Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cutie Gadget »Smell-o-phone on the Horizon

Smartphones stimulate 3 5 senses. Touch, sight impacted. But what about two? Taste – well ok, maybe’t ever happen. Who wants their phone? Eeeeewww. But what about smell? We talk about, , dream of  ‘smell-o-vision’ TV. And Japanese company reportedly launch gadget .

As reported by CNET, Chaku Perfume developed Chat Perf, an iPhone app accessory smells. An atomizer tank come device which attaches phone’s dock. Someone other end phone could then deliver a smell through which through . The attachment then releases . The possibilities, particularly,. Imagine restaurant sending seasoned steak. Or maybe a laundromat infusing their coupons scent washed laundry. As CNET points out, Samsung already filed patent phone producing device potentially delaying Chat Perf’s entry in US. If them price over $60 may be somewhat prohibitive. But who knows. Maybe smell-o-smartphones wave future nose eyes .

[ Smell-o-phone Horizon ]

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