Friday, December 14, 2012

Cutie Gadget »Tasty Food in Gaseous/Liquid Form

Have molecular gastronomy? T food’s physical characteristics flavors our palettes big following. Some smart designers decided our favorite recipes offers a unique method our food – calories!

Le Whaf turns in. Mix concoction together in stylish looking glass carafe. Tilt create using ultrasound waves from vibrating piezoelectric crystals. Pour some vapor in glass. Then, using Straw, sip a massive burst but few calories. taste from generated. Can being able chocolate dessert without ? Or imagine meal being taken mouth. The makers cookbook too. The carafe cost €129 (about $168) 6-pack €5. Le Whaf may every meal, but 1000 units out. So someone must be finding a good use. More production though. Stay tuned lab store details Le Whaf .
[ Tasty Food/Liquid Form ]

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