Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Cutie Gadget »LG Magic Remote announced

LG Electronics announced releasing-new Magic Remote range 3D Smart TVs before CES 2013 kicks off Vegas fortnight’s time. T device language recognition capabilities which make executing commands a cinch, natural, interactive experience. Not, t new design continue a quartet options convenience – where they, gesture, point, , t be complete universal remote.

Hav, President LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company, said, “LG innovative home entertainment solutions Magic Remote key pillar CINEMA 3D Smart TV user experience. Building already impressive feature set, version boasts accurate lan-guage recognition gesture, wheel control options makes Remote st amongst its competition truly intuitive device.”

The LG Magic Remote voice control technology issuing a verbal comm simple but effective. With new Natural Language Recognition software, sending out voice commands easy regular speech, where talk manner.

There momentarily between title,, just say “Show me Gangnam Style video” new Magic Remote right away (no idea t because Gangnam Style secret keyword, due being South Korean ).

The LG Magic Remote couple functional models, where one ’s premium Cinema 3D Smart TVs, while standard Cinema 3D Smart TV models. Anyone looking forward some “magic”?
[ LG Magic Remote announced ]

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