Friday, October 19, 2012

Cutie Gadget »New Microsoft Patent – The Future of Xbox Gaming?

Sure I remember my first Pong game, but I think out for my kid Kinect. She was enthralled whole immersive aspects was fun few days, but get some recently filed patent information big thing, I there major b wow-factor. Could a reality? Heck, why not?

Check out what learned about what just may someday be, . According aforementioned patent application, Microsoft may be bringing all our futuristic dreams totally immersive experience. T clearly states that “An immersive display environment human user a peripheral image on surfaces around . The peripheral images serve extension primary image displayed primary display.” So I guess, I hope, distant future, gaming TV’s, we’ll be gaming whole darn living room.

So possible  planning t futuristic gaming environment? All included particular filing, seem a display environment involving a whole lot just walls. I am already picturing room coming first totally immersive (sometimes even 3D) gaming environment where  image appear . Yes, like there may be headgear involved, yes there cameras , ! be totally awesome. When do think we’ll actually get to “play” like this? much money going do it?

[ New Microsoft Patent – The Future Gaming? ]

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