), then surely know kind one first basic . After all, having all world without being supported hardware going frag list. Apart from a high performance rig, crucial – such gaming mouse, keyboard, course, mousepad. German-born Roccat announced their latest Hiro gaming mousepad whose selling point – never, ever fray.

T truly a next generation mousepad boast a special kind silicone surface so able unrivaled control , patented construction which makes sure such edges relegated thing past, while delivering maximum durability throughout career. Touted mousepad kind world advanced new manufacturing process, build process results inseparable “power bond” between upper surfaces.

ROCCAT Founder , René Korte, said, “With , yet again bringing true innovation . Frayed edges thing past mousepad. And its groundbreaking, one-of-a-kind surface delivers speed thrill even demanding gamers. We built using most advanced materials methods – so gamers assured their pad max battle durability , mission after mission.”

There Force Field protective coating ’s surface water resistant , making simpler yourself next round . 350mm x 250mm, making enough who play sensitivity levels, a thickness 2.5mm, about that?

[ Roccat Hiro gaming mousepad kisses goodbye edges ]

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