Monday, December 17, 2012

Cutie Gadget »Burrito Bomber UAV delivers food to the hungry

Fast food delivery something new, been around some time already, ensuring who front TVs able kind , while they continue quest whatever them engrossed until now. Well, most food delivered doorstep two wheeler simply because far easier around town motorbike compared car. Of course, if , things would be far easier, wouldn’t it? T where Bomber comes in, where a flying drone gets done instead.

The Burri possible thanks team over Aerospace, where t UAV specially outfitted release mechanism controls, allowing take food orders as air drop them person’s location matter . Needless , need amount required been ordered.

The UAV would be X-8 FPV/UAV Flying Wing (how apt name, does one a certain amount -chlorians it?) frame, while built a delivery mechanism out Quantum RTR Bomb System a canister built from a 3-inch diameter mailing tube, custom 3D printed parts. All navigation handled ArduPilot control system, where had already pre-programmed waypoints drone , ( percentage ), one control thanks video feed from a built-in camera. Definitely a big boy’s toy, this.

[ Burri UAV delivers food hungry ]

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