Monday, December 24, 2012

Cutie Gadget »Hands Free Wine Aerator

When about a hands-free device, most time, our minds would drift towards something like a Bluetooth headset. After all, know just how dangerous be , but road users if one h hold wheel, other . Well, here hands-free device might want home, especially when some wine meals – the $79.95 Hands Free Wine Aerator would certainly be worth calling upon.

The Hands Free Wine Aerator decanter adapter which a bottle been inverted aerate wine, while leaving a hands-free situation. be different from traditional aerating methods which take better part hours, decanter begin while enhancing notes. Thanks broad, flask-like base, deliver a large, enclosed surface area which gently releases a vintage’s subtle character wine runs down ’s interior. Made from lead-free mouth-blown crystal, hold 1 1/2 liters .

[ Hands Free Wine Aerator ]

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