Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cutie Gadget »Pedal-Powered Holiday Decor

We hope decorations t season! I am sure do own house – inside – car best local houses town. Then there displays streets course shopping malls. Taking lights really does help get a person spirit.

Southbank Centre, London’s famous arts venue, great places decorations. And t help light glorious trees! Yes, you! Southbank Centre called Pedals Design Works two pedal powered Christmas trees. Over 1 kilometer lights among 7.5 meter trees which sets – 5 surrounding. Passers-by away stationary pedals .  Take too – style, BMX h versions.

How going over? On a recent weekend afternoon there was rarely a bike available. The people power over 40 days approximately 192kWh, enough 1.5m hours use. If from January 7th take a trip south Thames. The trees display just outside Festival Hall (between Bridges if familiar). Chip holiday season off Christmas lights. And if London check Electric Pedals’ Facebook page pictures.
[ Pedal-Powered Holiday Decor ]

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