Friday, December 21, 2012

Cutie Gadget »Everyone Needs a Cardboard Bike

Bikes become every year. Mechanics improve plus technology make things lighter mobile.  More people eco-friendly commuting thanks efficiencies. How much bike get?

Designer Izhar Gafni thinks bikes much further when . T he finalized design mostly cardboard bike called . All components materials. The belt-driven bike means no maintenance . Alfa weighs just 20lbs. but UP TO 485LBS! The concept evolved from paper but three times stronger. That makes sense. Ever try a pile ? Oh, great part about Alfa fact cost $9-$12. Let’s see: 100% recycled materials, 24 times its weight less than $15. I think a winner. Gafani spent three years designing Alfa. See below about . Where lead? Who knows. But 100% sustainable form exists should lead us what else our planet.

Thanks: FastCo. Design
[ Everyone Needs a Cardboard Bike ]

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