Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cutie Gadget »Roboy could be a robot for the future

Do future robots mankind, such found science fiction movie I, Robot? How about droids around-owned Star Wars, those would definitely come problem between different language groups, wouldn’t it? Sad , current technology far from achieving such high standards, but perhaps something like good start.

Folks over University ’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (AI Lab) working a robot toddler “Roboy.” The implementation of “soft robotics” technology which body 1.2 meter (3 ft, 11 in) tall humanoid robot a solution down hopefully make people feel presence when -to-day situations.

Granted, from being thing market moment, resembles far a cyborg skeleton compared charming child whom like , but bear t still a work. The laboratory’s final goal would be Roboy from scratch matter months, find time required compared a baby cute.

Work began last June, where 15 project partners than 40 engineers came together, intend means, such space robot, while hiring functions when completed.

Roboy remains a research project than enterprise point, team their eyes new technologies while engaging scalable production using CAD printing so takes a matter roll out a robot.

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