Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cutie Gadget »The Rechargeable USB Travel Razor makes for a clean shave and a quick getaway

Rechargeable USB Travel Razor

Something while traveling appearance. It’s important just do when bouncing between work comforts from hotel . If ’t normal facial cleansers, favorite brush, right kind , against weariness going itself a b.

While ’t bring everything from home, there things . who need shaving facial hair, having a trimmer invaluable. Going in big meeting looking scruffy going well good first impression. The Rechargeable USB Travel Razor touch last-minute spots before in fray.

T a very compact device no need cables charges via USB. who travel internationally, t going a big sigh won’t worry about sporting a power converter. The outer foil hood easily removed cleaning, comes brush t. The options $40 purchase , ’ll want around 12 hours before use. After charging time, four hours should be 30 minutes.

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[ The Rechargeable USB Travel Razor makes clean shave quick getaway ]

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